Haunted History – The Whaley House

Greetings Daywalkers!  It’s Friday, you know what that means!  It’s blog day for your friendly neighborhood Creepy Chick!  I’m going to tell you all about this crazy haunted joint that the locals call, The Whaley House!

Let me roll out the history behind this bad boy so we can understand the paranormal madness that goes on there!



So, it’s 1852 when this tall, lanky dude rides in to San Diego.  Yankee Jim was a shady character to say the least.  It didn’t take him long to stir up enough trouble to where everybody in town knew exactly who he was. Even though old Jim was a nasty bastard, it’s not his character flaws that still have folks talking about him today.  Check this out Ya’ll:

This dude way overstayed his welcome.  The day finally came when the town-folk decided they’d had about enough of his bullshit.  Before he could sleep off the bourbon from the night before, he found himself locked up in jail, waiting to be hanged.  Yeah, this was going to turn into one hell of a hangover!

The judge that heard his case really didn’t have much choice in sentencing Jim to hang.  Everybody and their Grand Mama showed up, and they were all pissed.  They wanted to see a noose around this dude’s neck but, before he hung, they did at least arrange for the local priest to baptize him.  Meanwhile, across the street on a vacant lot that was conveniently adjacent to the local bone yard, the gallows were going up.  This pretty little lot had been the scene of more than a few such lynchings, both before, and after old Jim.

Well, the gallows were finished and it was time for a hanging.  The hangman leads old Jim to the back of a buckboard wagon then slides a noose around his neck.  Jim fought to keep his feet on the platform for as long as he could, but of course, his struggle was in vain. The wagon was pulled out from underneath him and he was hanging by his neck. There was a problem though.  No one had taken Jim’s height into consideration, the tips of his toes were touching the ground.  So, Jim’s primal instincts kick in and he fought for his life, which made the hanging take even longer.   Poor bastard looked like a ballerina dancing around on his tippy toes!

In the crowd, watching this madness go down, is a handsome young entrepreneur named Thomas Whaley.  He’s wearing a sly smile on his face.  His grin had nothing to do with Jim’s dilemma, it had everything to do with the vacant lot.  Two years later the slick dude has made one hell of a deal, and he bought the lot.  He starts planning to build the biggest and fanciest mansion in the area.

Now, Whaley may have been nice to look at but apparently he wasn’t all that bright.  The locals are warning him left and right that the lot was cursed by the wicked souls of the men that had been hanged there. Whaley didn’t listen, he just shook his head and went on with his plans.

By 1856 a grand Greek revival estate sat smack dab in the middle of where the gallows had once stood.  But even before the Whaley family moved in, there was some weird stuff going down in this house.  It seemed that there was a invisible squatter hanging out there.  Thomas even admitted that he’d heard the sound of heavy footsteps echoing through the hallways, yet no one was ever there.  He was convinced it was the ghost of Yankee Jim.

Pretty Boy was asking for it!  He’d actually designed the home to where the archway that separated the den from the dining room was the exact spot where Jim, and many others, had been hanged from the gallows.

Thomas’ wife Anna was quite aware of Jim’s presence too.  Every moment of every day she felt like she was surrounded by some unseen force while she was inside the home. There had been occasions where Anna actually saw Yankee Jim.  She described him as a terrifying giant of a man with huge evil eyes.  Anna, blamed Jim for all of the torments that she’d experience in this home.

In 1858, two years after moving in, her 18 month old son died from Scarlett fever.  After the sting of his death wore off a bit, it seemed that her daughter, Violet, would bring some joy into the household.  There was going to be a wedding!  Well, come to find out , the new husband was a con artist.  He ditches Violet on their honeymoon and disappears.

Violet comes home, maddened by depression. She turns into a recluse and hardly ever leaves the second floor of the home.  Not long after, Violet shoots herself in the chest with her father’s gun.

After Violet’s suicide, there was another tragedy.  The young Whaley kids were playing in the back yard with another little girl from the neighborhood.  They’re all running around like a bunch of heathens when all of the sudden, the little girl runs into a clothesline and breaks her neck.  She died there in the backyard.  She’s not alone though.  A few years later she acquired an eternal playmate when one of Thomas and Anna’s young grand daughters dies inside the house from swallowing poison.

Besides all the deaths that went down on this property, the house was actually used for other things besides the family residence.  At one time it was the Thomas Whaley general store.  It was also used as a courthouse, so there’s a little more emotional trauma.  And from trauma to drama, the upper level was once rented out to the Tanner Troupe Theater.  There was always something going on at this joint!  I’m surprised any of them saw ghosts at all with all this craziness going on!  Regardless, they did.  After the passing of Anna and Thomas, the house went on to other relatives, and for 150 + years the legends of all of these ghosts, including Yankee Jim, have endured to this day.

Chairs rock, chandeliers swing, doors open and close on their own.  Invisible fingers play melodic tunes on a piano that’s not even there anymore.  There are the sounds of cutlery against fine china, often accompanied by the aroma of fresh baked bread and pies.  The scent of Cuban tobacco and French perfume are ever present in the halls.

The activity isn’t limited to just humans.  The Whaley’s had a fondness for their pets.  “Dolly” the dog and “Winks” the cat have been spotted by numerous visitors.  Folks claim to see a small dog chasing a cat through the house and out into the garden.

Other visitors have heard the disembodied pounding of a gavel echoing through an unseen courtroom as an invisible judge hands down his sentence.  There’s laughing and music from back in the day that seeps from the walls of the upper level rooms.  The pitter-patter of tiny feet hauling ass down the hallway alternate with the clicking sounds of dainty high heeled shoes and the rustling of silk skirts.

Then there’s the legend of the “ninth step” which started when folks claimed to experience an overbearing pressure when they were ascending the stairs.  Some folks think it’s the remnants of Anna Whaley causing this odd vibe.  It’s been assumed that this was the spot where she was standing when she heard Violet’s self inflicted gunshot.

Thomas shows up sporting pantaloons with a frock coat and top hat.  He’s been seen standing at the top of the stairs.  Anna, is spotted in a green gingham gown sitting on the settee in the parlor, or sometimes walking around outside in the garden.  And of course there’s poor Violet who didn’t venture from the second floor after being dumped, yeah, she’s still hanging out there today.

Needless to say, there have been tons of paranormal investigations here, not many have left empty handed.  Each passing year only yields more evidence and documentation of Thomas and Anna, along with a lot of other tormented souls, are still making frequent appearances at the Whaley house.  After all, this is their home, and they show no signs of leaving.

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Urban Legend – The Wendigo

So, the Wendigo is said to a horrid un-dead creature with a insatiable hunger for human flesh. This walking nightmare is said to be a large and powerful beast that appears skeletally thin. It’s skin is jaundiced and it can be detected by the stench of decaying flesh that accompanies it. It has long jagged teeth with glowing eyes and long talon like claws along with super human strength and lightening fast reflexes and is known to mimic human voices to lure it’s prey. Sometimes the Wendigo will feast on it’s prey immediately, other times the beast is known to possess its prey, causing them to indulge in canibalistic activities.

Some believe that the Wendigo was once a human, someone that had either gone insane or one who indulged in cannibalism. The horrific legends of those having fallen victim to the Wendigo have existed for centuries, one of the most grisly stories was of a Native American man who’s name translates to “Swift Runner.” So, according to reports, Swift Runner wanders into a Catholic mission in early spring of 1879. This 200 pound monster of a man is gloating that he’s the only member of his family that survived the unusually brutal winter.

It was more than obvious to the missionaries as well as the villagers that Swift Runner had not known one day of starvation, when everyone else was puny and weak from having run short of food and supplies. How could this be? We’ll it wasn’t long before folks decided to find out for themselves. The village priests, suspecting something was definitely up, report Swift Runner to local police.

So the police show up at the family camp, they were horrified by what they found. The camp site was littered with scalps, bones and rotting human flesh. The report went into great detail, claiming that the larger of the bones found had been snapped in half and the marrow had been sucked from them.

At this point Swift Runner breaks down and confesses that he had been possessed by the Wendigo. He had survived the winter by eating his entire family! He later divulged all of the gory details to authorities, stating that most of them had been bludgeoned in the head with an axe. One by one he would dress out the bodies, claiming to have had a good hunt that day, he kept the others fattened by feeding them the meat of their now missing family member. All in all Swift Runner ingested 8 members of his family. His mother, brother, wife and five children.

Wendigo or not, Swift Runner was brought to justice, he was hanged at Fort Saskatchewan, the first man sentenced to death in Alberta for murder. Yeah, I know that 1879 was a long time ago, but check this out:

So, Tim McKlean was a carnival worker that had just finished a job at a fair in Alberta. He hops onto a Greyhound bus at midnight on July 30, 2008 on his way home to Winnipeg. McKlean takes a seat on the next to last row, near the bathroom.

At 6:15 the bus departs a stop in Erickson with a new passenger. 40 year old Vince Li boards the same bus, seating himself near the driver where he would remain until the next rest stop.

After this stop, Li takes a seat right next to McKlean, who hardly notices. McKlean has a headset on, music blaring in his ears as he leans his head against the window in attempt to sleep. Yeah, well he should have stayed his ass awake. Li goes bat-shit crazy, stabs him in the neck and chest then proceeds to decapitate him. Once his head was severed from his body, Li picks it up and displays it to the other passengers. By now the bus has skidded to a stop and the passengers are trampling each other trying to get the hell out of the bus and away from this mad man!

The driver and two other men try to apprehend Li, but he kicks it into a whole other gear of crazy and starts slashing away at them. So they do the same as the other passengers and leave the crazy dude on the bus alone with McKlean’s corpse. Li locks himself in the bus and returns to the body, he begins severing limbs and cutting large slices of flesh from his torso and legs. You know what he does with them right? Oh yeah, the buffet is open!

So thank God the driver had disabled the bus before running for safety. Just before the Royal Mounties arrived Li did try to escape by driving away. But there he was, trapped inside the bus with tactical units posted all around him, just waiting for the right moment. Well what else was there to do but put on a show for them. Li paces back and forth through the bus, displaying McKlean’s severed head while ingesting other pieces that he had carved from his body.

So at 1:30 a.m. on July 31st, Li decides he’s going to escape by shattering a window and fleeing the scene, yeah, not so much. He was tazored twice, hand cuffed and crammed into the back seat of the nearest cruiser. Investigators immediately begin gathering parts of McKlean’s body, tagging and bagging what could be retrieved. Back at the station, some poor bastard has just finished frisking Li. McKlean’s ears, nose and tongue were found in his pockets. Never found were his eyeballs or heart, it’s assumable the Li ate those, right?

So what happened to this Lunatic. Well, he has his day in court where he claims to have been told by the voice of God to kill McKlean, who had been corrupted by the evil spirit of the Wendigo. He stated further that he continued to mutilate McKlean’s body because he feared that he could somehow revive himself. Li believed that he was saving people who would have become victims of the Wendigo.

And, now, this wacko is back on the streets, yep that’s right he was released in 2017. Yeah, The Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board ordered his discharge, saying Li, now known as Will Lee Baker, does not pose a significant safety threat.

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The Jackie Hernandez Poltergeist

So between 1989 and 1990 this chick, Jackie Hernandez, became the victim of a sadistic and evil spirit. She was a young mother of two who had just recently ditched her old man and was trying to make a fresh start. She’d only been living in San Pedro for a few weeks, she was just beginning to settle in to a multiple job lifestyle, and she was struggling to take care of herself and her kids.

So there off the bat we’ve got emotional stress and trauma, the very fuel that feeds these evil little bastards right! Yeah, she’s working her ass off, she’s dealing with an asshole ex-husband and trying to take care of her kids. But, in the meanwhile she was making friends.

This one chick named Susan Castenada, who was her neighbor, offered to help her out by keeping the kids when she was able to snag extra shifts at work.

Well one night, Jackie comes home half dead from a double shift and goes to check on her kids. She opens the door slowly in hopes of not waking them up, when all of the sudden she has a “13 ghosts” kind of reality check. Sitting in the corner of the room across from her was this haggard and horrifying old man. He just sat there staring back at her with glowing and empty eyes.

So Jackie freaks the Hell out and hauls ass over to Susan’s house. Well, It took a while, but Susan finally manages to settle her down to where she can speak clearly enough to tell her what was going on. So, after Jackie manages to get the whole thing out, Susan figures either she’s delusional from working so many hours, or they’re dealing with some kind of restless spirit.

She suggested that Jackie reach out to a friend of hers, Dr. Barry Taff, and his team of paranormal investigators.

So, she did. But in the meanwhile the panic level is rising in this house, it’s like a pressure cooker. Jackie is terrified of whatever this spirit is that’s afflicting them and she’s also terrified that something could happen to her kids. The haggard old man has made several appearances by now, and there are of course, a barrage of other bizarre things happening. Well, Taff knew Jackie was desperate for help, so he gathered his team and they made her and her family a priority.

When Taff and his crew roll up to the house, he and two of his cameramen were met with a foul odor. The team spread out in search of the source but nothing was found. After a while, the stench vanished, just as quickly as it had appeared. So Taff and his team managed to settle in, And just a few minutes after they get their equipment set up, a loud series of banging starts up in the attic. So they’re all running around trying to figure out exactly where it was coming from, it was Jackie that found it was coming from the ceiling above her kitchen. This particular area had been a really active spot. Jackie informed Taff that she had seen the ghostly image of a severed head there before, at the same time she heard muffled disembodied voices.

So now that the hunt had apparently been spurred on by the spirit, Jackie figures it’s a good idea to start telling the investigators about some of the other crazy shit that’s going on there. She told them about her stuff that had been being thrown around by some unseen force, and then she starts telling them about this putrid goo that oozed from out of the walls on several occasions.

And with that, the team was off to start photographing the house.

Well folks, the shit starts hitting the fan right here. Two of the cameramen, Wheatcraft and Conrad, decide they’re going to go up to the attic to see if any one was home, right. They were only up there for a couple of minutes when Wheatcraft was attacked. Something snatched his camera from his hands and threw it across the room, and then whatever it was, shoved him down on his ass. After that, they decided to call it a night, but now, they were highly motivated to dive into this investigation and find out what little evil beastie was at the root of this mayhem!

So, on day two, this joint was rocking! This malicious spirit had come to the conclusion that Wheatcraft was gonna be his bitch. It nearly took him out too. Check this out: So, Wheatcraft and this other photographer named Gary Boehm, decide it was a good idea to go back up into the attic. Well, they get up there and Boehm looks over and sees Wheatcraft struggling, it looked like he was being strangled, and that’s because he was. This cord had somehow mysteriously managed to wrap itself around his neck. So, Boehm runs over and starts prying the cord rom off of his neck then helps him back downstairs. When he got to where he could talk again, he explained everything that happened to the rest of the team, then, Wheatcraft left the house, and never set foot inside it again.

So, in the meanwhile, Jackie’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown, She figures that all this madness wasn’t nearly as bad as living with the EX, so she goes back to the trailer park and moves back in with him. Now, keep this in mind, this is a good 300 miles north of San Pedro.

At first, everything seemed to have pretty much gone back to normal; Now, the paranormal investigation was still ongoing back at the house she’d been renting, she thought she’d left all that madness be behind her. She was wrong. It started up again, 300 miles away, in the trailer park!

So, this one afternoon Jackie was helping a neighbor store a TV in their shed, all of the sudden, the screen starts flickering and staring back at her from the tv was the image of the old man from the San Pedro house, and that was just the beginning. Then, loud bangs start coming from inside the shed, just like they had in the attic. Oh Joy! Right!?

So, a few days later, Taff, Wheatcraft, and Conrad head north for part 2 of their investigation. This time they start off with a séance which would allow Jackie to speak to her sadistic stalker. Taff and his team actually made contact! It identified itself as the ghost of a man that had been murdered in the San Pedro Harbor. It also informed them that several other spirits were haunting the area and Wheatcraft had been targeted, and attacked, because he looked like the man that had murdered him.

The ghost even admitted it had been using Jackie for her energy. And then immediately, Wheatcraft was attacked again by an unseen force, leaving him physically fine, but mentally traumatized. Let me just say this folks, if you’re a cupcake, don’t join a paranormal investigation team right!

So now Jackie’s thinking that she’s never going to get rid of this phantom ghost, so she starts talking her husband into moving. Yeah, that didn’t help, not even a little! This tormented entity had set root and was determined that he was going to be a part of their everyday life, no matter where they moved off to.

Jackie and her family moved several times over the next few years, and of course the paranormal activity moved with them but, things seemed to lessen with each new location. Eventually she settles back down in Los Angeles, now the madness did come with her but, it was nothing like what it had been before, and hell, by now this chick is used to it!

But, back at that little house in San Pedro, renters are moving in, and quickly moving right the hell back out. There are still ongoing reports of weird shit going on in that joint, most of it still seems to be coming from the attic.

So, at the end of this rather lengthy investigation, Dr. Barry Taff was convinced that the stalker ghost was the remnants of a man known as Herman Hendrickson, He was a 28-year-old man whose body was discovered floating face down in the harbor in March of 1930. His death had been ruled an accident by the Los Angeles Police Department, but if you recall, the spirit said he’d been murdered by a man that resembled Wheatcraft. So that explains his rage and unrest.

Taff also thought the ghost of the haggard old man may be that of John Damon who originally built the home and looks to still be hanging around there.

Many of Taff’s cases involved clients who have suffered emotional distress and recent mental trauma. This may be the most famous such story, but as we already know, this is a common occurrence with most poltergeist cases. Taff concluded that Jackie’s emotional distress, at that time in her life, helped contribute to the power of the hauntings.

Since the onset of the ghostly insanity, Jackie is feeling better about things. She’s gained an understanding of how these things work, so she’s struggled to maintain a sense of safety and calm, which in turn has forced her spiritual stalkers to weaken their hold on her. Jackie and her family say they have put the haunting behind them and moved on with their lives.

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Australia’s haunted May Day Asylum

Imagine yourself taking in the rolling hills of Beechworth, Australia. So you’re riding along enjoying the gorgeous view and all the sudden you see this dilapidated old building. Yeah, that’s the old May Day Lunatic Asylum.  Back in the day, it was one of the largest nut houses in Australia. This joint was home to the crazies for 128 years, until it closed its doors in 1995. Now, the only crazies you’ll find there are the ones with no pulses, and the folks like me and you that would go looking for them!

So, May Day was pretty much like any other institution of its kind back in the day. All it took was for Mom and Dad to get fed up with that unruly kid, drive them out to May Day, sign a piece of paper and leave their ass there. It was just that easy. So let’s say, that if a wife wanted to get rid of her old man, all she had to do was grab some other relative, tie his ass up and throw him in the car, or buggy or what ever, and drag him over to the nut house, problem solved!

The first thing that would happen once you were signed in was an intrusive interview by the ward physician, just to see what brand of crazy you were. Well, imagine being dragged in there unwillingly, you’re already pissed off and now you’ve got “Poindexter” sitting across from you psychoanalyzing you. Yep, they’d wind up locking me up in the “bat shit crazy wing” Cause I would be going off!!

But, also put yourself in the shoes of an autistic person, an epileptic or a stroke victim or something like that, imagine the outcome of that interview and where you’d be housed among the lunatics that were there because they really needed to be. Needless to say, once you checked in, it wasn’t likely you’d be leaving without a toe tag, if they did that back in the day. If the crazies didn’t get your ass, the electroshock therapy or other screwed up medical procedures aimed at “fixing your issues” like say, lobotomies, would.

Yeah, those are pretty typical features of an asylum that was in operation back in those days, but here’s something that I’ve never run across before. There was this really cruel feature there that was known as “Ha-Ha walls.” The Ha-Ha wall was like a 10 – 12 ft wall built on the side of a trench. If you were standing a few yards away from it, it looked like you could just step over it and get the Hell out of there.  But, as you got closer, the ground started on a decline.  By the time you got to the wall, you were looking up at the top of it. No one ever escaped there by climbing a wall.

So it’s no wonder, then, that this place is crazy haunted! One of the most frequently seen ghosts there is that of a woman named Matron Sharp. She was a nurse there, one of the few folks that showed compassion to the inmates. She was known to sit with folks and try to comfort them while they were waiting for their electroshock sessions.

She appears in an old fashioned grayish dress, apparently common to the nursing staff at that time. Folks have seen, and photographed her coming down a set of stairs and turning into a nearby room where she immediately disappears. That’s the room where she’d sit with those poor bastards waiting for their next session of “electroshock therapy”

In this same general area, where Matron Sharp is seen, there’ a room called the reaction hall.  That’s where the patients were allowed to play games, act in plays, sing and whatever else it is that crazy folks do to recreate. There are 2 ghosts that are commonly encountered in this room. One is a old man that is always seen staring out of the window. The other is the spirit of a young girl who materializes, and acts like she’s desperate to communicate with you, but before anything can be said, or heard, she disappears.

In the kitchen you may run in to Tommy Kennedy. He was actually a well liked patient there that was given a job working in the kitchen. Folks today will tell you that they’ve had a run in with him after they’ve felt someone, or something, tugging on their clothes or poking them in their ribs.

There’s other patients and doctors that have been seen there as well. Like this one chick that got shoved out of an upper level window because the other inmate wanted her cigarettes. The big problem was that the chick was Jewish. That meant that her body couldn’t be moved until a Rabbi had seen to her. Well, that took a few days, so in the meanwhile, the dead chick is just laying on the ground outside the front of the building. Today, some folks claim that they still see her there, others claim that they’ve seen a reflection in the window from where she fell, but nobody knows if it’s her or the tramp that pushed her.

Then there’s the Grevilla Wing, that was where patients actually had their electroshock therapy. Folks that have walked through that area will tell you that it stays as cold as ice and you can frequently hear the sounds of patients screaming, and see swarms of orbs darting erratically down the corridor.

And according to one spooky legend, even the garden is haunted by loyal gardener.  This dude was named Arthur, who was always wearing a green wool coat, summer, winter, didn’t matter, Arthur had that coat on. When he died, the nurses found out why–Old Arthur had stashed about 4 years of his wages in the lining of that coat. Arthur is seen still today, wandering the overgrown and unkept grounds of the asylum, and he’s still wearing that green coat.

Other visitors have claimed to hear the sounds of children laughing and playing, even though the grounds were deserted. This one chick had brought her 10 year old son along on a ghost tour. The kid started talking to himself a few minutes after the tour started, so his mom asks him why he was talking to himself, because it was annoying as hell. The kid tells her that he’s not talking to himself, he’s talking to a boy that used to live there, and his name was James. When one of the other folks on the tour took a random photo of something else in the room, this chicks son was in the frame, and right there beside him, was a big bright orb, apparently, James.

Now we talked about the Ha Ha walls earlier, and I did say that no one ever escaped by climbing over them right. I didn’t say that no one ever tried. There’s this one grisly tale about a missing patient, this dude had just disappeared, The hospital staff searched every inch of the facility and grounds looking for him, eventually, they just gave up and wrote him off as an escapee, but that’s not what happened.

One day the resident dog, Max, shows up at the guard house at the front gate and he’s macking down on something. So the guard goes over to see what Max has in his mouth. He looks down and sees a human leg. So, the search for the “escaped” inmate kicks back up again, eventually they found him, or what was left of him, decomposing in a tree near the ha ha wall. He’d been up there long enough to where he was so rotten that his leg had fell off of his body.

So, If you find yourself over in that area of Australia, check the joint out, it is open to the public and there are tours, and you don’t even need anyone’s signature to get in these days!

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Belle Gunnes: Psycho Bitch – Serial Killer

When we hear somebody say “Serial Killer,” our twisted little minds typically drum up Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, Ed Gacy or Dennis Radar, notice anything there folks? All men. Well I got news for ya, not all of these vicious murderers were men! I’m going tell you about a twisted female serial killer named Belle Gunnes. This chick was one of the most shrewd, cold-hearted, female serial killers that I have ever researched. I’m kind of envy her vicious skill set!

Belle was born in Norway in 1859.  Not much can be found about her younger years, other than the fact that she was raised in poverty on a small farm. In 1878, something must have snapped in old girl. Legend said that she worked herself to the bone for three years to turn her little farm into a booming business.  At the end of that 3 years, she’d been more than successful.  She then sold everything that she owned and went off in search of new life.

In 1881 she changes her name and headed for the United States. She winds up settling in the Mid-West. During her early days in Chicago, Belle ran a “baby farm” – kind of a pseudo foster care situation – out of her house. A record number of babies, 21 in all, mysteriously disappeared while in her care. To this day, no one is entirely sure what happened to them. They may have been murdered or sold to the highest bidder.

After that, in 1884, this twisted tramp snagged herself a husband. The lucky guy, Mads Sorenson. He was head over heels for this chick, he’d do anything that she wanted, without question. Within their first year of being married, Belle talked Mads in to opening a little candy store. They dumped a ton of cash into the business but it just didn’t take off like she thought it should have. So, sometime within the first year that the little store was open, it mysteriously burns to the ground.

So Belle and Mads pocket the insurance money, go off and buy a new family home. While they lived in this home, their family participated in the census. Records show that at that time, Belle, Mads and their 4 children were living there. But it wasn’t long after, that 2 of the 4 kids die from acute colitis, we think. I say that because the symptoms of colitis are very similar to being poisoned.

Just a short while after these two kids drop dead, Mads croaks from something that kind of resembled a heart attack. That was on July 30th 1900. Belle stated that he’d been feeling ill so she’d given him some “medicinal powders” to relieve his suffering. Yeah, your eyebrows raised yet, well if they’re not, listen to this: Mads dropped dead on the only day that both of his life insurance policies overlapped. Coincidence? Yeah, I seriously doubt it! As a matter of fact, so did Mads family. In fact, they had become more than a little bit suspicious that Belle was behind all of this death!

So, folks are starting to look at her funny, and she’s feeling the walls closing in around her. Belle takes the insurance pay off, from both policies, and gets the Hell out of town. It wasn’t long before she landed in LaPorte Indiana where she “just happened” to run into an old friend by the name of Peter Gunnes. Gunnes, who’d been married when they first met, was now a widower too. He was elated to find out that Belle had moved into town, and now having a few more things in common, he was eager to hook up with her.

Gunnes’ wife had died during childbirth and this poor dude was struggling to take care of an infant and another young daughter. Well it was Belle to the rescue right! Poor bastard! So, yeah, in 1902, Belle snags another husband, but the honeymoon didn’t last. Only weeks into the marriage the infant turns up dead while Belle had been taking care of it. Poor Peter was heartbroken, but he wouldn’t be for long, cause he turns up dead just a few months after the infant.

Well, this time there was an investigation because the circumstances looked kind of funky to everyone around. Belle’s statement on Gunnes was that he had knocked a pot of brine off of the stove on himself while reaching for his slippers. When he fell to the floor the sausage grinder fell off of the shelf and hit him in the head. Yeah, I know it sounds like bullshit, but regardless, she got away with it, and, she got paid again thanks to the life insurance policy.

Well, the authorities may have bought in to her explanation but the Gunnes family, not so much. They’re watching this tramp like a hawk. And, not quite a year later, Gunnes’ brother took custody of his only remaining child.

So, Belle’s single again and she’s on the prowl.  But after all these “suspicious” deaths, nobody in the area is crazy enough to start dating Belle, and there wasn’t any matchmakers.com back in the day either! Well, she may have been crazy but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t smart. Old girl starts running personal ads in all of the major MidWest newspapers. The ad stated that she was a “comely widow” and that “Triflers” need not apply. Old Belle wasn’t looking for no trifling man, she wanted a man with money!

Believe it or not, men actually started to respond to her ad! The first one that showed up was a man named John Moe from Minnesota. He shows up with enough money to pay off Belle’s mortgage as a show of good faith. What a dumb-ass! That’s alright though, he wouldn’t stay stupid long, because he mysteriously disappears about a week after he arrived on her doorstep.

The next dumb bastard to answer the ad is definitely the smartest out of the bunch. George Anderson from Missouri came to court Belle. During their first dinner together Belle brought up the issue of her, now fictional, mortgage. Anderson agreed to pay it off if she’d marry him. So, she agreed. Well, later that night, Anderson was asleep in the guest bedroom. He wakes up in the middle of the night to see Belle hovering over his face while holding a candle. He later stated that the expression on her face was so sadistic, that he actually screamed when he saw her. Well, when he screamed, Belle hauled ass, and so did Anderson. As soon as he could get dressed and gather most of his clothes, he ran from the house straight to the train station. Anderson left town, and never came back for the rest of his belongings, and never contacted Belle again. So, that makes Anderson the only intended victim of Belle’s that would survive her murderous plotting.

Now, with all of that said. I’ve seen a photograph of Belle, “comely” isn’t exactly the word that I would use to describe her. This bitch was butt ugly! I mean beat the Hell up with the ugly stick, ugly! So, in knowing that, imagine this haggard bitch standing over you in the middle of the night with her face lit by candle light. I bet Anderson had nightmares for years. That poor dude probably needed some intense counseling.

But apparently there were a lot of men back in the day that had an ugly chick fetish. So, on to the next idiot that responds to the ad. His name was Ole Budsburg, he was from Wisconsin. Budsburg was an elderly widower, Loneliness just got the best of him I guess. Anyway, he was last seen alive at the LaPorte savings bank on April 6 1907, and guess what he was doing there! I’ll tell you! He mortgaged his property back in Wisconsin, leaving the bank with several thousand dollars in his pocket.

Back at home in Wisconsin, Budsberg’s two sons had no idea where there Father had disappeared off to, so they’re freaking out! Well, they start doing a little investigating and eventually they found out that he’d answered Belle’s ad. I guess they got one good look at her picture and became more that a little concerned. So, they decide to write Belle a letter to see just what the Hell was going on. A few weeks later they get a letter back from Belle, she tells them that she’s never met their father. Yeah, you got it, he disappeared too!

There were tons of idiots that answered this ad, and none of them were ever seen again. Belle’s farm house was like a fortress, the doors and windows were always locked and the curtains drawn shut. Other than the idiots that answered her ads, the only company she ever had were the delivery men that came to fill her recurring orders for massive trunks. Nevertheless, Belle was never lonely for very long.

The last of her victims was Andrew Heelgeleen from South Dakota. Belle must have worked him hard too because there were a ton of letters sent back and forth between the two of them before he ever came face to face with her. The last letter between them was the one that hooked him and reeled him in. In the letter Belle writes: “My heart beats in wild rapture for you, My Andrew, I love you. Come prepared to stay forever.” Yeah, she wasn’t playing either, she meant every word of it, especially the “plan to stay forever” part! So anyway, Heelgeleen shows up at her doorstep, and guess what! A week later he’s missing!

Now through it all there stands 1 man. No, not the one that got away, Belles farmhand, Ray. Ray was secretly infatuated with Belle. What is it with all these men digging this ugly chick! That says a lot about Ray, now doesn’t it? This dude did any and everything that Belle ever asked of him. This poor defective bastard would sit back in the shadows being eaten alive by jealousy every time a new dude answered her ad.  But he’d always get his taste of revenge, trust me. Well, eventually, there came a day when Belle decided that Ray’s mental instability was a risk to her livelihood. When she fired him in 1908 he went stark raving mad!


So in the meanwhile, Heelgeleen’s family was becoming suspicious, just like all of the others had. Two of his brothers start tracking him down. Eventually they show up in town and start asking questions. We’ll apparently these dude’s families weren’t the only one’s that were suspicious of Belle. More than a couple of folks suggested that they go out to her farm and have a little conversation with her. So they did, several times. They interrogated her with a barrage of questions and accusations every time. But Belle always seemed to have some lame-assed explanations or excuses in response. Well, these two brothers weren’t buying her bullshit. They knew that she wasn’t telling them everything she knew about their brother’s disappearance.

Again, Belle starts feeling the walls closing in on her. So, one afternoon she goes into town and has a new will drafted. In this will she names her remaining kids as the sole heir to her estate. Well, that’s a fairly normal thing to do right? Yeah, but a few weeks later, her farm mysteriously catches on fire. Her newly hired farm hand wakes up in a house full of billowing smoke. He jumps from the second floor window and dies. Her children were unable to escape, they perished in the flames.

Now, Belle, was ugly as hell, but she was smart as a whip. She’d started filing false reports about Ray since the day she fired him. Poor bastard!  She’s starting to shift all of this madness on to him and the dude “supposedly” knows nothing about this latest deadly tragedy. In these reports Belle stated that he was a threat to her and her family. So now, with a fabricated trail of threats filed by her, the house has burned to the ground and supposedly, no one has survived, including her. Needless to say, there was an investigation.

Authorities are sifting through the ash and rubble that was her farmhouse. The bodies of her children were recovered along with the decapitated body of a woman. Now, there was no way that this body belonged to Belle, it was of average height and weight and Belle stood 6 feet tall and weighed somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 pounds. But here’s the kicker, even though the woman’s body was missing its’ head, a set of teeth were found and identified. Belle’s dentist testified that the teeth were hers as he had done some extensive gold plating on Belle’s damaged teeth.

So, poor heartbroken Ray is arrested and charged. Well, they find the poor bastard guilty of arson and murder, but just after his conviction he becomes ill. On his death bed Ray starts talking. He admitted to a Priest to having been an accomplice in many of the murders that Belle committed. He even revealed her instrument of choice. Ray stated that Belle would poison the men’s coffee. When they passed out, she would cave in their head with a meat chopper. Belle would then drag their bodies downstairs to her basement and dismember them. Ray would then help her gather the pieces and haul them out to the pig pen. He even stated that he’d been watching on the day of the fire. He claimed to have witnessed Belle as she hacked off the head of her new maid and dressed the body in her own clothes before setting the house on fire. He admitted that he saw her leave, and she never even glanced back over her shoulders at the mayhem she left behind.

With Ray’s dying breath, he insisted that Belle was still alive out there somewhere. It’s believed that this chick murdered between 25-40 people, but authorities had only been able to identify the remains of 12 after they’d been recovered from the pig pen. Footnote here folks, just in case you ever need to know, Pigs can consume a human body in under 8 minutes, just putting that out there. Anyway, prior to the fire, Belle had withdrawn all of her money from the bank.

In 1931 a woman named Esther Carlson was arrested in Las Angeles after poisoning a man for money. Some people that had known Belle in the past, identified her and Esther Carlson as the same person. But there would be no justice for her victims. “Esther” became ill and died while she was in jail awaiting trial.


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Haunted History – The Myrtles Plantation

So, If you’ve never heard about the Myrtles Plantation, don’t sweat it, I’m fixing to school you and then you’ll know just about everything there is to know when I’m done with you!

Let’s start at the beginning, that was in 1796 when General David Bradford, aka “Whiskey Dave” of the Whiskey Rebellion, decides to buy a 650 acre land grant from Baron de Corondelet. Bradford had actually landed in the area after he fled the United States to avoid arrest and imprisonment for his involvement in the Rebellion. At that time, Bayou Sarah, where this land grant was, was still a Spanish colony. But just a little foot not here folks General Bradford was pardoned later on down the road by President John Adams.

So now he’s got this massive land tract and he’s out of reach of the authorities that wanted to see him hang, so he’s all good. But it wasn’t gonna stay that way, Bradford starts construction on his main house and here is where it begins. So the workmen are digging out for the foundation when they unearthed an old Indian burial ground. Bradford did the way wrong thing. Instead of relocating the site, cause, he has like 650 acres, he orders his workers to burn the remains and keep working, and so they did. This marked the beginning of some hard times for Bradford as well as kicking off over 200 years of hauntings that are still being witnessed to this day.

After this, illness strikes his workers, one obstacle after another arose during the construction of the main house and out buildings. HE was bleeding cash, fighting with the workers then going home to fight with his wife. Then tragedy struck, one of his sons fell into the nearby river one day while working on the estate, his body was never recovered.

So when Bradford got word that President Adams had pardoned him, he was more than ready to get the hell off of that land grant in Bayou Sarah. So he snatches up his wife Elizabeth and their remaining 5 kids and they moved back to Pennsylvania. Bradford knew he had a career in politics sitting there waiting for him. So he went for it full throttle and wound up being appointed Deputy attorney-general for Washington County.

In the meanwhile The mansion was still in his name but in 1820 his son in law, Judge Clarke Woodruff, talked him into selling it to him. The Woodruff era of ownership is responsible for producing one of the Myrtles’ most well known ghosts; a young Creole slave girl named Chloe.

So Woodruff, had the eye for Chloe from day one. He’d flirt with her in private and needless to say, she didn’t shy away from him. Chloe fell head over heels for Woodruff, which made her kind of obsessed with taking care of his kids and his home, and of course things progressed and she soon took the position as his Mistress. Well, she eventually convinces him to move her in to the house so she could take better care of the children. Well that was just dumb as hell in the first place, moving your mistress in to your house with your wife, he was asking for it.

Well Chloe kept a close eye on everything that went on in that house and as she became more involved in his every day life, she forgot to slow her role. Chloe starts eavesdropping on conversations and peeking around at inopportune moments. The problem was that she wasn’t very good at it. She got cold busted more than once and Woodruff was tired of scolding her. Chloe was becoming a problem, it was obvious that she was gunning for a higher position than Mistress. Well, one night some of Woodruff’s influential friends pop in one evening. They’re all sitting around the parlor talking about politically sensitive stuff and all of the sudden the conversation starts getting heated. One of them storms out of the parlor door and catches Chloe with her ear to the wall. She left Woodruff with no other choice but to punish her in front of them. He ordered her left ear cut off and banished her from working inside of the house.

So, Chloe is just devastated that he punished her so brutally. Her heart was absolutely broken. She took a few days to lick her wounds then started plotting on how she could work her way back into the house. She decided to bake a cake laced with poisoned herbs, but she didn’t have intentions on killing anyone, she only wanted to make them sick. IF the children came down ill surely she’d be allowed back into the house to take care of them. Well, we already know that she wasn’t good at sneaking around and apparantly she wasn’t much on baking either because she used a little more poison than she should have, the cake was lethal. Woodruff’s wife Elizabeth and two of his kids died from it.

So now Chloe is beside herself, she loved these kids too, the wife, not so much but definitely the kids. And it was killing her to see Woodruff in so much pain and her knowing that she was the one that caused it. The guilt was eating her alive and her heart was broken beyond repair. Days turned into weeks and Chloe couldn’t bear the guilt any longer, she goes to Woodruff and confesses everything. Woodruff ordered her to be hanged from one of the massive Oak trees that was just outside the front of the mansion. When Chloe was dead, her body was weighted down and thrown into the Mississippi River.

Woodruff and his last remaining child packed up and moved to Covington Louisiana, he sold the mansion in 1834 to Ruffin Gray Sterling. Sterling and his wife did a massive remodel the homestead. When they finished, it was nearly double in size and then became, what we know now as the 11,000 square foot Myrtles Plantation.

The Sterling era would bring on even more of apparitions that are frequently still seen here. Just four years after they wrap up the remodel, Sterling dies from Consumption. And believe it or not, that was probably a good thing for him because in the following years, 5 out of their 9 children also died, from varying causes. Only 4 of them lived long enough to get married.

During this time, it was just the family that was falling on hard times, the Plantation was suffering along with them This was during the Civil War era, the Myrtles, along with many other plantations in Southern Louisiana, fell victim to looting by rogue soldiers. But, a lot of these thieving bastards lost their lives by charging onto the Myrtle’s estate grounds. The family and slaves were well armed and they knew how to protect their property. It was during one of these attempted looting sprees that Sterling’s son-in-law, William Winter, was shot on the front steps went he met face to face with some hostile soldiers in attempt of defending his family and home. He crawls back into the house and halfway up the stairs, where died in the arms of his frantic wife.

So now that you know a little bit about the Myrtles’ history, I’m going to tell you about some of the creepy things that go on around there.

Many guests have reported losing just 1 earring while visiting the Plantation. Later on, various earrings will turn up in weird places, Most of the time they’re discovered by the staff while they’re cleaning and organizing. No doubt that this is the work of Chloe because she only needs the one earring right!

There are also reports of bloodstains on the parlor floor which will appear and disappear when they feel like it. But, when it shows up, no matter how much the floor is cleaned, the stains won’t budge. These stains are said to be a bloody reminder of the spot where some Union soldiers met their demise while they attempted to loot the mansion during the Civil War.

Then there’s an apparition that’s seen frequently on the stair case, (his reflection can be seen in the mirror) and at some times, the sound of his footsteps can be heard as he descends the stairs. This misty figure is described as a man, dressed in his Sunday best. Some folks suspect the apparition to be remnants of William Winter who died in his wife’s arms on those very steps.

Chloe is seen frequently around the mansion and the grounds, and sometimes she’s spotted hanging from the very limb from where Woodruff had her hanged. There is pretty well circulated photograph of a female apparition, that appears to be a young slave girl, that’s just standing in between two buildings on the property. This photograph has been researched and debunked by many well-known paranormal investigators. National Geographic has even used it in their documentary of the Myrtles’ Plantation. It was also researched by Mr. Norman Benoit, who performed a shadow density test. He concluded that all of the physical measurements of the apparition were of human dimensions and proportions. The circumference of the head, the length of the shoulder to the elbow and the length of the elbow to the wrist were all indicative of a human.

The ghosts of children are often captured in photographs all around the interior of the Plantation, as well as it grounds. So many children have died on this property it would be quite difficult to accurately identify any one of them. And too, back in the day, records were not kept on the slave population. Considering living conditions and waves of rampant plagues during these eras, there is no way for anyone to know exactly how many people passed away on this property over the past 212 years. There is a photograph that was taken by a teacher on a school field trip. There’s a ghostly figure of a little girl in the window, she seems to be looking directly into the camera and smiling.

Both current and past owners and staff have reported these mysterious hand prints on mirrors and windows for centuries. The infamous mirror which hang near the staircase is a prime target. Previous owners have gone as far as replacing the actual glass to rid themselves of the nuisance, but to no avail; the hand prints would only return.

The Myrtles have been visited and investigated frequently through time, reports range from the inconspicuous to the insane. Guests have had many encounters with the ghostly inhabitants. Many items have gone missing and some overnight guest complain of their difficulties in getting out of their beds in the mornings after having been tucked too snugly into their sheets, while they were asleep.

The Myrtles offers guided tours and is currently in operation as a bed and breakfast where many paranormal enthusiasts have conducted their own private investigations. So, if you’re planning a trip to the deep south any time soon, may I suggest that you book a room at the Myrtles but do it way in advance like, 6 months in advance because this little haunted joint stays packed with both the living, and the dead!!

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Haunted History – The Mortuary

So, there’s this mortuary that I want to tell you guys about. New Orleans hosts one of the greatest haunted houses in the nation, it’s actually called the mortuary, but what many folks don’t know, is that this commercial haunted house really was a mortuary, and it really is haunted. So it’s like a twofer, a haunted house in a haunted house! What kind of madness is this!

So the original mortuary was built at 4800 Canal street in 1872 by the Slattery family. By 1880 Mary and John were living in the property with their 6 kids and another couple. This already sound like a nightmare to me! The property was already surrounded by tombstones, to the left was a Jewish cemetery, in the rear was another cemetery and two blocks away was the Metairie cemetery, and Mary thought that the property would be the family estate that would house generations of her offspring throughout the years, really!? That chick was as twisted as I am! I guess she thought she’d never have to worry about having to hear the neighbors arguing, I can see the logic there!

Well, in 1905, Mary and her youngest daughter died, they were victims of the yellow fever epidemic. The property was then purchased by PJ McMahon and sons, a larger more commercialized funerary service. Several additions and improvements were added to the home, turning the property into a full service establishment. By 1959 they had added an elevator in the garage in order to move the dead bodies without prying eyes watching on, Smoking parlors were added for the men and for the women, private lounges were set up. Extra bedrooms were added on the second floor for grieving families and there were even public dining rooms.

Behind the scenes the mortuary was equipped with an autopsy room, an embalming room, a cold storage area for holding the corpses and it’s own crematorium. And for the business side there was an internal florist and a casket store. This sucker was so massive that it hosted over 20,000 funerals per year and was capable of holding 8 separate services at the same time. So as you can imagine this joint is haunted BIG TIME!

In the 1980’s PJ McMahon and sons sold out to a larger conglomerate, who in just a short while realized that the 14000 sq foot mortuary was just too much for them to keep up. In 2004 the Neil Corporation purchased the property with intentions of renovating and turning it into a day spa, really?! Anyway, half way through the project, Neil corp unexplainably pulls out and shortly thereafter in 2007 Jeff Bourn purchases the property with intentions on converting it to the largest haunted house in the south!

So I’m gonna tell you about some of the most prominent ghosts seen within the halls of the mortuary.
The real ones that is! So, there is a female ghost that haunts the top floor of the building. She’s often seen crying, assumably over the passing of her husband.

There is a man in a dark suit wearing a top hat that appears whenever someone is disrespecting the surrounding cemeteries. Now on a side note here folks, the cemetery that he is most particular about was constructed in the 1840’s. There is a lack of pathways and many of the headstones lay directly on top of each other. It’s nearly impossible to walk through the cemetery without stepping on a grave or straddling a headstone. My guess, this ghost makes frequent appearances.

There are also the ghosts of children that romp playfully through the entire building. They can be heard running around and giggling, it’s also said that they are known to play tricks on the living.

Downstairs, in the morgue, the spirit of a past mortician can be seen busy at work. He seems completely unaware when he is noticed by the living.

There are, of course, many other ghost that make their appearance within the walls of the mortuary. Some are seen as shadow figures, some as orbs. There are voices heard, some in whispered conversation others in sorrowful mourning. Also accompanying these sounds are footsteps, knocking and slamming of doors. Furniture is known to slide violently across the floor and many objects have been flung at guests by unseen hands. There are also more physical accounts, investigators that have been grabbed, slapped and shoved to the ground.

Imagine the emotions that stain the very ground that this colossal improvement sits upon. I would think that if the building would one day be removed, it would make no difference to the spirits that call this property home. There had been too much trauma unleashed in the area, not just within the mortuary itself but consider the tears shed on the million plus graves that have, and still to this day, surround the property!

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