Some Creepy Cursed Relics


The Woman from Lemb

I thought I’d hook you guys up with some crazy stories about cursed relics. The first one I’m going to tell you about is “The Woman from Lemb” who’s sometimes called the Goddess of the death. She’s a kind of dumpy looking little statue that’s carved out of limestone that was unearthed at a archeological dig in Lemb, Cyprus in 1878. No one knows who created her or “what” she actually is, but it’s assumed that she’s a idol of some ancient unnamed fertility goddess. When I say ancient I mean old as ass! She dates back to 3500 BC.!

The first private owner was this dude named Lord Elphont. Within the first 6 years of his owning this freaky looking little relic, all 7 members of the Elphont family die mysterious deaths. The second owner, Ivor Menucci, had about the same luck. He owned the relic for four years. In that 4 years, he and all of his family members died under odd circumstances as well. Then, the third owner, Lord Thompson Noel, yep you got it, he and his entire family dead within four years. After the third owner, the statue vanishes off the face of the earth. Shocker right! Somebody probably threw the damn thing into a hole and buried it. The problem is, it didn’t stay gone.

A few years later, the statue turns up in the hands of a Sir Alan Biverbrook. It wasn’t very long before he, his wife and his two daughters are all dead, no shit! Well, here’s the twist. Biverbrook has two older sons that didn’t live in the same house. Now, neither of the sons were superstitious in any way, but they weren’t stupid either! That statue was not going home with either of them!  They donated it to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh, where it’s still sitting today.

Think things changed just because she’s in a museum? Not so much. Shortly after she’s donated, the chief of the section where she was on display, suddenly, and mysteriously, drops dead. Still today, the museum curator won’t admit that the statue may have some kind of crazy supernatural abilities. However, no one has handled the damned thing since that first museum worker that placed her in the display case where she now sits. Now days the Goddess of death watches curious museum visitors from a safe distance, and out of reach of all human hands.

“The Anguished Man” painting

It’s not much to look at, but it is kind of unsettling especially when you know the legend attached to it. The painting was an unwanted gift that had been locked away in an attic for 25 years or longer. Sean Robinson’s Grandmother swore that the crazy looking thing was haunted. She told him when he was a little boy that she had sometimes saw a large black shadow lurking around in her home when the painting was on display. She’d also admitted that she’d heard heart wrenching cries coming from what sounded like a tormented man. While she was in a confessing kind of mood one day, she tells him that she’d heard that the artist who had created the piece, had mixed his own blood with the paint, he was said to have committed suicide once he finished the painting.

Now Sean never really believed that the painting was haunted, but he always remembered those creepy stories she told him when he was a boy. When she died, he decided that he would claim the painting. It was kind of an interesting piece and with the crazy assed story his grandmother told him about the artist, it would make one hell of a conversation piece for his house. So he takes it home and hangs it near the den. Well it didn’t take long before Sean and his wife both began seeing this dark shadowy creature lurking around their house. After a few weeks the appearances were accompanied with the sound of a man crying along with other strange noises. Yeah Sean’s not such a skeptic now right!

Sean said that he and his wife both have heard crying coming from the corner of their bedroom, and the dark shadowy figure, yeah he’s been spotted standing at the foot of their bed, just hanging out there, watching them. Sean says that the figure appears to be that of a middle aged man but his features aren’t very clear, just like the painting I suppose. Yeah, well the wife, she’s terrified and she’s had enough. She tells Sean that she refuses to stay another day under the same roof with that painting. So the painting goes on tour for a while and is investigated by a bunch of paranormal experts. So, thanks to the tour, there’s a ton of documentation that more than proves something is definitely going on with this crazy painting.

The “Basano Vase”

Again, not very impressive in appearance, but with this vase, it’s not the looks that are so intriguing!

This story comes from Italian lore, the legend goes that the vase was carved from silver in the 15th century. It was created as a wedding gift for a Italian bride that lived in a northern village close to Napoli. On the night before her wedding, the bride was found lying on the floor clutching the vase with the last of her remaining strength. Before she died, she vowed to return and seek her vengeance. After her death, the vase was given to one of her sisters. Not long after that, she suffered a similar fate as her sister, the bride. After that, the vase was given to another surviving relative. Guess what, yep, they died shortly after as well. Then, for the fourth time, the vase was given to somebody else in the family, you got it, deader than hell almost immediately after taking it into their possession.

So the history of the vase at this point gets a little bit cloudy, but what we do know, is that one of the surviving relatives of the bride, boxes the evil relic up and hides it. The rumor is that this she had a priest bury it on hallowed ground, but no body really knows for sure. What we do know, is that it surfaces again in 1988 and crumpled up inside of the vase was a small piece of parchment paper with some writing on it, it was a warning: It said, Beware, this vase brings death. Well, The note was discarded and the vase was immediately put up for auction where it sold for four million lera, which is actually just a bit above 1 million in U.S. dollars.

The new owner, was a local pharmacists. He owned the vase for about 3 months before dying under mysterious circumstances. His remaining family was terrified that the curse would then fall on them so, they immediately sold it to a local surgeon who didn’t believe in such things as curses. Guess what! 3 months later this dude is deader than hell, he was 37 years old. Well the surgeon’s family wasn’t so skeptical about the whole cursed relic thing now. So, the rumors start circulating and that certainly didn’t help them get rid of this evil vase! It took a little while, but eventually they did find a buyer, in the form of a archeologist.

He purchased it for his private collection, He was thrilled to have the vase, it was a true artifact of the Renaissance era. But even his professional admiration wouldn’t be enough to protect him from the curse. Bet you’ve got this down pat by now, everyone, all together now, “He was dead within 3 months!” Yep, you got it, this time the culprit was some mysterious and undiagnosed infection that ravaged his body in a matter of days. Ok, so now we have yet another terrified family that needs to ditch this vase, like right now! Yeah, not so much! Everybody and their Grandmama has already heard about the shit storm that comes along with this relic. It took a while and they took a massive financial loss, but they finally found a sucker.

Now, this next family was more than familiar with the curse, as was everyone else on the planet. But in thinking that the vase was far more valuable than what they could purchase it for, they figured on reselling it and making a healthy profit. Yeah, that didn’t happen! Almost one month to the day after the vase was brought home, the new owner was dead. The remaining family members are freaking the hell out now, and they want this vase gone! There was not another sucker to be had though, No body would touch the damned thing! In a fit of frustration, the owners brother hurls the vase out of the second floor window. It just so happened that at that very moment a beat officer was walking by on the sidewalk in front of the house; the vase nearly pegs him in the head. It falls to the concrete walk just in front of his feet. Startled by the entire event, not to mention a wee bit on the pissed side, The officer writes the man a ticket. The man gladly accepts the ticket but refuses to pick the vase up, even after being threatened a few nights in the clink!

So eventually, the man wins out, and the officer gives in. He picks the vase up and takes it back to headquarters. The Police Chief makes call upon call in attempt to donate the vase to a library or museum or hell, anybody that would take the damned thing. No Body would touch it. Eventually the Chief decides to deal with it in his own way. Several local papers documented that the vase had been buried in an undisclosed location. Rumor has it that it was placed inside a lead box and buried on the grounds of an ancient cemetery where it will hopefully remain undisturbed and dormant for eternity, or at least until some other poor bastard digs it up.

The Dibbuk Box

I’ve got one last creepy cursed relic to tell you about. So this beautiful wooden wine box shows up at an estate sale. It had been the property of a woman that lived to be 103 years old. Here’s where it starts getting weird folks, before the old woman died, she requested that the box be buried with her. Because this was not typical to Jewish rituals, the Rabbi refused her last request, leaving her family responsible for her personal possessions.

It’s September 2001 and there is a huge estate sale in Portland Oregon where the old woman’s belongings were being auctioned off by her grand kids. A local cabinet maker lays eyes on this unique piece and immediately feels compelled to buy it. At the end of the auction, the cabinet maker is approached by the grand daughter who informs him of his grandmothers last wish. She goes further and tells the guy that her grandmother always said that the box must never be opened.

The old woman was the only member of her family that survived Nazi concentration camp. her parents, brother, sister, husband and three children were all murdered at the same camp. She survived by escaping with some other prisoners to Spain where she lived until the end of the war when she came to the United States. The wine box had been purchased in Spain along with two other items that the woman brought with her when she relocated.

The cabinetmaker began to feel that maybe he should leave the wine box with the family, certainly it had some sentimental value. He offered the box back to the grand daughter who immediately refused. He assured the woman that he did not want a refund, he would gladly return it to her as a good deed. The Grand Daughter starts freaking out, she’s crying and screaming, and then she demands that the dude leaves immediately, and so he did, and he took his newly purchased relic with him.

So the cabinet maker brings the box to his shop and puts it away with intentions of refinishing it and giving it to his mother for her next birthday. So the next day after he opens his shop, he leaves to run some errands. Not 30 minutes later, his cell phone rings, it’s the girl that works for him. She’s frantic and babbling into the phone about someone being in the shop with her. She could hear glass breaking and swearing and on top of that, all of the security exits and the gate were unexplainably locked, she couldn’t get out. As soon as the shop owner hears what’s going on, his cell phone goes dead.

So, he hauls ass back to his shop. When he gets there, he finds the gates and doors still locked. he finally gets into the shop to find his distraught employee curled into a fetal position under the front counter, she’s still sobbing hysterically. So, he mans up and starts walking through the shop, as he’s looking around he sees that every light bulb in the shop has been shattered. From regular screw in bulbs to 4 foot fluorescents, every light bulb had been destroyed. Not only was there the mess to contend with but the entire shop smelled like cat urine. no the guy didn’t have a cat.

So he goes back to check on his employee, he finds that she’s gone. She’s never returned to work and refuses to talk about what happened to this day. So a few days later the mess is cleaned up and the light bulbs are replaced, Moms birthday is coming up so he decides to get to work restoring the cabinet, so what does he do, he opens the damned thing. Inside he finds a 1925 and 1928 wheat penny, a lock of blonde hair and a lock of brown hair, a dried rosebud, a small gold wine cup, a small granite statue and a cast iron candle stick holder.

The shop owner puts all of the contents into a box and returns them to the estate, but again, they adamantly refused to take them. So he’s back to restoring the wine box. So he gives the box a good look over and he decides not to refinish it but to give it a good rub down with lemon oil. Well, he would definitely have it ready for Mom’s birthday. The next morning he gets a call that Mom is going to stay with her sister for the next 2 days and that they will celebrate when she returned, which just happened to be October 31, Halloween.

So Mom gets back in town comes to his shop and he presents her with the box. Before he’s able to hear her response he has to leave to take a call. While he’s on his phone, one of his employees runs in screaming that somethings wrong with his Mother.

So, he runs into the room to find his mom completely unresponsive, tears rolling down her face. So Mom goes to the hospital by ambulance, once she’s stabilize they realize that she can’t speak and has partial paralysis. In order for her to communicate, they give her a notebook with the alphabet written down on it, she points to spell words. The first thing she says is No Gift. Her son laughs, thinking that she had forgotten about the wine box. He assured her that he had given her a gift. She starts pointing at the notebook and spells out HATE GIFT

A few days later since Mom hated the wine box, he gives it to his sister, two days later she returns it and says that the doors won’t stay closed. He looks it over sees no problem with it. A few days later, he offers it to his brother. Three days after that, his brother brings it back saying that the box smells like jasmines to him nut his wife said it smelled like cat urine. So, then, he gives it to his girlfriend. Two days later, she brings it back and tells him to sell it.

So he puts it for sale in his shop. The next day a young couple falls in love with it, so, they buy it. Well, three days later the cabinet maker goes to open his shop for the day and finds the box sitting in front of the door with a note on it. It said: This has a bad darkness.

So now he’s over it, he winds up taking it home with him, That’s when he starts to see what the problem was. Every night since he brought it home he has had the same nightmare. He’s walking next to a friend and at some point he turns to look into their eyes, he finds something evil staring back at him. Then his friends face turns into a gruesome and demonic looking hag, who proceeds to beat the living shit out of him. When he wakes up the next morning he’s all bruised and scratched up.

So a few weeks into all this madness, he’s done with getting his ass kicked bu this freakish hag every night. He’s gotta have a reality check, so he asks his brother, his sister in law and his sister all to come over and stay the weekend. The first morning they’re all gathered at the table for coffee and his sister complained about having nightmares, the same one that she had had before when the box was in her house. She starts describing the dream and the room gets quiet. Come to find out, they had all had the same exact dream, at that point he calls his girlfriend and asks her if she’d had the dream, sure enough, she had.

After this, the shit hits the fan in his house. Shadowy creatures begin lurking through his house, he’s not the only one seeing them, his guests and neighbors saw them as well. So, he puts the box outside in a storage unit. That didn’t last. A couple of nights later he gets woke up by the fire alarm. So he hauls ass to the unit to see what the hell is going on, he opens the door and is nearly knocked down by the smell of cat piss, but nothing was on fire. He goes back inside and finds that his house also smells like cat piss, again, the dude has no cat.

So, he goes back to the unit, grabs the box and begins to investigate it on the internet. He dozes off and somewhere around 4:30 when he’s woken by the smell and feel of something breathing on the back of his neck. When he looks around he sees a large shadowy figure dart out of the door and down the hall.

So now that he’s awake, he lists the box on ebay with a detailed outlay of his experiences, the box sells to Jason Haxton who is a museum director. So now Haxton has a bit of history to add to the legend.

Since he acquired the box, Haxton has had prophetic dreams along with an array of health issues ranging from vision loss to hives, and his house is infested with shadowy creatures that float across the walls and floor. So why hasn’t he got rid of the damned thing? Well, Haxton deems himself the caretaker. The box is safer in his hands than in the hands of some poor unsuspecting bystander.

Since the paranormal activity began, Haxton has spent hours researching the box and the Dibbuk that is latched to it. He has personally consulted with scientists,
Kabbalists, Wiccans, priests and paranormal professionals. For the past few years the box has been sealed inside a acacia chest that’s lined in 24 carat gold. He says it’s been rendered neutral for the most part.

Haxton has informed his entire family that he wishes to be buried with it, just like the 103 year old woman that owned it from the beginning. His wishes were the same; to keep it safe and protect everyone else. But in the meanwhile Haxton has written a book and signed a movie deal.

The movie “Possession” released in August 2012, is based off of the sinister history of the box and the spirit that’s attached to it.


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