Haunted History – The Horrors of Fox Hollow

This peaceful, unassuming little love nest looks like a great place to spend a weekend. But as we all know, looks can be quite deceiving.  So, let me start with a little back ground so we can better understand why and how this joint came to be as haunted as it is today.  In order to do that, I’ll have to tell you about the twisted bastard that made it that way.

Herb Baumeister was basically a normal kid until he hit puberty then, he starts acting like a crazy person. He had some weird infatuation with dead things but the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back is when he pissed on his teachers desk at school. So guess what! Herb is diagnosed with schizophrenia and was found to have had multiple personalities! Think his parents had him treated?  No! Of course not, thanks so much for that!

So later on he does a year of college and actually meets up with the soon to be Misses.  He and Juliana Saitor were married in 1971, but the honeymoon was over 6 months later when Herb found himself committed in the nut house for a couple of months. Think it helped? No! Not so much. But apparently he was able to keep his “crazy” tucked in for a few years, that’s when he and his wife started their family.

There were 3 kids, two daughters and a son. Herb had managed to hold down a job with the Bureau of motor vehicles. We already know what kind of crazy folks work there!  Anyway, he did well and managed to work his way up to the position of Program Director. It was all good until Herb felt the need to piss on something again, this time it was a letter that had been intended for the Governor. Yeah, so they fired Herb’s ass quick fast and in a hurry!

This is right about the time when Herb’s crazy got out! In 1985, Herb committed a hit and run while intoxicated, but didn’t really get any thing other than a brisk slap on the wrist. Then, in March of 1986, Herb gets busted for auto theft and conspiracy to commit theft. Again he gets a minor slap on the wrist.  In 1988 Herb borrowed $4000 from his mother and starts a business venture, a line of thrift stores called Save a Lot. By 1991 his businesses had become so successful that he was able to purchase Fox Hollow for his family.

So, this place is a very high end home complete with indoor pool and pool house on 18 acres.  Quite a step up from where they had been!  The home was lavishly decorated and even had mannequins staged all over the place, dressed as if they were attending some upscale pool party.  I’m assuming that his wife thought this shit was ok! Right…….

Well, just after the purchase of Fox Hollow, Herb starts hanging out at gay bars while posing as a auto-erotic asphyxiation fetishist. Why? He was stalking victims that he would bring back to his pool house and murder. He’d get these poor unsuspecting men obliterated, bring them home with him, get them in the pool and strangle them. He’d then hack up the bodies and discard the pieces parts in the woods behind his home.

Apparently this madness goes on for a while. Reports of missing men began piling up along with unidentified bodies that were being discovered between Indiana and Ohio. Wait! I thought you said he’d kill them in the pool house!  Yeah, just hold on I’m going to get to that!

So, investigators are pulling their hair out because none of the missing people or unidentified bodies seemed linked. But finally, in 1992, they caught a lucky break in the form of a tip. Tony Harris filed a report that said a “Brian Smart” had killed his friend and had tried to kill him as well. Well, it wasn’t much of a lucky break because they couldn’t find anyone named Brian Smart.

By 1994 things had begun to go South with old Herb. His business had began to fail.  That may have had something to do with him showing up to work drunk and pissing off his staff. During this time he also caught another DWI which got him 3 days in the can and a years probation. To make matters worse, his son, 13 at the time, discovers a human skull in the woods behind their house. When questioned by his wife, he lied and said it was from a medical skeleton that his deceased Father once had. Later on when his wife went looking around for the rest of the skeleton, nothing was found so she assumed that the remains had been dragged off by a wild animal and accepted Herb’s explanation.

All seemed to be ok until 1995 when Tony Harris has another run in with Brian Smart at a local gay bar, this time he gets a license plate number! Oh yeah, it’s on now!

The police show up at Fox Hollow and ask to search the house and grounds, but, both Herb and his wife refuse. Herb lies again and tells his wife that someone was trying to frame him for theft.  Again, she buys his story.

By 1996 Herb has completely let his crazy out and it wasn’t willing to be stifled any longer!  Between his fits of suicidal depression and violent mood swings, the wife has had enough and files for divorce.  During this time, Herb is out of town on vacation and the police approach the wife again about searching the property, this time she agrees.

During this first search police discover 5500 bones, bone fragments and teeth from at least 4 victims. A second search prompts Herb’s neighbor to start looking around and guess what! He finds more pieces parts!  The police then return for yet another search. This time, they discover another 140 bones, including rib cages and spinal columns, buried in the muck beneath a large drainpipe and surrounding the remains were piles of Miller Genuine Draft cans, Herbs’ favorite drink!  Well, don’t that just say it all Miller beer? Really? That explains his fascination with piss right!?

All in all, pieces from 11 bodies were recovered on the grounds. Now we’re getting back to the bodies that keep popping up in between Indiana and Ohio, 9 in all.

Herb’s wife tells the police that he made 100s of trips back and forth on that same highway; he’d told her they were business related.

So Herb, in the meanwhile, calls his brother and tells him that he’s on a business trip and needs some funds sent to him immediately.  His brother, unaware of the grisly excavations going on at Fox Hollow, agrees and wires him some cash.  A few days later Herb calls his brother again for more cash.  By now, the Brother knows what Herb’s been up to and tells him that the police want to have a little chat with him about all of the bodies they’re digging up over at his house.  Now, out of options, Herb flees to Canada.

A few days later he writes a suicide note blaming his death on a failed business and marriage, but makes no mention of all the murders than he’s committed. Once he finishes the note, he blows his brains out.

Ok, so I told Ya’ll that to tell you this!  In 2009 Rob and Vicky Graves purchased the Fox Hollow Farm and at a very good price. They inquired about the history of the property and when told by the realtor what had happened there, they discussed it and decided that they would be ok with staying there.  OK! whatever!

Everything seemed to be ok for the first little while. Then one day, Vicky is vacuuming up gravel tracked in by the kids and the cord for the vacuum cleaner gets unplugged from the wall for no reason.  She plugs the vacuum back in and returns to finish cleaning up the gravel, it comes unplugged a second time, and then a third. Guess she went and got a broom after that right?!

A short while after that, Vicky spots a man in a red t shirt wandering around by the treeline on their property.  As she’s watching him walk away, she realizes that he has no legs and then, all of the sudden, he disappears.  So, Vicky and Rob go out into the woods to see if they can find this trespasser, no luck though.

Afew days later, Joe LeBlanc, a friend that they had rented a apartment on their property to, sees the same guy in a red tshirt while he’s walking his dog.  He runs after him and catches up. He was face to face with the intruder when he suddenly disappeared into thin air.  A few days later, Joe is out walking his dog again, the dog breaks free and runs to the same spot where Joe had chased the guy in a red tshirt, this time laying on the ground in front of him is a human femur.  The police were called and of course more bones were discovered.  Curiously, after that, the guy in the red tshirt never reappears but the amount of paranormal activity on the property only grew worse.

Joe seemed to be catching the brunt of it.  There was constant, aggressive knocking on his door, and every time he opened it there was no one there. One night in particular the knocking came.  Joe opens the door and of course there’s no one there but the metal knocker was standing straight up as if someone was holding it in their hand about to knock.  Joe slams the door and bolts it shut.  Then the doorknob starts twisting as if someone is trying to come in.  After a few minutes, the door burst off of it’s hinges sending shards of wood throughout the apartment.  Now, Joe is scared and pissed!  He charges out the doorway to confront whoever had destroyed his door and he comes face to face with a young man that was soaking wet. The man is frantic and runs into Joe’s apartment screaming for his life, then all of the sudden, he vanishes into thin air. Joe later identified the man as one of Herb’s victims.

Bizarre and terrifying events just became a part of Joe’s life.  There was always the feeling of being watched, body-less footsteps and constant knocking. One night Joe had had enough as he’s alerted to a metallic scratching sound coming from the kitchen.  He walks in to find a knife laying on the kitchen counter and long deep cuts in the walls and cabinet fronts.

Fox Hollow Farm is a hot spot for paranormal activity, there have been countless investigations, each one yielding a plethora of shadowy figures, terrified voices, and an angry entity that is assumed to be Herb.  Sometimes these investigations even turn up more bones.  No one will ever know for sure just how many bodies could possibly still be on the grounds at Fox Hollow.  Not to mention still to be recovered corpses dumped on the side of back country roads by Herb on his “business” trips between Ohio and Indiana.


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