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The Sweeney Todd Legend

So, I was flipping through the channels the other night looking to catch a good horror flick. As I’m scrolling down the guide, I see that, Sweeney Todd musical nightmare.  Sorry Ya’ll can’t do it, it’s just wrong! Anyway, I … Continue reading

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The horrors of Unit 731

Typically when we hear war atrocities, we think back to the German concentration camps where hundreds of thousands of folks were tormented, tortured and eventually killed. It’s no big secret now, as to what was going on in these places … Continue reading

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Robert the haunted doll

It’s a little known fact that the “Child’s Play” films were actually based off of a real life haunted doll.  Crazy, right! In fact, you can actually visit this doll today, if you’re brave enough!  Check out this twisted legend! … Continue reading

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Haunted History – Coon Hill Cemetery

So this little cemetery was established in Jay Florida around 1820. This area, back in the day, was bustling. It was a logging town that had been settled before Florida was a state. There was a post office, a pony … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Dahmer!

We talk a lot about serial killers, and of course one of the most sadistic of these bastards was Jeffrey Dahmer. This psycho was so deranged that even Satan himself likely finds him offensive. I’m not sure that there’s even … Continue reading

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How I spent October 2017

What’s up creepy kids?!  As you guys already know, October was a killer month for me, Big Johnny Blender and the “Adrian’s Fury” Dragster!  We were all over the place this year!  We kicked this Halloween season off in Harlan … Continue reading

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Urban Legend – Famous Witch Graves

As we all know, Witches have been around for a very very long time.  Many women were doomed by being both rightfully, and unjustly accused of witchcraft and pacts made with the devil.  During the witch hunt craze that started … Continue reading

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