Haunted History – Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone, AZ.

The Wild West has a ton of ghost stories, from lynched cowboys to massacred natives. Tombstone, is said to be the most haunted town in all the West. Though it’s well-known to be home to the disgruntled spirits of cowboys and criminals, the ghost of Marshal Fred White, is said to rule over them all. Fred was a famous law enforcer said to still be keeping the peace even in the afterlife. You may also know Tombstone as the location of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday put the smack down on some local outlaws, two of the three thugs killed in the shootout are buried in Boothill Cemetery.

Boothill is actually a name given to quite a few cemeteries, the name is based on an old-term, meaning that the folks that were planted here died with their boots on. That usually implies that their death was violent. It also indicated that many of the folks here were paupers whose most valuable belongings were the boots on their feet.

There’s a really cool photograph that was taken here at Boothill in 1996. Ike Clanton snapped a pic of his friend who was dressed up as a old wild west cowboy at the time, the graveyard was the back drop. After developing the photograph, Clanton sees an extra person standing behind his friend.

There’s a rather clear image of a man in a suit situated low to the ground, almost as if he has no legs or is maybe standing in a grave. The most chilling part of the image, the dude is holding a knife!

The identity of the man in the photo is a complete mystery, but is far from being the only paranormal oddity to have taken place there. Many have reported strange lights and sounds coming from the cemetery at night, and several other photos exist, capturing strange apparitions and figures.








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