The Dead Children’s Playground

So, there’s this crazy, creepy cemetery that was founded in 1822, Maple Hill is the oldest and largest cemetery in Alabama, almost 100 acres!  But this little bone yard has a unique feature that you just don’t see every day.  Tucked away in a cove that’s surrounded by a rock cliff on three sides, where paths lead through the woods, there’s the Dead Children’s Playground.  Now, during the day, it’s an eerily cheerful looking little spot that just happens to be in the middle of a grave yard.  But, when the sun goes down, things change. What looks like just some little roadside kiddie park turns into something a little more on the creepy side, cause that’s when the ghost children come out to play.  So why in the Hell would anyone put a playground in the middle of a graveyard to begin with, right?

Well, legend has it that back in the 1960’s there was a rash of child abductions, and sadly, the mutilated bodies of the missing children were found in the area where the playground stands today.  Since then, there have been reports of swings moving on their own, children yelling & giggling, and when photos are taken, orbs of light that are believed to be the spirits of the kids are captured on film.  A lot of this activity occurs between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m., far too late for any live kid to be outside playing, but the “perfect” time for a ghosts!

The most widely reported phenomenon is the common occurrence of swings moving themselves, Ok, so that could just be the wind right, yeah, not so much.  Folks that have witnessed this also say that the swings will come to a complete stop.  Some folks have even seen dust rising up from the ground under the swings, just like somebody’s dragging their feet or maybe they jumped off only seconds ago.  Others who have taken pictures there can see circles of light or bright misty figures in their photos, most of which are around the same height as a kid.

So, check this out, In the fall of 2007, the City of Huntsville tried to take the playground over to make room for more grave sites.  They tried to pull this stunt in the middle of the night so the locals wouldn’t get pissed off, yeah, that didn’t really work out for them.  One day the playground was there and the next day all of the equipment was torn down and the area was destroyed.  Well, the locals were pissed!  They raised so much hell that the City had to pull the work order for the cemetery and install new playground equipment.  That’s right, we Southerners embrace our ghosts, especially the young ones!  So, the attempt by the city was a massive failure.  In the meanwhile, none of the paranormal activity skipped a beat, in fact, if anything, there’s only more of it these days.  I guess the ghost kids are digging the new playground equipment!

In January of 2008, The Alabama Paranormal Society did an investigation there.  One of the team members heard the voice of either a woman or female child.  She quickly snapped a photo of the area where it came from and when it was developed, she was ecstatic to see that she’d captured the misty figure of a woman.  It’s not unusual for folks to find orbs in most of the pictures taken there, but this chick lucked out on that night.  Besides the common appearances of orbs, folks report seeing the misty figures of children in and around the playground which of course are accompanied by the sounds of them laughing and playing.  Some times, a few lucky folks have reported the voice of a child calling out, inviting them to come and play with them.

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