Haunted History – The Adelphi Hotel

Today I’m hooking you up with a haunted hotel in Liverpool, the Adelphi Hotel. Paranormal experiences have been reported at this site for years now, and some are far more disturbing than others. The apparition of a 15 year old bell boy, complete with cap and uniform has been known to pick up visitor’s luggage before mysteriously disappearing. The ghostly bell boy is thought to be Raymond Brown who died after getting trapped in a baggage lift in 1961.

Another more gruesome death at the Adelphi was that of ‘George’, who committed suicide in the hotel during the 1930’s and has been seen calling to pedestrians from one of the upper level windows. One can only imagine how this poor bastard spent his last few hours alone in his room, and the possible imprint of his traumatic death has definitely left a scar.

There’s also a pickpocket ghost that hangs out at the Adelphi. The ghost of this chick has been busted searching through the guests belongings in the middle of the night, but once she’s confronted she disappears before their eyes. Nobody knows what she’s looking for, or who she is.

Then some folks have a crazy encounter with another female spirit. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing this chick with long black hair standing beside your bed staring down at you. No one knows this chick’s story, but she’s got a thing for stroking the hair of male guests.

Now all of these apparitions are pretty creepy but they’re not the cream of the crop here. One of the most eerie stories from the Adelphi is the elevator whistler. This terrifying apparition stands behind folks in the elevator, whistling and breathing down their necks. There’s no record of who this particular spirit might be, but he’s been known to tap passengers on the shoulder!

Another of the most well known ghosts here is said to have been there since the place was built. In was 1912, and the Titanic was about to set sail from Liverpool to America. As we already know, this boat was packed with wealthy passengers, many of them had spent the night at the Adelphi before boarding.

We all know how that little pleasure cruise turned out, right! Well, apparently the ghosts of some of those hotel guests wish they’d just stayed on there. This dude Tom Slemen is a paranormal writer who had a wild experience there, Tom actually saw three apparitions in the Sefton Suite, which is actually a replica of the Titanic’s First Class Smoking Lounge.

These three ghosts were wearing naval uniform when they appeared at the far end of the room, at that time, Tom wasn’t the only person there and in fact, everyone else saw this thing go down too.

These ghosts were all obviously members of the Titanic crew, one of them was a dead ringer, pardon the pun, of Captain Edward Smith himself.

Besides these, there’s that apparition of a spirit that must have had an awesome time at the Adelphi Bar cause he, or she is still hanging out there today.  This comes as no surprise as many guests have enjoyed the opportunity to rub elbows with some very famous folks here!

There’s tons of other stories too. There’s plenty of folks that have spotted a Victorian lady in grey, hanging out in the basement and there’s tales of another ghost that’s seen hanging out of one of the upper level windows. Whenever someone is sent to check that room, there of course is no one there and the window is found to be locked. Some lucky guests have even been photo-bombed by ghosts here at the Adelphi as well!

It’s no huge surprise that why there are so many spirits lingering around here. There have been 3 hotels built on this site over a period of 190 years – that’s an whole lot of history for one spot!


The first hotel was built here in 1826 for James Radley. It was actually a conversion of two 18th Century town houses that were built on the site of the former Ranelagh Gardens, the first open space for public recreation in Liverpool.

This hotel was replaced by another hotel in 1876, which was bought in 1892 by the Midland Railway, and renamed the Midland Adelphi. Liverpool was a major hub for ocean liners during the early 20th century, and the Adelphi was the most popular hotel in the city for wealthy passengers. Guests at the hotel have included world leaders, such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. Other well known folks that stayed there were Frank Sinatra, Laurel and Hardy, Judy Garland, Bob Dylan, Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger.


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