The Demon House – Creepy Places

Here’s a terrifying tale about a family that got more than they bargained for when they bought a home in Springfield LA. This family had been struggling to get on their feet and get their own place.

They got one “hell” of a deal when they found this house! The house was a foreclosure that needed a little work but the price was great. After the deal settled, they move a camper on the lot to them to stay in while renovating.

So, while hubby is at work, wife’s working in the house on some of the minor repairs. It wasn’t long before odd little things began occurring. And of course, as they do, things progressed.

One afternoon she was alone in the house painting, the radio turned itself off. She turns it back on, it’s off again, and after the third time, she’s spooked and abandons the painting for the evening.

So, eventually, the renovations are complete and the family moves in. A month goes by and it’s the oldest son’s birthday. So wife recruits her mother to come over and help decorate for the party.

As their organizing themselves, she realized that there were some last minute things that she would need from the store. She leaves her mother alone in the house while she makes a mad dash to the market. Well, something happened while she was gone, cause when she drove up, her mother was running out of the house, paled and panting. She was terrified, she swore that “something” was in the house with her.

Not long after, it was late one evening when wifey was washing dishes. All of the sudden it was as if a icy cold hand rested across the back of her neck.  Though there was nothing or no one in the kitchen with her, something was poking her, violently enough to cause her to drop a dish.Well, wifey has a heart condition, and right about now, her chest is pounding in terror, she turns to run for the door and something snatches out at her hair. When she does get outside, she realized that she desperately needed her meds so, she hauls ass back in the house for her pills.

Later, after she settled down, she tells hubby about all of the odd little things that had been going on, and the icy hand thing. He kind of shrugs it off thinking it’s because she was in a large home that she hadn’t acclimated to.

A few days later, the wife was folding laundry when she hears her son talking to someone in another room. She could see her other son outside playing, so who could He have been talking to?

She sneaks to the doorway where the boy was playing and asked who he’d been talking to. He said he’d been talking to his “friend.” When she asked what his “friend” said, He told his mom that he said that he had to be his friend, otherwise he would hurt his mother. Well, she was shocked but fighting to hide the fact that what her son had said terrified her.

A few weeks later, it was time to get the winter clothes down from the attic. The wife called her father to come over and help. While he was there, he witnessed a rosary on a door handle swing like a pendulum and then stop cold. Then, all of the sudden, a earthshaking stomping sound echoed through the house.

Pictures fell from walls, plaster fell from the ceiling, yet there was nothing there that could be seen causing it. Her father yelled at the presence to show itself, and it did: The wife ended up with three deep claw marks across her back.

That was about enough for her, she sends the kids away to grandma and grandpa’s cause, damn this madness. When her husband got home from work, she tells him the story and shows him the scratch marks. He thinks that she brushed against some nails while digging through things in the attic. But, during the conversation, a door behind him suddenly opens then slams shut, all on it’s own.  Finally he got a clue right!

So now he’s in full ghost patrol mode all of the sudden. He decides it would be a good idea to hang a few religious relics around. So, they’re walking through the house together, Bible in hand. When they reached the kitchen, she put the Bible down on the table.  He comes down the ladder from hanging a crucifix over the door, and the lights go out, then the Bible begins to vibrate on the table. They hauled ass out of the house when the Bible slammed shut.

Now that both of them believed that they had a ghost in the house, Wifey comes up with the idea to put a recorder in the kitchen thinking maybe they would catch something to give them and idea of what they were dealing with. So she flies in the house and slides a recorder onto the kitchen table before running back out like a mad woman. A half-hour later, she ran back in to get it and then, mustered her courage and began listening to the recording.

At first there was nothing but empty silence but then she heard a low growling, a snarling voice that hissed “She will die.”

So a few days later, the family is back to living in the camper.  The wife was hanging out laundry to dry and the boys were playing in the yard. A little while later she heard a very unsettling silence. The boys were gone. She runs around looking for them, then hears their voices coming from upstairs in the house. She knew that she had to get them out of there and away from whatever it was that was inside that house. She goes inside and is following the voices but never found the boys.

While she’s upstairs something terrifying happens.  She’s trapped by some unseen force that has lifted her from the floor and pinned her to the wall. She said it felt like there was an enormous weight on top of her and unseen hands were holding her to the wall.

Out of nowhere came this daunting voice that told her to “look under.” She manages to grip a corner of the carpet and began pulling it toward her. She gave it a yank and suddenly the entity released her. Beneath the carpet she found what she described as Satanic symbols that had been carved into the wood flooring.

As soon as she could stand, she sprinted out of the house. She runs out and is immediately relieved to see her husband with the boys outside. So, as she’s trying to calm her racing heart, she tells hubby to go upstairs. This time, without any questioning, he runs inside the house.

When he gets upstairs he sees some of the carpet had been pulled up.  He looked beneath it and found the large circle of symbols. They are now convinced that someone had summoned a demon into their home.

Hubby is freaking out by now so he calls the local minister seeking help. When the minister arrived, he immediately sensed the presence of evil in the house.

Together they go room to room with a Bible and Holy Water, in attempt to cleanse the house. As things progressed, the wife began to feel ill. Thinking that her heart was acting up, hubby took her aside and found her a place to sit while he helped the minister finish the cleansing ritual.

Her chest was tight, she was having trouble breathing. Finally, she blacked out.

A while later, the minister finished the rite and left.  Hubby goes to check on her and she’s out of it. So, he helps her to the car with intention on heading to her mother’s house. While he’s driving, he looks over and asks her how she was feeling. She turns back to him and in a guttoral voice, that was most definitely not hers, she said, “I’m fine.” then her eyes went pitch black.

Hubby floored it until they got to her parents’ house.

His father-in-law helped him to get her inside. Her pulse seemed good but she was freezing cold.

Her mother’s freaking out wanting to know what’s going on. Once again, the deep voice said, “I’m fine.” With no other means to defend themselves, her family began reading Bible verses until the minister arrived; it was enough to allow her to regain her consciousness just long enough to tell her father that the entity had taken her over.

When the minister arrived, he knew it was going to be a long night, There was no doubt that there was a demon inside of her. So, hubby and her father hold her down while the minister performed an impromptu exorcism. It was one hell of a battle, but eventually she regained control and the entity was gone.

They packed their kids and belongings into the camper and moved off the property, staying at her sister’s while trying to sell the Demon House.


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