Let’s Talk Dahmer!

We talk a lot about serial killers, and of course one of the most sadistic of these bastards was Jeffrey Dahmer. This psycho was so deranged that even Satan himself likely finds him offensive. I’m not sure that there’s even a place for this dude in Hell!

Well a couple of weeks back the Oxygen network did an exclusive 2 part documentary on Dahmer, and all kinds of macabre shit came to surface. I watched both segments and actually learned a few things that I didn’t know!

We already know that Dahmer murdered a total of 17 young men, 1 of which he confessed to, but was never convicted of, due to lack of evidence. But that’s ok, in the end he was sentenced to over 930 years in jail, at the time there was no death penalty, in which Dahmer himself said that he deserved.










As with all serial killers, there were signs early on. But this dude was basically built in a chemical lab.  His biological mother suffered from mental disorders herself, this chick was eating 27 prescription drugs every day while she was pregnant with Jeff.  After he was born, she seldom touched him unless it was to feed him, change a diaper or pose for a picture, and she’d come unglued if anyone else touched him. That my friends laid a solid foundation to create the monster that he became.

Dahmer, as with many other serial killers, appeared from the outside to be a normal kid, at a young age he became obsessed with road kill, again, just like other serial killers. During his teenage years his biological parents were divorced, Jeff’s mother was given custody. Well, this crazy bitch runs off with his younger brother, abandoning Jeffrey in an empty house with nothing more that a gallon of spoiled milk in the fridge. Jeff went to live with his Father and step mother for a while. Now these folks were devout Christians, and did their best to raise him in a loving environment. But again, just like other notorious serial killers Jeff had an extremely high IQ, and he had everyone suckered. No one that knew him could possibly suspect the sick shit that wracked this mad man’s mind. It was around this time when he admitted that he’d attempted his first murder, he was 15.

He was infatuated with a man that jogged through their neighborhood every day. Jeff made his mind up that he was going to kill him, not out of anger or spite, but because he wanted him. He took a baseball bat and hid in the woods, waiting for the man to pass by, that day, the jogger didn’t show. Jeff abandoned acting out his morbid desires for another couple of years after that.

By 1978 he was starting to let his crazy slip out. He was acting up in school and drinking heavily, and openly.  One of the people interviewed was a woman that attended high school and college with him, she stated that he would often show up to class with a drink in his hand and that he hung around his locker a lot drinking. Everyone was aware, no one reacted. Well it got to be too much for his family to handle, and Jeff was 18 by then, they kicked him out of the house.

So know he’s living in his own apartment, unsupervised. And this is when the first murder went down. So he’s driving down the highway and sees this dude, Steven Hicks. Hicks is looking for a ride to a concert, he’d been walking down the road without his shirt, Dahmer liked what he saw. So he tells the dude he’ll give him a ride, after he gets into the car he convinces him to come home with him for a few drinks. Dahmer was enjoying the company but when Hicks said he was ready to leave, something snapped. He didn’t want Hicks to leave, he didn’t really want to murder him either but it was the only way he could keep him there so he smashed Hicks over the head with a nearby dumb bell, then strangled him.

Now there’s some irony with this victim, Dahmer admitted in the interview that he eventually buried Hicks body in a storm drain behind his Dad’s house. Well he started getting apprehensive about it so he digs the body up, puts the pieces in a green trash bag and throws the bag in the back seat of his car. He takes off in his car later that night to get rid of the remains. Well, he was freaking out so bad with the corpse in the back seat that he’s driving all over the road like the crazy man he was. He gets pulled over. So, he tells the officer some sob story about his dad just getting divorced and he was upset so he decided to run the trash to the landfill to clear his mind. The officer actually shined his light on the trash bag then resorted to just writing Dahmer a ticket. Yeah! Well there’s some more irony with this murder, but we’ll get to that later though.

So in the meanwhile Dahmer graduates high school and enrolls in college, but he only managed to keep his crazy under wraps for one semester. by then he was a raging drunk and had only one thing on his mind. It was his father and step mother’s encouragement and support that helped keep him in line, Dahmer took his father’s advice and enlisted into the military, that was December 1978.

Here’s where I learned something else new, 2 men have recently stepped up and publicly admitted that Dahmer raped them. The first one, lost his shit and wound up being discharged. Dahmer destroyed this man. He admitted in the interview that he started drinking and using drugs in attempt of forgetting what happened. He turned indigent, lost his family and his mind for several years before he could seek out psychological help.

The second dude he raped actually took the first man’s spot. He was Dahmer’s bunk mate. This dude said that Dahmer tied him to the bed and raped him nearly every night. At the time this dude was only 17. He was terrified of Dahmer because he was known at that time to be a violent drunk. Plus the fact that he was on a base that was packed down with bad asses, he was scared that these hardened vietnam vets would kick his ass for accusing a fellow soldier of rape. Not long after that Dahmer was discharged because he was drinking so much that he couldn’t function. After that he went to Florida where he just crashed on the beach for a few months before going back to Ohio.

Between 1981 and 1986 he was arrested 3 times, all 3 for being drunk and stupid in public. Well, by now, Dahmer had become a master in manipulation. He always approached the courts apologetically, displaying deep remorse as he’d make his public apologies, and they always bit, he was always released with a slap on the wrist and a small fine here and there.

By 1987 Dahmers crazy was hanging out again, that’s when he murdered Steven Tuomi. This is the one confessed murder that he was never convicted on.
Dahmer claimed that he woke up in bed at a hotel beside Tuomi’s lifeless corpse, he didn’t remember killing him at all. So he goes and buys this huge suitcase, comes back to the hotel room, and crams the body inside. He takes the corpse to his grandmothers house and starts cutting it up over the next few weeks, He had a killer system. He’d be in the basement hacking up the body on Sunday mornings while grandma was at church.  He’d throw the pieces into the trash bin before she got home because the garbage collectors ran early on Monday mornings.

Three months later Dahmer kicks it into a higher gear. January 1988 he convinces this 14 year old boy to come back with him to his grandmother’s house. He offered money for the kid to pose nude for some photographs. So Dahmer makes him a drink, spikes it and when the kid passes out, he strangles him. But he did take photographs. In fact this was just another evolution in his technique. See Dahmer never really liked killing folks, he just wanted to make sure they stayed with him. By taking these pictures of his victims, he was able to save and remember what they looked like before they started decomposing and he had to start hacking them up to get rid of them, and in a way, they did stay with him. This is when he began collecting trophies, he’d save most of their bones, locking them inside a metal filing cabinet at first.

So, three months after that, Dahmer runs across Richard Guerrero, he uses the same “nude Photo” tactic on this guy. Again, after drugging him, Dahmer strangled him. This murder marked an even further evolution in his insanity. He was so desperate for someone to just be there, that at one time he stole a mannequin from a department store to sleep with.

Dahmer wanted his victim to just lie still so he could touch them whenever, wherever and however he wanted, but nut-tastic would come unbolted if he was touched. That mannequin had actually done a pretty good job of sating Dahmer’s twisted desires, at least for a little while. But it wasn’t the real thing.

In September of the same year he encounters this 13 year old boy and offers him 50 bucks to come home with him and pose nude for some photos. So the kid agrees. Dahmer gets him back to the crib, offers him a drink, which of course he’s spiked, and so a little while later, the kids passed out. He of course rapes him like he did all of the others but for some reason he lets this one go, but only under the conditions that he didn’t tell anyone what happened.

In the meanwhile Grandma’s house stinks to high hell but she’s clueless. Jeffrey tells her that he’s taken up taxidermy in the basement and that he had several dead animals down there that he was working on. Granny gets pissed, makes him clean up his mess and tells him to go play with dead things at his own place.

Well right after that, he gets arrested for sexually assaulting the kid. He actually spends a total of 10 months in jail with 5 years probation once he was released in January of 1989. Under the terms of his probation, he had to see a counselor. Jeffrey would attend these one hour session and never say a word, not for any one of them.  He’d just show up and sit there until it was time to leave.

That March he strikes again. Using the same tactics as before, he lures Anthony Sears over to his place and murders him the same way as he had the others. But by now he’d fine tuned his disposal process. Sears body was dumped into a 55 gallon barrel of acid. The acid ate the flesh from his bones, Dahmer, would then select the bones he wanted to keep, first off the skull but sometimes there were others, he’d then grind down the remaining parts of the skeleton and get rid of them.

In 1990 he struck 4 more times, but by September 2nd, he was slipping even further into insanity , if that’s possible. This is when he started saving body parts, to eat. He preferred biceps. Ernest Miller, was the first that he’d had the desire to consume. He first cooked his heart but found that it was too tough to chew. so then he filleted the dudes biceps and cooked them. He sat down at his table and ate the dude while he looked over the grotesque photos that he’d taken of his corpse. He admitted that he rather enjoyed the taste, which he described to be like beef, and in his mind, it was a sure fire way to keep the victim with him always.

Dahmer managed to keep his demons at bay for the next few months, but in 1991, he went ape-shit and his motives shifted. Dahmer said repeatedly that he never enjoyed murdering his victims, he was still trying to find a way just to keep them with him. He began trying to basically zombify them instead. He made several attempts with drugs but nothing seemed to work and he’d always wind up having to kill them any way. Several of the 7 victims murdered in 1991 were the result in Dahmer failing to turn them into zombies. The first attempt was made on Curtis Slaughter in March, Errol Lindsay came in April and then in May, Dahmer meets this 14 year old kid which coincidentally was the brother to the other kid that he set free and wound up doing time over.

You’d think he wouldn’t have fallen for the same bullshit line as his brother, but, he did. Dahmer again offered cash for nude photos and the kid agreed to go home with him. So he offers the kid a spiked drink, the kid accepts and a little while later he’s passed out. Well after Dahmer rapes him he takes a electric drill, and makes a hole in the kids head about 3 inches deep, far enough in to cut into his brain, he then squirts a syringe full of some toxic cocktail into the hole and leaves on a beer run. In the meanwhile the kid wakes up and wanders out of his apartment.

The neighbors call the police because there’s a naked kid wandering around in the street. The police get there, and immediately think he’s and adult and that he’s drunk or strung out cause well, he’s acting like a zombie. Well, Dahmer comes walking up with his fresh 6 pack and sees what’s going on. He walks over to the police and starts telling them that this kid was his consensual lover and that he was drunk and they’d just had a spat. He assures them that everything is ok so they agree to let him take the kid back to his apartment.

So just to make sure everything was ok, the police escorted the pair back to Dahmer’s place. They look around briefly inside and nothing seemed out of place, in fact the joint was spotless from what they could see. So, they left. Here’s the kicker. In this documentary there was an interview with Dahmer where he admitted that had those officers would have just walked into the bedroom they would have seen Guerro’s body laying on the floor next to the bed where he’d been snuggling with him for the past 3 months, yeah. Dahmer admitted that he was absolutely shocked that he wasn’t busted right then. Again, another close call.

Had the officers stepped 10 feet away, they would have seen that body. They were of course reprimanded and the police district paid out some serious money after that, because if Dahmer would have been arrested that night, it would have saved the lives of his last 4 victims.

Tony Hughes in May, Matt Turner in June, Jeremiah Weinberger, Oliver Lacey, and Joeseph Bradehoft in July. Also in July was the attempted murder of Tracey Edwards, this was the guy that brought him down.

Dahmer was trying to convince Edwards to let him cuff him for some bondage photos. Edward let him put the cuff on one of his hands but when Dahmer told him to lay face down and put his hands behind his back, he wasn’t having it. Edwards fled into the street where he found some officers and told them what had happened, he asked them if they could take off the cuffs. Their keys wouldn’t work so they escort Edwards back to Dahmer’s apartment for him to take them off.

When they walk inside everything seemed ok, one of them asked Dahmer where the key was, he told them in the bedroom. Well when the officer walked back there he just happened to walk by a dresser drawer that was opened, he looked down inside and saw what turned out to be over 80 poloroid photos of Dahmers victims, some of which were taken while he was dissecting them. Dahmer was cuffed and taken down town, it took days to remove all of the evidence from his apartment, it took even longer to sort through it.

Through it all Dahmer cooperated, he took full responsibility other than stating that he thought he was evil or sick, or both. Judge didn’t buy that. He was studied, tested, phychologized and all that but he was found to be sane. Yeah, let that shit sink in.

Well, here comes the last of the irony. Think back to victim number 1, he was smashed in the head with a dumb bell before Dahmer strangled him right? So, Dahmer is in the pen on a work detail in the bathrooms, it’s him and two other guys. Well, one of the other guys is a nut job, and this nut job has stolen a dumb bell handle from the from the prison weight room. Well, nut job bludgeons Dahmer and the other dude over the head, both of them died as a result, ironic right, well maybe one more little quirky detail, the day Dahmer was murdered was November 28th, my birthday!

Ok, so Dahmer is dead and gone right, not exactly, in fact Dahmer’s ghost shows up a whole lot, and in several places, to include that jail where he died. We’ve talked about that on a past episodes, so until something else new surfaces on him, I’m going to let that sleeping demon lie, for now!

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