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Haunted History – The Wicklow Gaol

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about a paranormal pokey! The original Wicklow Gaol (Jail) was built in 1702, where the conditions for inmates extremely harsh. Yeah, no cable TV, no pizza Fridays and definitely no internet, hellish right! To make matters worse there was no separation. That means that women, homicidal maniacs, town drunks, political prisoners and even a priest were all tossed into gen pop and pretty much told “good luck ya’ll!”

See, the way it went down back then, is that the dude in charge of the prison was paid a healthy wage to oversee all of this madness.  Out of his wages he was supposed to house, clothe and feed the prisoners.  Get the picture?

These morally unfit individuals answered to no one, so, there was no body to complain to. But if you had a little cash, you could bribe these assholes for better conditions.  The poor bastards that were thrown into this joint that had no money were pretty much screwed. A lot of times these prisoners were sold off to ship captains as slaves, so, there was always that to look forward to!

Well, during the great Irish potato famine in the 1840s and early ’50s, the number of inmates swelled to 780.  That means that there were a bunch of bad asses crammed into every tiny cell.  So, there was then the definite need to expand, that went down in 1843.

The building was closed as a prison in 1900, then reopened in 1918 during the Irish War for Independence. It closed again in 1924 and was partially demolished in 1954. Over the centuries, many prisoners died there, mostly of starvation, disease, and mistreatment and of course the occasional shanking.

The entrance is locally known as “The Gates of Hell,” tagged this because folks knew that once they went though that entry way, there was little chance they’d ever come out again. Numerous ghostly accounts have been reported at Wicklow, and it has been investigated by Ghost Hunters International and Irish Ghosthunters, among many other groups. Reported activity includes:

The feeling of being touched by unseen hands; some have had their hair pulled.
A staff member was shoved out of the gates.
An eerie mist has been seen on the walkway to the second floor cells.
A visitor reported seeing a woman in 19th century dress. When she was shown a picture of Mary Morris, a matron known to be associated with the prison, she said, “That’s her, only younger.”
The ghost of a little girl is said to haunt the schoolroom. She has been seen to materialize and sometimes just to poke visitors on the thigh or pull their clothing.
Dublin-based medium Declan Flynn claimed to contact the ghost of deceased Irish President Erskine Childers there. Erskine was a prisoner for one night in the jail.




The resident tour guide here has had many experiences as well. She’s encountered a lady in her late 20s, dressed completely in black, several times. She walks in and out of cell 22 on the first floor. Another common event is the appearance of a cold and eerie mist that envelops the walkway to the first floor cells. This has been seen by multiple people over a number of years.






Last year, a group of primary school students from Austria were dumbstruck when the hanging mist latched onto their teacher and enveloped her in a huge ball, moving with her. On another occasion, an elderly woman passed out in cell 12, which tells the story of Wicklow rebel, Billy Byrne. The old chick refused to continue the tour. She later stated that she felt a pressure around her neck and couldn’t breathe. Billy Byrne was hanged there in the gaol and many people think this is Billy himself trying to be heard. There are other reports, especially by those who work there that have reported seeing the entire floor in front of moving around on its own.


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Haunted Cemetery – Candlemaker Row

So this little boneyard, Candlemaker Row, is in Edinburgh Scotland.  They’ve been putting corpses in the ground here since the 1600’s so it’s like one of the oldest cemeteries in Edinburgh.

At the entrance there’s an etching that reads “Non Omnis Moriar” which means “Not all of me will die” a fitting slogan that seemingly warns visitors of the poltergeist that calls Greyfriars Kirkland home.


This poltergeist was known in his human form as Lord Advocate, George Mackenzie, or as the locals called him “Bloody Mackenzie.” This dude was a brutal and vicious prison warden that got his jollies from torturing the over 400 inmates that he oversaw. Many of those inmates that died either by his hand or under his watch, were buried in the Black Mausoleum section of the Covenanter’s Prison. Mackenzie, when he bit it, was buried only yards away from the prison, which tied him to the grounds where he’d tormented so many.

Mackenzie’s ghost has the reputation of being malevolent and he’s know to attack visitors. Things had gotten so bad that the city council closed the cemetery to the public for a while. Yeah, that’s pretty serious right! Yep, try like over 400 reported cases of Mackenzie’s antics. These reports included cold spots, scratches, bruises, and even faintings, but, it hasn’t always been Mackenzie that haunted Kirkland. There have been tons of reports for centuries. Folks have reported seeing the shadowy figures of those that are buried there, and some have even heard their tormented wailing.

Mackenzie had basically been at peace for centuries but something disturbed him, and what ever it was pissed him the hell off.

The locals are still circulating this tale, and they all agree that this was the “something” that triggered Mackenzie to rise again.

So, it was storming one night and this vagrant decides to break the lock on the mausoleum gate and go inside to get out of the rain. He starts looking around at the surrounding coffins and out of either boredom or some macabre sense of curiosity, he breaks one open just to see what was inside. Like, what the hell would you think was in a coffin Asshat!

Well, this particular section of the vault that he was in, just happened to be where Mackenzie’s relatives were interred. So as you’ve already guessed, the shit hit the fan!

Immediately after he pries the lid from the bone box, this bum starts digging around in there. Well, when he did, the floor of the mausoleum collapsed and he falls into this deep, dark pit that was directly below the tomb. So what do you think was in that pit? I can tell you right now, it wasn’t a tupperware party. The pit was filled with the still decaying bodies of plague victims that had been thrown in and quickly sealed up to prevent the disease from spreading.


So this dude is wallowing around in corpse gunk, rotten meat and rancid human bones, Now it’s a party right! So the poor bastard manages to clamor his way out of the pit of people soup and he hauls ass out of the cemetery. He’s covered in funk and looks like who done it when he runs passed this dude that was walking his dog, scared the shit out of him.

Well after the pit was resealed, the mausoleum was fenced off and closed to the public, but that didn’t stop Mackenzie, he was still pissed so he starts showing his ass all over the cemetery.

As recently as 2000, there have been attempts to help him find peace. This one priest named Colin Grant was brought in to perform an exorcism on the cemetery. After several hours Grant admitted that he had become overwhelmed by the mounting numbers of tormented souls there. He ended the rite and left abruptly, shortly afterward, Grant passed away.



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The Legend of Carl Pruitt

Ever hear of Carl Pruitt? No? Well, I assure you this dude has earned his place in haunted history. Ok, so, the year is 1938 the place, Pulaski County, Kentucky. Carl has had a shitty day at work, he’s tired and frustrated but looking forward to getting home for a hot meal cooked by his loving wife. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Carl gets home and finds his wife in his bed with another man. Needless to say, Carl comes unbolted! While he’s busy losing his mind, the other man creeps out of the window and runs for his life. Carl is torn between rage and heartbreak, but rage wins out. He grabs a rusty chain and wraps it around his wife’s neck, strangling the life from her.

So Carl had exhausted his rage with that one murderous act, and now the heartbreak sets in. Not only does he find that he’s incapable of living with the knowledge that his wife was screwing around on him, but now she’s dead, and by his own hands. He then grabs his gun and turns it on himself.

Most folks would think the story is over here right?! Well, those folks don’t know me very well now do they. This is where the story gets good!

So after the autopsy, funeral arrangements are made. For obvious reasons Pruitt’s wife’s family demand that Carl’s body be buried in a different cemetery far from their daughters remains. And so it came to be, Carl Pruitt’s remains were interred miles from his wife. When visitors came to Pruitt’s grave, they were confounded by what they found. The grass that covered his grave site was dying and something was happening to the head stone. After a while it became clear that there were discolorations in the headstone that seemed to form a chain.

With more and more curious visitors coming by to witness this odd phenomenon, it wasn’t long before some ass clown decides to vandalize Carl’s resting place, brilliant right?! Not so much!  Here’s what happened though, So this jackass group of boys ride their bikes to the grave site.  In attempt to impress his fucktard little friends, one of the boys throws a rock at the headstone and chips it. Yeah, they’re all laughing it up at this point, big bad bully broke a headstone.

So, feeling accomplished with their exhibit of bravery, the boys get on their bikes and head for home. Yeah, well one of them didn’t make it. It seems that the same one that threw the rock has some kind of freak accident where he ends up being strangled to death by the chain from his own bicycle.

Well, the rumors of Pruitt’s grave being haunted had already ran rampant throughout the region, so this unfortunate incident only fuels the fire. Everyone knew that Pruitt had murdered the boy from his grave! The boy had hardly been in his own grave for a week when his mother absolutely lost it! She was convinced that Pruitt had taken her son from her. So with tears in her eyes, and rage in her heart she grabs a nearby axe and marches to the cemetery to exact her revenge on Carl’s grave. Well, the next time she’s seen, she’s found hanging from her clothesline by her neck, it seems that she had become so entangled in the cords that she managed to strangle herself by hanging. Because of the circumstances, an investigation was opened, during the course of searching the property an axe was found covered in what appeared to be concrete dust, the edge was badly nicked and dented. When investigators went to check out Pruitt’s grave site, the stone was found intact and in perfect condition with the exception of the odd chain links that had somehow become etched into his tombstone.

So Pruitt’s grave has become taboo in this area, no one even wants to bring the topic up for discussion in fear that they too would meet some similar horrific fate. But as usual, whenever there’s a crowd, someone has to be an asshole. So one day a local farmer is driving his horse and buggy past the cemetery. In the buggy with him is his family. So I guess he decides to prove some kind of point about Pruitt’s legend. With no notice, he reaches down, grabs his rifle and shoots Pruitt’s headstone.

The sound of the unexpected gunshot spooks the horses and they start hauling ass. So now the buggy is out of control, the farmers family all jump to safety but the farmer stayed on trying to regain control of the buggy, it didn’t happen. Before the buggy crashes into some nearby trees he’s thrown from it, while in midair the reigns somehow managed to wrap around his neck, strangling him before the buggy settles from the impact.

So now everybody is talking about Pruitt’s cursed grave. The population was convinced that Pruitt was somehow causing these deaths from beyond his own grave. Yeah, I can kind of see why right, I gotta say, I’m thinking they may have been right!

So then these two local police officers catch wind of the stories. Laughing it all off as hogwash, these two morons with badges roll out to prove that the legend is all a hoax. So they each take photographs of each other standing by Pruitt’s headstone, I guess to show everyone how brave they were. Well, only one of them would survive to brag, however i find it highly unlikely that he did at all. So the two cops get back into their car and head back to town. As they’re leaving the cemetery the driver sees that there is a bright light following them, so he speeds up to get away, yeah that didn’t work. So as it goes, this guy is flooring it trying to get away when the car slides out of control. The passenger was ejected from the car and survived, the driver, not so much. So the driver is nearly decapitated at the crash. The car came to rest between two fence posts, the barbed wire fencing that had been strung between the posts was wrapped around his neck and in fact was all that was holding his head in place.

Later in the 1940’s most people in the area avoided the cemetery all together in fear that they’d somehow offend Pruitt and lose their own lives. Again there’s always this one asshole right? So this guy is sick of hearing the legend, he grabs a hammer and heads for the cemetery intent on destroying the tombstone. Passersby heard the sound of the hammer as it struck the stone marker, moments later the thuds were replaced by a blood curdling scream and then all went silent.

When people arrived to see what had happened, they found the man lying face down in front of the opened gate to the cemetery. The chain that normally was used to lock the gates was wrapped around his neck, he had strangled to death before anyone could reach him.

Shortly after this, the property was purchased by a local mining company. The graves were all exhumed and moved to other nearby cemeteries along with their head stones. Pruitt’s stone however was removed and then disposed of in an unnamed place. Since this happened, there have been no other occurrences concerning Carl Pruitt’s curse.


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Gulf Coast Fan Fest 2018

     This past weekend I had the honor of appearing at Gulf Coast Fan Fest 2018 as one of the guest celebrities.

This was one of the best organized and most fun events that I have attended all year!  That should come as no surprise as event owner/organizer, Mike Ensley, was at the wheel!  Mike is also the owner/organizer of Pensacon, another massive event held annually in Pensacola Florida.  He and his staff are fantastic to work with and they definitely know how to throw a party!

Since many of my fans & friends are not in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area, I wanted to share some pictures from the event.  I was fortunate to meet so many wonderful people while in attendance!

Celebrity Guests Photos

     This is a cool shot of myself and the AWESOME Mike Ensley, posing in front of Christine.

Horror fans will recognize her from Stephen King’s 1983 smash hit “Christine.”


     Mr. Felix Silla stopped by and chatted with us for a while.

Felix starred as Cousin Itt on the “Addams Family” series as well as Twiki on “Buck Rogers.”  Mr. Felix also had roles in the Towering Inferno, “Return of the Jedi,” “The Black Bird”, “The Hindenburg” and “Battle Star Galactica”.

     Big Johnny Blender’s friend Ming Chen of Comic Book Men stopped by to hang out with him.

Ming played a role in “Dogma” where he met up with actor Kevin Smith.  He and Kevin are now partners on the reality TV series “Comic Book Men” and they host a podcast called “Sell Comics” together.







     It was very cool to meet Dirk Benedict!

Dirk starred as Faceman on the TV series “A Team”.  He was also Starbuck on “Battle Star Galactica”. Dirk has also had roles on “Hawaii 5-0”, “Scavenger Hunt”, “Chopper One” and “Charlie’s Angels”.

     Sam Jones even stopped by to hang out with us for a while.  He’s a really cool guy!

Sam was the original “Flash Gordon”.  He’s also had roles in “10”, “Code Red”, “The A Team”, “Hunter”, “Riptide”, “Hardcastle & McCormick”, “The Highway Man”, “Stargate – SG1” and “Ted” I & II.







     And, one of the other MAJOR highlights of the event was getting to meet Mr. Ken Kelley!

Ken is a renowned artist that has created art for “Conan the Barbarian”,” Tarzan”, “The Castle of Frankenstein” and the magazine “Creepy & Eerie”.

He is also the album cover artist for KISS’s “Love Gun” and “Destroyer”, Manowar’s “Fighting the World”, “The Triumph of Steel”, “Louder than Hell”, “Gods of  War” & “The Lord of Steel” covers as well as Rainbow’s 1976 “Rising” cover.  Ace Frehley also commissioned Ken for his 2014 “Space Invader” album cover.

Ken is most well known for creating and depicting the “Vampirella” character.




More crazy cool pics from GCFF 2018























So, What’s next for the Twisted Southern Horror Queen & the “Adrian’s Fury Dragster”?

NIGHTRISERS CON in Elizabethtown KY!




















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Haunted History – The Castle Inn

the-castle-inn1The Castle Inn stands fully restored to it’s original glory at 1415 Prytania street within the Garden District of New Orleans.  The Inn was constructed on a site that had formerly been a plantation during the early 1800’s.  In 1848 a town home was constructed on the same property.  The home was owned by a prominent local business man who would die just a few short years upon the town homes’ completion.  In 1891 the property was purchased by Alva Schnitt, a German gentleman who was in charge of the New Orleans school district and the leader of a organization known as “The White Men’s League” somewhat similar in ideals to what we now know as the Ku Klux Klan.

Originally constructed as a gift to his new wife, Schnitt oversaw the construction of the three story mansion personally.  He too would succumb to some strange illness and would die in the home just a few years later.  The mansion would remain within his family until the onset of the 1920’s depression.  The financial burden of large New Orleans estates became too much for many to handle.  Some of these home owners, including the owners of this home, would convert the property into a transient rooming house.

The property would change hands several times until the 1950’s when purchased by the Allison family.  It would remain within their family until 1998 when purchased by Andrew Craig and Karen Bacharach who would upon renovations, rename the property The Castle Inn.

Several spirits are said to haunt the property some having a history with the original structure, others that are said to be connected to the properties which formerly graced the grounds.  One is said to be seen and heard most frequently.  A young girl that was said to have drowned in a pond that had been on the grounds of the plantation.  She reportedly enjoys shaking the beds to keep the guests awake at night.  There are claims that she touches female guests to get their attention.  She can be both seen and heard giggling as she frolics about on the grand staircase.

Another of the spirits is said to be a former paid servant who had resided in the quarters behind the mansion with the other slaves.  He is said to be light skinned and dressed in the finest clothes available in his era.  The Servant was said to be a flirt and a bit of a prankster.  He was know to drink heavily and was a smoker.  Legend states that he fell asleep while smoking in bed.  He was too drunk to escape the flames when his bed caught fire consequently, he perished on the grounds within the slave quarters.  Many say that this is why he haunts the mansion, the man felt that he did not belong with the slaves, but that he deserved to reside within the mansion itself.

There are other reports of a carriage driver that could have been associated with the town home owned by Schnitt.  He is said to appear on the front stoop as well as walking around in the surrounding neighborhood.

There have been many reports made of encounters experienced by guests.  Shaking beds, items disappearing and electrical devices turning off and on by themselves.  There was one report of a complaint that the ceiling fan would not turn off.  The “fan” was a dormant fixture, never wired to be used; its purpose was cosmetic in nature only.

Missing room keys were reported found inside a second floor microwave and reports of showers and faucets running while in the “off” position are common as well.  One guest claims that the spirit of the servant man had climbed in bed with her and was smoking a cigarette.  Others claim that they hear the sound of a music box playing.

The Castle Inn is a must for seekers of the paranormal.  Just blocks away from Mardi Gras parade routes and a short walk from the streetcars, the Inn should be added to your list if you plan on visiting new Orleans!

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H. H. Holmes – America’s first serial killer

H. H. Holmes – America’s first serial killer

Today we’re headed to Chicago, cause there’s a man, and his castle that I want to tell you folks about.  This dude was born with the name, Herman Mudgett, which kind of sounds like a Looney Tunes character, I guess he knew that, so he changed his name and became notorious while he was known as, Dr. Henry Howard Holmes.  And Dr. Holmes is said to be the United States very first serial killer.

howardAccording to a recent profile on Holmes, he was the son of a violent alcoholic Father, but apparently the abuse didn’t stop when he was at school.  Because his home life had made him anti social, his classmates tormented the hell out of him.  One time he was forced to stand face to face with a human skeleton when he had admitted that he was terrified of Doctors.  Yeah, the mold of a sociopath is born right!  So the despite all of this, he manages to graduate from the University of Michigan in 1884 get this, he graduates as a Doctor.

Even though he’d earned this prestigious title, Holmes was known to most as a swindler.  So it was no surprise that he decided to build an elaborate hotel at the site of the Colombian Exposition for the upcoming Worlds Fair.  From the outside, it was gorgeous, in fact on the inside it was even more elaborate but there was a lot going on here that the average guy doesn’t notice when they walk in.  Beneath the guise of this fantastic castle was nothing more than an elaborate prison designed to capture, torture and murder his unsuspecting guests.

holmes-hotel-plan-2So, the whole time this place is being built, Holmes would hire, and fire, crews before they finished their tasks.  This way he could both stiff them on their pay as well as ensure that he was the only person than knew the complex layout of his hotel.   There were stairs that led to nowhere, doors that opened to brick walls, doors that could only open from the outside and over 100 windowless rooms with some elaborate yet “unusual” features.

Now, it’s true that Holmes built the joint to cash in on the massive visiting crowds, but as we all know there was definitely a hidden agenda going on here!  and the modern decor of his hotel lured the vacationers into this deadly hotel in freaking droves.  These poor oblivious bastards had no clue of the carefully constructed traps that masqueraded as quiet, comfortable rooms.

hhcorpseHolmes christened the joint with personally invited guests and well, hookers.  They were like his guinea pigs in testing his devices and means.  Other than fulfilling his sadistic urges, there were always financial gains to be had.  So once he finishes tormenting, murdering and dismembering or burning his victims bodies, he robs them.  But sometimes he’d cut out a few internal organs and sell them to nearby medical schools or research laboratories.
I know it all sounds chaotic and macabre, well the macabre part is straight up, that’s for sure but as far as chaos, no way.  This sadistic bastard was as crazy as shit but he was meticulous and each murder was carefully orchestrated from start to finish.

castleSome of his victims were trapped inside a soundproof vault, or a luxury suite, whichever way you want to look at it.  Holmes had some rooms that had metal walls that were painted and trimmed then decorated with wall art and gas lights, once inside, the door could only be opened from outside.  They were screwed.  As they’re suffering through the pains of suffocation, Holmes looked on from specially designed peep holes.  As the oxygen was inhaled, carbon dioxide was exhaled.  They suffered with dizziness, panic and fear all while they lay convulsing.  Their last living moments were consumed with the question of why they were dying this way.

Others victims met their fate locked inside the very rooms they paid to stay in overnight, thinking they’d be safe there resting after spending the day at the fair, not so much….  When they’d return to the hotel to crash for the night, Holmes released gas from hidden lines inside the room, so the guests went to sleep then never woke up.

There were other rooms that were constructed with iron covered walls that actually had hidden blowtorches.   Yeah he’d torch the guests while he stood on the other side of the wall, peeking through those peep holes watching his victims slowly burn to death.  From there they’d be tossed down a hidden trapdoor that opened to a makeshift shaft which led to, the basement of course! In the basement are these two massive incinerators which erased all signs of his dirty deeds, or at least so he thought.

HOLMES_06In 1894, the police investigated a tip from a custodian of the hotel that led to Holme’s arrest. The janitor told the authorities that he was never allowed to clean the upper floors.  A month-long investigation revealed secret passageways and torture chambers.  These atrocities paled in comparison to the mound of human remains like, bones and hair that were found in the basement.  The walls, floors and ceilings were covered in dried blood. Based on the human remains, missing persons reports and testimony of hotel workers who saw Holmes escort women into the hotel but then were never seen leaving, it’s estimated that he killed around 200 people, mostly women and often blonde.  Wait! say what!

Holmes was found guilty of masterminding the horrific events and evil attacks that occurred inside the hotel’s walls, which had then earned the tag of “Murder Castle.”  He was sentenced to death, ya think!  He did his damnedest trying to lie his way out of it, but at the end, he did admit to 30 murders, even though we know there were way more, I guess standing in his shoes, what difference does it make, he’s gonna be a dead man too.

In response to his atrocities, he was quoted as saying, “I was born with the devil in me. I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than the poet can help the inspiration to sing…I was born with the evil one standing as my sponsor beside the bed where I was ushered into the world, and he has been with me since.”

hangH.H. Holmes was hanged on May 7, 1896.

Murder Castle suffered destruction from several unexplained explosions prior to Holmes’ death in an apparent attempt at an insurance scam. His partner, Mrs. Quinian, confessed to an un-awarded policy and the rest of the castle was demolished.

A Post Office was built on the site in 1938 and guess what! Folks start reporting paranormal activity!  Ghostly apparitions, strange noises and even reports that dogs will run across the street to avoid walking near the building.  Postal workers have reported hearing screams and cries for help, they believe are the tortured spirits of  Holmes’s victims.

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