The dark origination behind Christmas Carolling

There’s nothing more joyous and uplifting than a group of well harmonized carolers crooning at your front door right! Yeah, let me give you guys the back story on how this yule tide tradition got started, you’re gonna love this shit!

So, The year is 1888 in the Whitechapel District of London, sound familiar? it should! Londoners are trembling in terror due to a rash of horrifically gruesome and yet to be solved, murders that have brought the community to it’s cautious knees. Yep, Jack the Ripper was in his prime. Even though he kept his “business” focused on the city’s hookers, everyone was terrified that they could be his next victim.

Ok, so, it’s the week before Christmas and a young local girl, Carol Poles, has disappeared. With a serial killer on the loose and an array of other various shifty folks out on the streets, Carol’s friends and family feared for her life. Police had been made to look like bumbling fools in the Ripper’s wake. There had been searches of abandoned buildings and heavily wooded parks. Waterways had been dredged and there had been 100’s of interviews and still The officials had no answers or clues.

So the community gathers together and decides to look for Carol on their own. They decided to go door to door in search of information. The problem with that was, the community was so shaken by the latest gruesome murder, that no one would unbolt their doors after dark. The mangled body of Mary Kelley, Jack the Ripper’s final victim, had just recently been discovered, getting folks to cooperate with their search was going to be a challenge.

So after knocking on several unanswered doors the group decided to sing traditional Christmas songs upon their arrival at each house. This would surely soothe the fears of the occupants that they wished to question.

Well, young Carol was never found, perhaps she is an undiscovered victim of the Ripper, maybe, she “was” the Ripper, we may never know. But, she did leave her own legacy and now you know all about it. The Community continued the tradition of Christmas Caroling every year thereafter in memoriam of Carol’s disappearance, and now Carolling is a Christmas tradition all around the globe. Just think, if you’ve ever been a Caroller, you were actually out searching for one of Jack the Ripper murder victims!


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