Seven Creepy Tales from Death Row

Death Row is the one and only thing that strikes fear into the hearts of even the most brutal and sadistic of offenders.  In their last fleeting moments, some of the worst bad assess in history have left something more than just the memory of their horrific acts, their ghostly imprint.  Keep reading if you’d like to know about some of the creepiest tales that linger on death row!

Raymond Snowden
On September 23, 1956, Raymond Snowden met up with Cora Dean. Cora was newly widowed, and on this night, she was out on the town by herself, gambling and drinking her way through her grief. Sources are unclear how the two met and who made the first move, but it was Raymond who eventually attacked. He slashed Cora’s throat and stabbed her between 29 and 35 times. What ultimately sent him to death row was the fact that Raymond deliberately plunged the knife into the back of Cora’s neck and dug around until her spinal cord was severed.

Raymond was executed on October 18, 1957, by way of hanging. The rope didn’t initially snap his neck, though. It took over twenty minutes for this demented bastard to die. Now, his ghost continues to haunt the Old Idaho Penitentiary. Tons of paranormal investigation teams have explored the area, and have recorded a disembodied voice laughing and screaming. A few investigators have even claimed to have seen the apparition of Raymond, wandering around on the grounds. Today, the prison has been converted into a museum, but Raymond’s cell remains dark and permanently vacant, with the exception of his evil spirit.

Frederick Hollman
Hollman was a German dude that immigrated to the United Sates in 1883. He lived in Illinois for several years, until he kicked off a murder spree in 1896. Frederick was arrested and convicted of murdering Webke Geddes, but many believed he killed as many as seventeen women, spanning two states. He was sentenced to death and taken to the Ford County Jail in Paxton, Illinois. Despite his conviction, Frederick refused to confess to his crimes. In interviews, this violent bastard swore that he’d return and haunt those that put him behind bars. “I will haunt them to their graves,” he said. “I will rap on their windows at night, and they will see my face in their windows.” (Hollman posing with his bible on the gallows pictured left).

Well this psycho was true to his word! He began haunting the jail immediately after his execution in May, 1897. Shadowy figures have been seen in, and around his cell. Some visitors claim to have heard disembodied voices while in that area. One paranormal investigation team even claimed to have successfully captured Frederick on film, looking in on his jail cell from the window.

Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy is one of America’s most famous serial killers, we’ve talked about this sick bastard more than once! Officially he was charged with murdering thirty-six women, many people are convinced that Ted stalked, raped and killed closer to a hundred victims. Finding out that Ted had sex with his victims when they were dead, just absolutely sent folks over the edge. It came as no surprised that he was sentenced to death row at Florida State Prison. January 24, 1989, was Ted’s official day of execution. There he became acquainted with “old sparky”, the prison’s electric chair. (Bundy being prepped for autopsy after being fried pictured above).

Death hasn’t seemed to stop Ted from plaguing people, however. A slew of guards came forward in 2001 to report that they had been dealing with Ted’s ghost since his execution. Ted’s apparition had been seen multiple times by multiple guards, sitting, cool as you please, on the electric chair with a leering smile on his face.

Other guards have reported hearing and seeing him in his former cell as well. One guard swears that he heard Ted whisper to him, “Well, I beat all of you, didn’t I?” Indeed, Ted’s ghostly figure has been seen so many times that now security officers and other prison personnel refuse to enter the execution chamber by themselves.

Lavinia Fisher
Lavinia Fisher has caused the Charleston Jail House to be ripe with paranormal activity. Many residents of Charleston have claimed to see her face appear by the window of her former cell. Her ghost seemed to grow active again in 1886, following an earthquake. Jailers reported seeing her apparition on a regular basis. One paranormal investigation team visited the old jail and asked Lavinia’s spirit who she was going to carry a message to. Lavinia’s response? “The devil.”

John Ellis
Strangeways prison, now known as HM Prison Manchester, was first opened in 1868. Complete with an execution chamber, one hundred criminals were put out of their misery at Strangeways before Great Britain abolished capital punishment in 1965. Many people claim that the jail is haunted by numerous spirits, but the most active one is not a former criminal.

John Ellis was an employee of the prison for twenty-three years. He handled dozens of executions there before he committed suicide in 1932. Former prison officers have stated they have seen the ghost of Ellis, wandering through the halls wearing a dark suit. Many people theorize that John Ellis came back to the prison in spirit form as a means of keeping the other, more volatile ghosts, there in line. His spirit continues the line of work he was so committed to while he was alive.

Susan Newell
Duke Street Prison is where Scotland’s most notorious criminals wound up. Built in 1798, countless prisoners were executed there until it was shut down in 1955, due to structural issues and deplorable conditions. The structure was eventually torn down except for one outer wall that remains to this day. Despite the fact that the prison is no longer there, the surrounding area continues to be haunted by inmates of the past. One woman, named Susan Newell, seems particularly active. In 1923, Susan was charged with strangling the young boy who delivered her morning paper every day. She was caught while attempting to get rid of his body, and was hanged for the crime. Susan was the last woman to be executed in all of Scotland.

Now, her restless spirit continues to haunt the land where the prison once stood. Her apparition has been seen numerous times by tourists, she gets her jollies from scaring the shit out of them.

The “Hangman” of San Quentin Prison
Amos Lunt worked as an executioner at San Quentin Prison during the late 1800s. The man oversaw numerous hangings while he was there, but he started to crack under immense feelings of guilt. Amos began to tell fellow employees that twenty-one ghosts followed him everywhere he went. These ghosts were covered in blood, and continuously attempted to toss a noose around his neck. Concerned for his mental health, Amos was relieved of his duties in October 1899. He told his replacement, Frank Arobogast, that the spirits of the dead often lingered under his bed. Amos stopped sleeping because he was so convinced that the spirits would kill him the moment his head hit the pillow.


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