The Lemp Mansion is crazy haunted!

The Lemp family has one of the most tragic histories around, and most of them are still clinging to this place that they last knew as home. Over the years, the mansion was transformed from the lavish home of millionaires, to office space, then to a decaying run-down boarding house, before being restored as a upscale dinner theater, restaurant and bed and breakfast.

So the Lemps moved from Germany to St Louis in 1838. They built a little grocery store there where they sold household items, groceries and homemade beer. Well that beer was the shit! two years later the Lemps gave up the grocery store and built a small brewery in 1840. Lemp sold his beer in a pub that was attached to the brewery and it wasn’t long before he’d have to expand again. So he finds this limestone cave just south of the city limits that he could keep cool by chopping ice from the Mississippi river to keep things cold during the lagering process. Lemps Western Brewing company continued to grow and by the time old man Lemp died in 1862 he was a millionaire.

So his son takes over and starts off with this major expansion. and by 1864 his operation covered 5 city blocks. By the 1870s the Lemps were the most wealthy and powerful family in the area, at least up til the prohibition.

In 1868, William Lemp’s father-in-law, built a house near the Lemp Brewery. In 1876 William purchased it as his family home and office. Now this home was already impressive, but Lemp immediately starts renovating and expanding. Under the mansion, a tunnel was built from the basement through the caves to the brewery. When mechanical refrigeration became available, parts of the cave were upgraded adding stuff like a natural auditorium and a theatre. later on there would be a large concrete swimming pool, with hot water piped in from the brewery boiling house, and a bowling alley.

By the middle 1890s, the Lemp Brewery grew again when it began marketing “Falstaff” beer, which is still brewed today. At the same time he was building his own business empire, William, also helped Pabst, Anheuser and Busche get started.

So now that things are really rolling, the Lemp family experienced the first of many tragedies. Frederick Lemp, William’s favorite son and heir apparent, died of heart failure in 1901 at the age of 28. William was never the same, he began a slow withdrawal and was rarely seen in public after that. 3 years later On January 1, 1904, William’s closest friend, Frederick Pabst, died, William lost interest in running the brewery. He’d show up but was nervous and unsettled. His physical and mental health began to decline and on February 13, 1904, he shot himself in the head with a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson.

In November 1904, William Jr. took over as the new president of the William J. Lemp Brewing Company. After inheriting the family business and a vast fortune, he and his wife, Lillian, start burning through the cash. They filled the house with servants, and spent tons on new carriages, clothes and fancy art.

Lillian was a hot little tramp who came from money and before long she became known as the “Lavender Lady”. In addition to her lavender attire and accessories, she had her carriage and horses harness’ died lavender. In the beginning, Will enjoyed showing off his “trophy wife” but Will was a “player” and that wasn’t gonna last. Old boy started giving his wife 1000 dollars a day to get her out of his hair. He demanded that she spent her time shopping but there was an ultimatum attached to the cash, if she didn’t spend it, she wouldn’t get any more.

So his wife is preoccupied with shopping all day every day, but at night, Will let his ho hang out. He held these killer parties in the caves below the mansion, bringing in prostitutes for the “entertainment” along with the swimming pool, the bowling alley, and the free flowing beer.

Well at some point it all caught up with him when he knocked up one of these hookers. This poor kid was born with Downs Syndrome, Will considered him an embarrassment that could not be associated with the Lemp family name. So this kid, who became known as the monkey face boy, was hidden away in the attic for his entire life. Yeah, as you’ve probably already guessed, he’s still there today.

Eventually, Will, filed for divorce in 1908 which back in the day was just outright scandalous. The Court room was like being on set at the Jerry Springer show and folks were flocking in from miles away to witness the drama. Despite the fact that everyone knew of William’s whoring around and drinking problems, Lillian almost lost custody of her son because of a photograph that surface of her smoking a cigarette. In the end, she was awarded custody and after the divorce she disappeared from the public eye.

Well, Will’s trouble had just started, while all this divorce drama was going on 9 of the larger breweries in the area had merged which created a level of competition that the Lemps had never known. As he’s watching his sales dwindle, his mother dies of cancer. William allowed the company to deteriorate, by World War I, the brewery was just barely limping along.

Then Prohibition came along in 1919, by then the family was already wealthy so they didn’t really give a damn about the brewery any more. Lemp closed the plant without notice.

On March 20, 1920, Elsa Lemp, William’s sister, shot herself just like her father had years before.

After the end of the Lemp’s brewing dynasty, William, Jr. slipped into a depression. Acting much like his father, he became increasingly nervous and erratic, shunning public life and often complaining about his health. On December 29, 1922, he shot himself, in the heart with a .38 caliber revolver, in the very same building where his father had died eighteen years before. William, II took his life on the main level of the mansion, just inside the entrance to the left.

In 1943, William Lemp III died of a heart attack at the age of forty-two.

Williams brother Charles eventually remodeled the mansion back into a residence and lived in the house along with two servants and the monkey faced boy. Then he started weirding out. He developed a morbid fear of germs, and would wear gloves 24 7 . Then the monkey faced boy who was now in his thirties, drops dead. Shortly after that, Charles became the fourth member of the Lemp family to commit suicide. He was discovered on May 10, 1949 by one of his staff, still holding a .38 caliber Army Colt revolver in his right hand.

The last remaining brother lived out the rest of his days in his private home in Kirkwood, According to his last wishes, his butler burned all of the paintings that the Lemps had collected throughout his life, as well as priceless Lemp family documents and artifacts.

The mansion was then sold and turned into a boarding house and there went the neighborhood. After year of deterioration, haunted tales start circulating. Residents were complaining of phantom knocking and the sounds of footsteps being heard all through the house. As the stories of misty figures and ghostly music spread, so did the lack of occupants, the mansion was now nothing more than a flop house.

In 1975, the old mansion was purchased by the Pointer family. A drastic renovation began and by the end of it all the Lemp mansion was turned into a upscale restaurant and inn. Now during the reconstruction, the family and workers were constantly having encounters. There were of course the strange sounds, phantom footsteps and whispering but the workers were constantly complaining about feeling like they were being watched, and their tools were constantly disappearing. Many of them claimed to have spotted misty apparitions floating from room to room, and a lot of those guys, left and never went back.

So, after the restaurant opened, staff members start reporting some crazy shit going on. They were all talking about these apparitions that would approach them, then suddenly disappear. Voices and sounds were coming from out of nowhere, and sometimes glasses would lift up off the bar and go flying across the room. As if that wasn’t enough, doors were locking and unlocking by themselves, lights turning on and off, and then, sometimes there were sounds of the piano being played when no one was sitting there.

Folks think that several members of the Lemp family are the ones that are responsible for all this chaos. There’s three spots in the mansion that have a ton of activity — the stairway, the attic, and what the staff refers to as, the “Gates of Hell” which of course, is in the basement, more specifically, the entrance to the caves that run below the mansion and the brewery.

The attic is haunted by William, Jr’s illegitimate son, who lived his life being referred to only as the “Monkey Face Boy.” This poor kid, spent his entire life locked up in that attic. So it’s not really a shocker that crazy shit goes down on the third floor. There’s tons of reports from folks seeing his face in the attic windows looking down at them. Paranormal investigators have left toys in his room, They draw circles around the toys to see if they move. Every time, when they go back to check, the toys have moved from where they were first placed.

Then, there’s the Women’s bathroom, on the main floor which was once the personal domain of William, Jr’s. This is where the first free standing shower in St. Louis was installed. a lot of chicks have gone in there to handle heir business and came out pissed off. bitching about some dude who was peeking over the stall at them. One time, this chick comes out of the bathroom, goes back to the bar and told the two dudes she was there with: “I hope you got an eyeful!” However, the two men had never left the bar, the bartender backed up their story then informed her that it was the ghost of the William Jr., who was pretty much a freak.

Now in William Sr’s room, folks have reported hearing somebody running up the stairs and kicking at the door. When William killed himself, it was a known fact that William Jr ran up the stairs to his father’s room and found the door locked so he kicked the door down to get to his old man.

And outside the mansion, there’s been tons of reports of folks hearing horses galloping up, but when they look in the direction the sounds coming from, nothings there.

So there’s a few really cool tales from folks that have been on tours there, one in particular had about 20 people in the tour and some crazy stuff was going down that night! While they were in the attic, several folks saw a shadow following them around. then a couple of them swore they heard the voice of a small child calling out for help.

Then, later on in the tour, some of them noticed a older, pale man in black pants with a white shirt coming toward them, they thought he was a member of the staff. Well, on their way back down the same hall, they noticed William Sr’s door was open and there was a key in the lock. A couple of them peeked around in the room out of curiosity, it had obviously been rented out by guests. Well, a little while later, those guests came back to their room and were pissed that the door was standing wide open, oh, and there was no key in the lock. So they go to rip the Manager a new one, well the manager tells them that it was impossible for anyone to have gone in there, there were only 2 keys to that room, the guests had one, he had the other.

On another tour, some folks had a similar experience in the attic. Four of them heard a little boy say “Come play with me”

There’s a lot of other personal encounters and experiences there, this one chick says that in 2003 she and her Aunt went to the Lemp mansion, checked in had some lunch then went sight seeing, before they left they were given a key and told that they were the only folks staying there that night. So, when they get back they decide to go explore the place. Their first eerie encounter was a large orb in the doorway of Charles Lemp’s door. At the top of the stairs, she began to feel uneasy, but her Aunt wanted to keep going, so they did, Then they came to a hallway on the left, she said that there was such a foreboding feeling there that she couldn’t physically make herself go down that hall. So, they decide to crash for a little while.

So, she just dozes off and was suddenly woke up by the sound of a baby crying and some woman talking just outside of her door. So, she’s pissed that whoever it was with the kid was rude enough to just keep standing there talking outside their door. Well eventually she doesn’t hear them any more and goes back to sleep.

The next morning they go downstairs and see two chicks there taking down Christmas decorations, in their conversation, they found out that they had been the only people in the house all night, no woman and certainly no baby had been booked there. The next night, they’re still the only folks in the house, so they start exploring again. While the Aunt was walking around in one of the bedrooms, this chick had a shadow speed by her as she’s looking down the staircase. Later on that night, when they were back in their room, the Aunt was woke up a couple of times during the night by someone petting her hair.

The next morning, they went to explore a little more before the staff came in to open the restaurant. When they left their room, this chick left her phone laying on the bed, black phone, white comforter, there were no encounters that morning, so they go back to the room to finish packing. She said she remembered that her phone wasn’t on the bed, she assumed that maybe she mindlessly stuck it in her purse or something. So, they wind up leaving before the staff arrived, and made it to the airport early. They get through security and board their plane.

When they land the chick’s husband is there to pick her and her aunt up, he mentions that she’d called him several times and when he answered no one was there then the line would go dead. She was confused because she knew she hadn’t called him. She thought maybe her phone was just getting bumped around in her purse and redialing his number. A half an hour later, hubby’s cell phone rings, it’s her number, he answers, the line goes dead. So she starts digging through her purse for the phone, its not there. She assumes that its in her suitcase which is in the trunk and blows it off again. The drive home took a little over three hours, during that time, his his phone rang 3 more times, all calls from her number.

When she gets home, she searched her suitcase for the phone, it wasn’t there. So she calls the Lemp Mansion and they sent someone up to look in the room, it wasn’t there either. She called the rental car company, it wasn’t in the car. So, she gives up, calls her cell provider and has the phone cut off. When the bill comes in her mind was blown when she saw that ALL the phone calls had come exactly at 38 minutes after the hour and ALL to my husband’s phone. That’s some madness right there ya’ll!

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The Dead Children’s Playground

So, there’s this crazy, creepy cemetery that was founded in 1822, Maple Hill is the oldest and largest cemetery in Alabama, almost 100 acres!  But this little bone yard has a unique feature that you just don’t see every day.  Tucked away in a cove that’s surrounded by a rock cliff on three sides, where paths lead through the woods, there’s the Dead Children’s Playground.  Now, during the day, it’s an eerily cheerful looking little spot that just happens to be in the middle of a grave yard.  But, when the sun goes down, things change. What looks like just some little roadside kiddie park turns into something a little more on the creepy side, cause that’s when the ghost children come out to play.  So why in the Hell would anyone put a playground in the middle of a graveyard to begin with, right?

Well, legend has it that back in the 1960’s there was a rash of child abductions, and sadly, the mutilated bodies of the missing children were found in the area where the playground stands today.  Since then, there have been reports of swings moving on their own, children yelling & giggling, and when photos are taken, orbs of light that are believed to be the spirits of the kids are captured on film.  A lot of this activity occurs between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m., far too late for any live kid to be outside playing, but the “perfect” time for a ghosts!

The most widely reported phenomenon is the common occurrence of swings moving themselves, Ok, so that could just be the wind right, yeah, not so much.  Folks that have witnessed this also say that the swings will come to a complete stop.  Some folks have even seen dust rising up from the ground under the swings, just like somebody’s dragging their feet or maybe they jumped off only seconds ago.  Others who have taken pictures there can see circles of light or bright misty figures in their photos, most of which are around the same height as a kid.

So, check this out, In the fall of 2007, the City of Huntsville tried to take the playground over to make room for more grave sites.  They tried to pull this stunt in the middle of the night so the locals wouldn’t get pissed off, yeah, that didn’t really work out for them.  One day the playground was there and the next day all of the equipment was torn down and the area was destroyed.  Well, the locals were pissed!  They raised so much hell that the City had to pull the work order for the cemetery and install new playground equipment.  That’s right, we Southerners embrace our ghosts, especially the young ones!  So, the attempt by the city was a massive failure.  In the meanwhile, none of the paranormal activity skipped a beat, in fact, if anything, there’s only more of it these days.  I guess the ghost kids are digging the new playground equipment!

In January of 2008, The Alabama Paranormal Society did an investigation there.  One of the team members heard the voice of either a woman or female child.  She quickly snapped a photo of the area where it came from and when it was developed, she was ecstatic to see that she’d captured the misty figure of a woman.  It’s not unusual for folks to find orbs in most of the pictures taken there, but this chick lucked out on that night.  Besides the common appearances of orbs, folks report seeing the misty figures of children in and around the playground which of course are accompanied by the sounds of them laughing and playing.  Some times, a few lucky folks have reported the voice of a child calling out, inviting them to come and play with them.

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The Haunted Morse Mill Hotel

This week’s blog is about the Morse Mill Hotel in Hillsboro, Missouri. This place has a pretty crazy history behind it, let me lay that out for you.

So first off, this area was settled in 1799 by Francis Wideman, who was widely believed by the locals to be a sorcerer who, according to his own brother, John Morse, could “conjure up the devil.”  So there’s that!

Now, The Morse Mill Hotel was originally built in 1816 by John Morse, he was an engineer that was well known for building bridges.  In the beginning it was a modest little place but a little later, Morse decided that it was time to add on so it was expanded into this 5300 sq ft. monstrosity of a residence.  But, since then, this joint has been used as a hospital for Confederate war prisoners, a hotel, a whore house, speakeasy, a post office and a half way house and, it’s also rumored to have been one of the connections for the underground rail road, so yeah, there’s a little history there right!

Needless to say, there’s been some pretty interesting folks known to hang out at this place. One of them was one of the first known female serial killers in the U. S., Bertha Gifford. Seems old girl had a lot of folks fooled back in the day.  Locals thought she was just a kind hearted chick that would show up at the homes of sick family or friends to help comfort them and maybe help out around the house.  Well, it never failed that shortly after she left the house, folks would drop dead.

So, after the locals started noticing a pattern, they started watching her.  She was showing up at these homes with cyanide laced truffles. *Foot note here folks, just in case you need it for some reason, cyanide kind of smells like almonds, so just throwing that out there if you were considering baking a cake or something and taking it over to your ex or, whatever.

Well eventually the law figured out what she’d been doing and they went to arrest her.  She was tried but found not guilty due to insanity.  So, old girl spent the rest of her life in the nut house where she died in 1952. Bertha took out somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 people withe her toxic truffles.

Besides this crazy tramp, there were quite a few other well known folks that hung out at the Morse Mill, Folks like Frank Dalton, Al Capone, Charles Lindbergh, Charlie Chaplin and Clara Bow.

So obviously this dude Morse is doing pretty well financially with a client list like that right! Well, in 1847, he built a commercial grist mill on the River using slaves to quarry the stones for the building. He also wound up owning two general stores and a contracting company before going on to be a state politician.  After Morse dies the residence became the Riverside Hotel and was expanded again.  Morse Mill then turns into a resort town, for the rich folks.

Ok, so now you have a pretty good rundown of the history on this joint right, let’s talk about a few of the documented experiences that have gone down here.

So there’s this article about a documentary called the “Morse Mill Project” that was being filmed in November of 2008. These guys got tons of documentation while they were there investigating!  All of them reported seeing the dark shadow of a towering man there.  Their cameras were under constant attack and on more than one occasion, some of them would randomly raise up from the floor and rotate 360 degrees.  While they were upstairs, one of the investigators was scratched through her shirt by some unseen clawed hand.  Then, the team heard a loud metallic sounding clattering coming from downstairs.  They snatch up their equipment, run downstairs and find that the fireplace poker had been bent into a U shape and flung into the coal bed.

Besides all that, they heard footsteps all around the house and some of them experienced being slapped in their faces by unseen hands.

In another article in Haunted Times Magazine, there was a write up from this other paranormal investigation team that caught some pretty eye opening evidence. Before their equipment was even set up, on the first walk-through of the building, one of the investigators was scratched across his neck, leaving 3 distinct fingernail marks with him for the remainder of the investigation.

This article made reference to when Morse Mill was being used as a homeless shelter. There were constant reports from the residents of a big black shadow person, Other reports said that folks were seeing faces in the mirrors as well.

Today, Morse Mill has undergone restoration and is set up as a B&B, there are tours available and of course you can grab a room there, if you want to test your luck!

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Haunted History – The Whaley House

Greetings Daywalkers!  It’s Friday, you know what that means!  It’s blog day for your friendly neighborhood Creepy Chick!  I’m going to tell you all about this crazy haunted joint that the locals call, The Whaley House!

Let me roll out the history behind this bad boy so we can understand the paranormal madness that goes on there!



So, it’s 1852 when this tall, lanky dude rides in to San Diego.  Yankee Jim was a shady character to say the least.  It didn’t take him long to stir up enough trouble to where everybody in town knew exactly who he was. Even though old Jim was a nasty bastard, it’s not his character flaws that still have folks talking about him today.  Check this out Ya’ll:

This dude way overstayed his welcome.  The day finally came when the town-folk decided they’d had about enough of his bullshit.  Before he could sleep off the bourbon from the night before, he found himself locked up in jail, waiting to be hanged.  Yeah, this was going to turn into one hell of a hangover!

The judge that heard his case really didn’t have much choice in sentencing Jim to hang.  Everybody and their Grand Mama showed up, and they were all pissed.  They wanted to see a noose around this dude’s neck but, before he hung, they did at least arrange for the local priest to baptize him.  Meanwhile, across the street on a vacant lot that was conveniently adjacent to the local bone yard, the gallows were going up.  This pretty little lot had been the scene of more than a few such lynchings, both before, and after old Jim.

Well, the gallows were finished and it was time for a hanging.  The hangman leads old Jim to the back of a buckboard wagon then slides a noose around his neck.  Jim fought to keep his feet on the platform for as long as he could, but of course, his struggle was in vain. The wagon was pulled out from underneath him and he was hanging by his neck. There was a problem though.  No one had taken Jim’s height into consideration, the tips of his toes were touching the ground.  So, Jim’s primal instincts kick in and he fought for his life, which made the hanging take even longer.   Poor bastard looked like a ballerina dancing around on his tippy toes!

In the crowd, watching this madness go down, is a handsome young entrepreneur named Thomas Whaley.  He’s wearing a sly smile on his face.  His grin had nothing to do with Jim’s dilemma, it had everything to do with the vacant lot.  Two years later the slick dude has made one hell of a deal, and he bought the lot.  He starts planning to build the biggest and fanciest mansion in the area.

Now, Whaley may have been nice to look at but apparently he wasn’t all that bright.  The locals are warning him left and right that the lot was cursed by the wicked souls of the men that had been hanged there. Whaley didn’t listen, he just shook his head and went on with his plans.

By 1856 a grand Greek revival estate sat smack dab in the middle of where the gallows had once stood.  But even before the Whaley family moved in, there was some weird stuff going down in this house.  It seemed that there was a invisible squatter hanging out there.  Thomas even admitted that he’d heard the sound of heavy footsteps echoing through the hallways, yet no one was ever there.  He was convinced it was the ghost of Yankee Jim.

Pretty Boy was asking for it!  He’d actually designed the home to where the archway that separated the den from the dining room was the exact spot where Jim, and many others, had been hanged from the gallows.

Thomas’ wife Anna was quite aware of Jim’s presence too.  Every moment of every day she felt like she was surrounded by some unseen force while she was inside the home. There had been occasions where Anna actually saw Yankee Jim.  She described him as a terrifying giant of a man with huge evil eyes.  Anna, blamed Jim for all of the torments that she’d experience in this home.

In 1858, two years after moving in, her 18 month old son died from Scarlett fever.  After the sting of his death wore off a bit, it seemed that her daughter, Violet, would bring some joy into the household.  There was going to be a wedding!  Well, come to find out , the new husband was a con artist.  He ditches Violet on their honeymoon and disappears.

Violet comes home, maddened by depression. She turns into a recluse and hardly ever leaves the second floor of the home.  Not long after, Violet shoots herself in the chest with her father’s gun.

After Violet’s suicide, there was another tragedy.  The young Whaley kids were playing in the back yard with another little girl from the neighborhood.  They’re all running around like a bunch of heathens when all of the sudden, the little girl runs into a clothesline and breaks her neck.  She died there in the backyard.  She’s not alone though.  A few years later she acquired an eternal playmate when one of Thomas and Anna’s young grand daughters dies inside the house from swallowing poison.

Besides all the deaths that went down on this property, the house was actually used for other things besides the family residence.  At one time it was the Thomas Whaley general store.  It was also used as a courthouse, so there’s a little more emotional trauma.  And from trauma to drama, the upper level was once rented out to the Tanner Troupe Theater.  There was always something going on at this joint!  I’m surprised any of them saw ghosts at all with all this craziness going on!  Regardless, they did.  After the passing of Anna and Thomas, the house went on to other relatives, and for 150 + years the legends of all of these ghosts, including Yankee Jim, have endured to this day.

Chairs rock, chandeliers swing, doors open and close on their own.  Invisible fingers play melodic tunes on a piano that’s not even there anymore.  There are the sounds of cutlery against fine china, often accompanied by the aroma of fresh baked bread and pies.  The scent of Cuban tobacco and French perfume are ever present in the halls.

The activity isn’t limited to just humans.  The Whaley’s had a fondness for their pets.  “Dolly” the dog and “Winks” the cat have been spotted by numerous visitors.  Folks claim to see a small dog chasing a cat through the house and out into the garden.

Other visitors have heard the disembodied pounding of a gavel echoing through an unseen courtroom as an invisible judge hands down his sentence.  There’s laughing and music from back in the day that seeps from the walls of the upper level rooms.  The pitter-patter of tiny feet hauling ass down the hallway alternate with the clicking sounds of dainty high heeled shoes and the rustling of silk skirts.

Then there’s the legend of the “ninth step” which started when folks claimed to experience an overbearing pressure when they were ascending the stairs.  Some folks think it’s the remnants of Anna Whaley causing this odd vibe.  It’s been assumed that this was the spot where she was standing when she heard Violet’s self inflicted gunshot.

Thomas shows up sporting pantaloons with a frock coat and top hat.  He’s been seen standing at the top of the stairs.  Anna, is spotted in a green gingham gown sitting on the settee in the parlor, or sometimes walking around outside in the garden.  And of course there’s poor Violet who didn’t venture from the second floor after being dumped, yeah, she’s still hanging out there today.

Needless to say, there have been tons of paranormal investigations here, not many have left empty handed.  Each passing year only yields more evidence and documentation of Thomas and Anna, along with a lot of other tormented souls, are still making frequent appearances at the Whaley house.  After all, this is their home, and they show no signs of leaving.

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Urban Legend – The Wendigo

So, the Wendigo is said to a horrid un-dead creature with a insatiable hunger for human flesh. This walking nightmare is said to be a large and powerful beast that appears skeletally thin. It’s skin is jaundiced and it can be detected by the stench of decaying flesh that accompanies it. It has long jagged teeth with glowing eyes and long talon like claws along with super human strength and lightening fast reflexes and is known to mimic human voices to lure it’s prey. Sometimes the Wendigo will feast on it’s prey immediately, other times the beast is known to possess its prey, causing them to indulge in canibalistic activities.

Some believe that the Wendigo was once a human, someone that had either gone insane or one who indulged in cannibalism. The horrific legends of those having fallen victim to the Wendigo have existed for centuries, one of the most grisly stories was of a Native American man who’s name translates to “Swift Runner.” So, according to reports, Swift Runner wanders into a Catholic mission in early spring of 1879. This 200 pound monster of a man is gloating that he’s the only member of his family that survived the unusually brutal winter.

It was more than obvious to the missionaries as well as the villagers that Swift Runner had not known one day of starvation, when everyone else was puny and weak from having run short of food and supplies. How could this be? We’ll it wasn’t long before folks decided to find out for themselves. The village priests, suspecting something was definitely up, report Swift Runner to local police.

So the police show up at the family camp, they were horrified by what they found. The camp site was littered with scalps, bones and rotting human flesh. The report went into great detail, claiming that the larger of the bones found had been snapped in half and the marrow had been sucked from them.

At this point Swift Runner breaks down and confesses that he had been possessed by the Wendigo. He had survived the winter by eating his entire family! He later divulged all of the gory details to authorities, stating that most of them had been bludgeoned in the head with an axe. One by one he would dress out the bodies, claiming to have had a good hunt that day, he kept the others fattened by feeding them the meat of their now missing family member. All in all Swift Runner ingested 8 members of his family. His mother, brother, wife and five children.

Wendigo or not, Swift Runner was brought to justice, he was hanged at Fort Saskatchewan, the first man sentenced to death in Alberta for murder. Yeah, I know that 1879 was a long time ago, but check this out:

So, Tim McKlean was a carnival worker that had just finished a job at a fair in Alberta. He hops onto a Greyhound bus at midnight on July 30, 2008 on his way home to Winnipeg. McKlean takes a seat on the next to last row, near the bathroom.

At 6:15 the bus departs a stop in Erickson with a new passenger. 40 year old Vince Li boards the same bus, seating himself near the driver where he would remain until the next rest stop.

After this stop, Li takes a seat right next to McKlean, who hardly notices. McKlean has a headset on, music blaring in his ears as he leans his head against the window in attempt to sleep. Yeah, well he should have stayed his ass awake. Li goes bat-shit crazy, stabs him in the neck and chest then proceeds to decapitate him. Once his head was severed from his body, Li picks it up and displays it to the other passengers. By now the bus has skidded to a stop and the passengers are trampling each other trying to get the hell out of the bus and away from this mad man!

The driver and two other men try to apprehend Li, but he kicks it into a whole other gear of crazy and starts slashing away at them. So they do the same as the other passengers and leave the crazy dude on the bus alone with McKlean’s corpse. Li locks himself in the bus and returns to the body, he begins severing limbs and cutting large slices of flesh from his torso and legs. You know what he does with them right? Oh yeah, the buffet is open!

So thank God the driver had disabled the bus before running for safety. Just before the Royal Mounties arrived Li did try to escape by driving away. But there he was, trapped inside the bus with tactical units posted all around him, just waiting for the right moment. Well what else was there to do but put on a show for them. Li paces back and forth through the bus, displaying McKlean’s severed head while ingesting other pieces that he had carved from his body.

So at 1:30 a.m. on July 31st, Li decides he’s going to escape by shattering a window and fleeing the scene, yeah, not so much. He was tazored twice, hand cuffed and crammed into the back seat of the nearest cruiser. Investigators immediately begin gathering parts of McKlean’s body, tagging and bagging what could be retrieved. Back at the station, some poor bastard has just finished frisking Li. McKlean’s ears, nose and tongue were found in his pockets. Never found were his eyeballs or heart, it’s assumable the Li ate those, right?

So what happened to this Lunatic. Well, he has his day in court where he claims to have been told by the voice of God to kill McKlean, who had been corrupted by the evil spirit of the Wendigo. He stated further that he continued to mutilate McKlean’s body because he feared that he could somehow revive himself. Li believed that he was saving people who would have become victims of the Wendigo.

And, now, this wacko is back on the streets, yep that’s right he was released in 2017. Yeah, The Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board ordered his discharge, saying Li, now known as Will Lee Baker, does not pose a significant safety threat.

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The Jackie Hernandez Poltergeist

So between 1989 and 1990 this chick, Jackie Hernandez, became the victim of a sadistic and evil spirit. She was a young mother of two who had just recently ditched her old man and was trying to make a fresh start. She’d only been living in San Pedro for a few weeks, she was just beginning to settle in to a multiple job lifestyle, and she was struggling to take care of herself and her kids.

So there off the bat we’ve got emotional stress and trauma, the very fuel that feeds these evil little bastards right! Yeah, she’s working her ass off, she’s dealing with an asshole ex-husband and trying to take care of her kids. But, in the meanwhile she was making friends.

This one chick named Susan Castenada, who was her neighbor, offered to help her out by keeping the kids when she was able to snag extra shifts at work.

Well one night, Jackie comes home half dead from a double shift and goes to check on her kids. She opens the door slowly in hopes of not waking them up, when all of the sudden she has a “13 ghosts” kind of reality check. Sitting in the corner of the room across from her was this haggard and horrifying old man. He just sat there staring back at her with glowing and empty eyes.

So Jackie freaks the Hell out and hauls ass over to Susan’s house. Well, It took a while, but Susan finally manages to settle her down to where she can speak clearly enough to tell her what was going on. So, after Jackie manages to get the whole thing out, Susan figures either she’s delusional from working so many hours, or they’re dealing with some kind of restless spirit.

She suggested that Jackie reach out to a friend of hers, Dr. Barry Taff, and his team of paranormal investigators.

So, she did. But in the meanwhile the panic level is rising in this house, it’s like a pressure cooker. Jackie is terrified of whatever this spirit is that’s afflicting them and she’s also terrified that something could happen to her kids. The haggard old man has made several appearances by now, and there are of course, a barrage of other bizarre things happening. Well, Taff knew Jackie was desperate for help, so he gathered his team and they made her and her family a priority.

When Taff and his crew roll up to the house, he and two of his cameramen were met with a foul odor. The team spread out in search of the source but nothing was found. After a while, the stench vanished, just as quickly as it had appeared. So Taff and his team managed to settle in, And just a few minutes after they get their equipment set up, a loud series of banging starts up in the attic. So they’re all running around trying to figure out exactly where it was coming from, it was Jackie that found it was coming from the ceiling above her kitchen. This particular area had been a really active spot. Jackie informed Taff that she had seen the ghostly image of a severed head there before, at the same time she heard muffled disembodied voices.

So now that the hunt had apparently been spurred on by the spirit, Jackie figures it’s a good idea to start telling the investigators about some of the other crazy shit that’s going on there. She told them about her stuff that had been being thrown around by some unseen force, and then she starts telling them about this putrid goo that oozed from out of the walls on several occasions.

And with that, the team was off to start photographing the house.

Well folks, the shit starts hitting the fan right here. Two of the cameramen, Wheatcraft and Conrad, decide they’re going to go up to the attic to see if any one was home, right. They were only up there for a couple of minutes when Wheatcraft was attacked. Something snatched his camera from his hands and threw it across the room, and then whatever it was, shoved him down on his ass. After that, they decided to call it a night, but now, they were highly motivated to dive into this investigation and find out what little evil beastie was at the root of this mayhem!

So, on day two, this joint was rocking! This malicious spirit had come to the conclusion that Wheatcraft was gonna be his bitch. It nearly took him out too. Check this out: So, Wheatcraft and this other photographer named Gary Boehm, decide it was a good idea to go back up into the attic. Well, they get up there and Boehm looks over and sees Wheatcraft struggling, it looked like he was being strangled, and that’s because he was. This cord had somehow mysteriously managed to wrap itself around his neck. So, Boehm runs over and starts prying the cord rom off of his neck then helps him back downstairs. When he got to where he could talk again, he explained everything that happened to the rest of the team, then, Wheatcraft left the house, and never set foot inside it again.

So, in the meanwhile, Jackie’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown, She figures that all this madness wasn’t nearly as bad as living with the EX, so she goes back to the trailer park and moves back in with him. Now, keep this in mind, this is a good 300 miles north of San Pedro.

At first, everything seemed to have pretty much gone back to normal; Now, the paranormal investigation was still ongoing back at the house she’d been renting, she thought she’d left all that madness be behind her. She was wrong. It started up again, 300 miles away, in the trailer park!

So, this one afternoon Jackie was helping a neighbor store a TV in their shed, all of the sudden, the screen starts flickering and staring back at her from the tv was the image of the old man from the San Pedro house, and that was just the beginning. Then, loud bangs start coming from inside the shed, just like they had in the attic. Oh Joy! Right!?

So, a few days later, Taff, Wheatcraft, and Conrad head north for part 2 of their investigation. This time they start off with a séance which would allow Jackie to speak to her sadistic stalker. Taff and his team actually made contact! It identified itself as the ghost of a man that had been murdered in the San Pedro Harbor. It also informed them that several other spirits were haunting the area and Wheatcraft had been targeted, and attacked, because he looked like the man that had murdered him.

The ghost even admitted it had been using Jackie for her energy. And then immediately, Wheatcraft was attacked again by an unseen force, leaving him physically fine, but mentally traumatized. Let me just say this folks, if you’re a cupcake, don’t join a paranormal investigation team right!

So now Jackie’s thinking that she’s never going to get rid of this phantom ghost, so she starts talking her husband into moving. Yeah, that didn’t help, not even a little! This tormented entity had set root and was determined that he was going to be a part of their everyday life, no matter where they moved off to.

Jackie and her family moved several times over the next few years, and of course the paranormal activity moved with them but, things seemed to lessen with each new location. Eventually she settles back down in Los Angeles, now the madness did come with her but, it was nothing like what it had been before, and hell, by now this chick is used to it!

But, back at that little house in San Pedro, renters are moving in, and quickly moving right the hell back out. There are still ongoing reports of weird shit going on in that joint, most of it still seems to be coming from the attic.

So, at the end of this rather lengthy investigation, Dr. Barry Taff was convinced that the stalker ghost was the remnants of a man known as Herman Hendrickson, He was a 28-year-old man whose body was discovered floating face down in the harbor in March of 1930. His death had been ruled an accident by the Los Angeles Police Department, but if you recall, the spirit said he’d been murdered by a man that resembled Wheatcraft. So that explains his rage and unrest.

Taff also thought the ghost of the haggard old man may be that of John Damon who originally built the home and looks to still be hanging around there.

Many of Taff’s cases involved clients who have suffered emotional distress and recent mental trauma. This may be the most famous such story, but as we already know, this is a common occurrence with most poltergeist cases. Taff concluded that Jackie’s emotional distress, at that time in her life, helped contribute to the power of the hauntings.

Since the onset of the ghostly insanity, Jackie is feeling better about things. She’s gained an understanding of how these things work, so she’s struggled to maintain a sense of safety and calm, which in turn has forced her spiritual stalkers to weaken their hold on her. Jackie and her family say they have put the haunting behind them and moved on with their lives.

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