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Many times, while talking about haunted locations on the “Twisted Southern Horror Queen” show, I’ve referred to some spots as a “Disneyland” for ghost hunters.  Well, in case you didn’t know, it just so happens that Disneyland is harboring a few ghosts!

     So, everyone and their grandmama knows that Disney’s “Imagineers” actually did use real human bones to construct the scallywag skeletons when the attraction first opened in 1967. The fake bones looked, well, fake, so “Imagineers” procured real ones from UCLA’s medical school. Eventually, they were replaced with phony ones.  Many folks still believe that the skull and crossbones embedded in the headboard at the ride’s beginning are the original real human bones.  Pictured far left are the original, real human bones. On the right are the more recent fakes.

What you may not know is that Disney employees have said for years that people regularly scatter the ashes of loved ones on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and other places around the park. The Haunted Mansion is one of the most popular spots. In 2007, a woman was seen pouring a powdery substance into the waters of the Pirates ride in Disneyland, but security could not find her afterwards.

In October 2018, Disney custodians from both parks confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that not only do people scatter their ashes at the park, but the practice is so popular that the maintenance staff has a code for it: HEPA cleanup, which refers to an air filter system that picks up ultra-fine dust particles.

“The Haunted Mansion probably has so much human ashes in it that it’s not even funny,” one custodian told the publication.

     That’s just another reason why more than a few ghosts are said to haunt Disneyland, and among them is of course, old Walt himself. Back in the day when Walt was at Disneyland, he stayed in the Main Street Fire Station. A lamp was turned on in the window to alert employees he was there. After his death, the lamp was turned off. One day, an employee was cleaning the quarters when she discovered the lamp was on. She turned it off, but the lamp turned back on. She turned it off two more times and each time, it turned back on then she hears this voice say, “I am still here.” Needless to say, the lamp stays on these days. *Pictured left is believed to be a photo of Walt’s ghost strolling around the grounds.

There was a chick from the O C Register that recently interviewed a cast member who works inside the Haunted Mansion. The cast member says that all of the employees that work in the Haunted Mansion know that the place is inhabited by more than the Disney-created 999 haunts.

She said female employees talk about ghosts that untie the ribbons in their hair. Props are known to move from one side of a room to the other. There are behind-the-scenes rooms in the Haunted Mansion that are so creepy, employees refuse to go inside.

     Besides the haunted mansion there’s a frequently seen specter at Space Mountain called “Mr. One Way” – He’s described as a big dude with red hair and a red face. The legend is that he sits in the seat next to single riders. Then he disappears by the end of the ride. He has also been spotted in the cast member locker room.

Then there’s the Monorail runner — In June of 1966, a teenager tried to sneak into Disneyland for grad night by climbing a fence and crossing the Monorail track. When he was spotted by a security guard, he hauled ass. But he wasn’t fast enough cause he was struck and killed by the Monorail train. It is said that the ghost of the teenager can be seen at night running alongside the train.

Deborah Stone was hired as a ride operator two weeks after the Carousel of Progress became the America Sings attraction in 1974. Unfortunately, the 18-year-old employee was killed when she became trapped between the attraction’s rotating stages. Following her death, cast members have said they hear Stone reminding them to “be careful.”

There’s also the Matterhorn ghost – In 1984 this chick named Dolly Young was killed when she was thrown from the bobsled. Ever since then, cast members who walk the tracks when the ride shuts down say they can hear her. They call the section of track where Dolly died “Dolly’s Dip.”

The crying boy hangs out at the exit of the Haunted Mansion. They story goes that the boy’s mother spread her son’s ashes in the Haunted Mansion without Disneyland’s permission. Legend has it that his ghost also appears on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Crying boy isn’t alone there, another ghost haunts the Mansion along side him, The man with the cane. Back in the 1940’s a small plane crashed there in Anaheim. The pilot is now, for some reason, hanging out in the Haunted Mansion. According to seeksghosts.blogspot, a cast member recently saw the man with the cane at the loading dock where guests board doom buggies.

The woman in white is A ghost dressed in a 19th century gown has been spotted on Main Street after dark, and other spots. Legend has it that she guides lost children to the Disneyland Baby Care Center where they can be reunited with their parents.


An employee dubbed “Disco Debbie” who mysteriously died of a brain aneurysm backstage at Space Mountain still seemingly haunts the out-of-this-world ride. She’s been spotted several times by guests and cast members. They described her as a green, flying ghost.


There’s also a spirit in the river – In June of 1973, two brothers stayed on Tom Sawyer’s Island after the park closed. They tried to escape by swimming across the Rivers of America. The older brother drowned. He’s been spotted frequently reliving his last moments before drowning in the river.

Then there’s the ghost that prefers blondes – Back in 1967, this teenager was killed on the People Mover ride. Legend has it that his ghost haunts Tomorrowland (the People Mover closed in 1995). The ghost reportedly grabs the hair of blonde guests.

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