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Haunted History – The Cecil Hotel

So let’s talk about the Cecil Hotel in L.A., trust me, not a place you’d want to book for vacation, unless you’re as demented as I am! The Cecil is a low budget hotel and when I say low, I … Continue reading

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Get your Creepy Crate for $5 off

That’s right! They’re back and better than ever!  Those Creepy Kids over at the Line Up have been scouring the darkest scourges of the planet in search of the most bizarre and macabre items to appease fans of horror, like … Continue reading

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Haunted History – The Whaley House

This tale starts in 1852 when a tall lanky man rides in to San Diego.  Yankee Jim was a shady character to say the least; it wasn’t long before he’d stirred up enough shit that everyone in town knew who … Continue reading

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Terror at Your Door: Get Your Hands on The Lineup’s Creepy Crate

Finally! A cool subscription for horror fans! “The Line Up“ got it right!  Not many places cater to horror enthusiasts; us with all of our morbid little quirks! But these guys know what makes us happy and now they’ve created … Continue reading

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