The Legend of Carl Pruitt

Ever hear of Carl Pruitt? No? Well, I assure you this dude has earned his place in haunted history. Ok, so, the year is 1938 the place, Pulaski County, Kentucky. Carl has had a shitty day at work, he’s tired and frustrated but looking forward to getting home for a hot meal cooked by his loving wife. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Carl gets home and finds his wife in his bed with another man. Needless to say, Carl comes unbolted! While he’s busy losing his mind, the other man creeps out of the window and runs for his life. Carl is torn between rage and heartbreak, but rage wins out. He grabs a rusty chain and wraps it around his wife’s neck, strangling the life from her.

So Carl had exhausted his rage with that one murderous act, and now the heartbreak sets in. Not only does he find that he’s incapable of living with the knowledge that his wife was screwing around on him, but now she’s dead, and by his own hands. He then grabs his gun and turns it on himself.

Most folks would think the story is over here right?! Well, those folks don’t know me very well now do they. This is where the story gets good!

So after the autopsy, funeral arrangements are made. For obvious reasons Pruitt’s wife’s family demand that Carl’s body be buried in a different cemetery far from their daughters remains. And so it came to be, Carl Pruitt’s remains were interred miles from his wife. When visitors came to Pruitt’s grave, they were confounded by what they found. The grass that covered his grave site was dying and something was happening to the head stone. After a while it became clear that there were discolorations in the headstone that seemed to form a chain.

With more and more curious visitors coming by to witness this odd phenomenon, it wasn’t long before some ass clown decides to vandalize Carl’s resting place, brilliant right?! Not so much!  Here’s what happened though, So this jackass group of boys ride their bikes to the grave site.  In attempt to impress his fucktard little friends, one of the boys throws a rock at the headstone and chips it. Yeah, they’re all laughing it up at this point, big bad bully broke a headstone.

So, feeling accomplished with their exhibit of bravery, the boys get on their bikes and head for home. Yeah, well one of them didn’t make it. It seems that the same one that threw the rock has some kind of freak accident where he ends up being strangled to death by the chain from his own bicycle.

Well, the rumors of Pruitt’s grave being haunted had already ran rampant throughout the region, so this unfortunate incident only fuels the fire. Everyone knew that Pruitt had murdered the boy from his grave! The boy had hardly been in his own grave for a week when his mother absolutely lost it! She was convinced that Pruitt had taken her son from her. So with tears in her eyes, and rage in her heart she grabs a nearby axe and marches to the cemetery to exact her revenge on Carl’s grave. Well, the next time she’s seen, she’s found hanging from her clothesline by her neck, it seems that she had become so entangled in the cords that she managed to strangle herself by hanging. Because of the circumstances, an investigation was opened, during the course of searching the property an axe was found covered in what appeared to be concrete dust, the edge was badly nicked and dented. When investigators went to check out Pruitt’s grave site, the stone was found intact and in perfect condition with the exception of the odd chain links that had somehow become etched into his tombstone.

So Pruitt’s grave has become taboo in this area, no one even wants to bring the topic up for discussion in fear that they too would meet some similar horrific fate. But as usual, whenever there’s a crowd, someone has to be an asshole. So one day a local farmer is driving his horse and buggy past the cemetery. In the buggy with him is his family. So I guess he decides to prove some kind of point about Pruitt’s legend. With no notice, he reaches down, grabs his rifle and shoots Pruitt’s headstone.

The sound of the unexpected gunshot spooks the horses and they start hauling ass. So now the buggy is out of control, the farmers family all jump to safety but the farmer stayed on trying to regain control of the buggy, it didn’t happen. Before the buggy crashes into some nearby trees he’s thrown from it, while in midair the reigns somehow managed to wrap around his neck, strangling him before the buggy settles from the impact.

So now everybody is talking about Pruitt’s cursed grave. The population was convinced that Pruitt was somehow causing these deaths from beyond his own grave. Yeah, I can kind of see why right, I gotta say, I’m thinking they may have been right!

So then these two local police officers catch wind of the stories. Laughing it all off as hogwash, these two morons with badges roll out to prove that the legend is all a hoax. So they each take photographs of each other standing by Pruitt’s headstone, I guess to show everyone how brave they were. Well, only one of them would survive to brag, however i find it highly unlikely that he did at all. So the two cops get back into their car and head back to town. As they’re leaving the cemetery the driver sees that there is a bright light following them, so he speeds up to get away, yeah that didn’t work. So as it goes, this guy is flooring it trying to get away when the car slides out of control. The passenger was ejected from the car and survived, the driver, not so much. So the driver is nearly decapitated at the crash. The car came to rest between two fence posts, the barbed wire fencing that had been strung between the posts was wrapped around his neck and in fact was all that was holding his head in place.

Later in the 1940’s most people in the area avoided the cemetery all together in fear that they’d somehow offend Pruitt and lose their own lives. Again there’s always this one asshole right? So this guy is sick of hearing the legend, he grabs a hammer and heads for the cemetery intent on destroying the tombstone. Passersby heard the sound of the hammer as it struck the stone marker, moments later the thuds were replaced by a blood curdling scream and then all went silent.

When people arrived to see what had happened, they found the man lying face down in front of the opened gate to the cemetery. The chain that normally was used to lock the gates was wrapped around his neck, he had strangled to death before anyone could reach him.

Shortly after this, the property was purchased by a local mining company. The graves were all exhumed and moved to other nearby cemeteries along with their head stones. Pruitt’s stone however was removed and then disposed of in an unnamed place. Since this happened, there have been no other occurrences concerning Carl Pruitt’s curse.


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  1. Lactos the Intolerant says:

    Great story. I just heard about him from Slapped Ham. I was searching in hopes of finding something that corroborates this story, such as newspaper articles and whatnot. Are there none that exist?

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