Gulf Coast Fan Fest 2018

     This past weekend I had the honor of appearing at Gulf Coast Fan Fest 2018 as one of the guest celebrities.

This was one of the best organized and most fun events that I have attended all year!  That should come as no surprise as event owner/organizer, Mike Ensley, was at the wheel!  Mike is also the owner/organizer of Pensacon, another massive event held annually in Pensacola Florida.  He and his staff are fantastic to work with and they definitely know how to throw a party!

Since many of my fans & friends are not in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area, I wanted to share some pictures from the event.  I was fortunate to meet so many wonderful people while in attendance!

Celebrity Guests Photos

     This is a cool shot of myself and the AWESOME Mike Ensley, posing in front of Christine.

Horror fans will recognize her from Stephen King’s 1983 smash hit “Christine.”


     Mr. Felix Silla stopped by and chatted with us for a while.

Felix starred as Cousin Itt on the “Addams Family” series as well as Twiki on “Buck Rogers.”  Mr. Felix also had roles in the Towering Inferno, “Return of the Jedi,” “The Black Bird”, “The Hindenburg” and “Battle Star Galactica”.

     Big Johnny Blender’s friend Ming Chen of Comic Book Men stopped by to hang out with him.

Ming played a role in “Dogma” where he met up with actor Kevin Smith.  He and Kevin are now partners on the reality TV series “Comic Book Men” and they host a podcast called “Sell Comics” together.







     It was very cool to meet Dirk Benedict!

Dirk starred as Faceman on the TV series “A Team”.  He was also Starbuck on “Battle Star Galactica”. Dirk has also had roles on “Hawaii 5-0”, “Scavenger Hunt”, “Chopper One” and “Charlie’s Angels”.

     Sam Jones even stopped by to hang out with us for a while.  He’s a really cool guy!

Sam was the original “Flash Gordon”.  He’s also had roles in “10”, “Code Red”, “The A Team”, “Hunter”, “Riptide”, “Hardcastle & McCormick”, “The Highway Man”, “Stargate – SG1” and “Ted” I & II.







     And, one of the other MAJOR highlights of the event was getting to meet Mr. Ken Kelley!

Ken is a renowned artist that has created art for “Conan the Barbarian”,” Tarzan”, “The Castle of Frankenstein” and the magazine “Creepy & Eerie”.

He is also the album cover artist for KISS’s “Love Gun” and “Destroyer”, Manowar’s “Fighting the World”, “The Triumph of Steel”, “Louder than Hell”, “Gods of  War” & “The Lord of Steel” covers as well as Rainbow’s 1976 “Rising” cover.  Ace Frehley also commissioned Ken for his 2014 “Space Invader” album cover.

Ken is most well known for creating and depicting the “Vampirella” character.




More crazy cool pics from GCFF 2018























So, What’s next for the Twisted Southern Horror Queen & the “Adrian’s Fury Dragster”?

NIGHTRISERS CON in Elizabethtown KY!




















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