Urban Legend – The Wendigo

So, the Wendigo is said to a horrid un-dead creature with a insatiable hunger for human flesh. This walking nightmare is said to be a large and powerful beast that appears skeletally thin. It’s skin is jaundiced and it can be detected by the stench of decaying flesh that accompanies it. It has long jagged teeth with glowing eyes and long talon like claws along with super human strength and lightening fast reflexes and is known to mimic human voices to lure it’s prey. Sometimes the Wendigo will feast on it’s prey immediately, other times the beast is known to possess its prey, causing them to indulge in canibalistic activities.

Some believe that the Wendigo was once a human, someone that had either gone insane or one who indulged in cannibalism. The horrific legends of those having fallen victim to the Wendigo have existed for centuries, one of the most grisly stories was of a Native American man who’s name translates to “Swift Runner.” So, according to reports, Swift Runner wanders into a Catholic mission in early spring of 1879. This 200 pound monster of a man is gloating that he’s the only member of his family that survived the unusually brutal winter.

It was more than obvious to the missionaries as well as the villagers that Swift Runner had not known one day of starvation, when everyone else was puny and weak from having run short of food and supplies. How could this be? We’ll it wasn’t long before folks decided to find out for themselves. The village priests, suspecting something was definitely up, report Swift Runner to local police.

So the police show up at the family camp, they were horrified by what they found. The camp site was littered with scalps, bones and rotting human flesh. The report went into great detail, claiming that the larger of the bones found had been snapped in half and the marrow had been sucked from them.

At this point Swift Runner breaks down and confesses that he had been possessed by the Wendigo. He had survived the winter by eating his entire family! He later divulged all of the gory details to authorities, stating that most of them had been bludgeoned in the head with an axe. One by one he would dress out the bodies, claiming to have had a good hunt that day, he kept the others fattened by feeding them the meat of their now missing family member. All in all Swift Runner ingested 8 members of his family. His mother, brother, wife and five children.

Wendigo or not, Swift Runner was brought to justice, he was hanged at Fort Saskatchewan, the first man sentenced to death in Alberta for murder. Yeah, I know that 1879 was a long time ago, but check this out:

So, Tim McKlean was a carnival worker that had just finished a job at a fair in Alberta. He hops onto a Greyhound bus at midnight on July 30, 2008 on his way home to Winnipeg. McKlean takes a seat on the next to last row, near the bathroom.

At 6:15 the bus departs a stop in Erickson with a new passenger. 40 year old Vince Li boards the same bus, seating himself near the driver where he would remain until the next rest stop.

After this stop, Li takes a seat right next to McKlean, who hardly notices. McKlean has a headset on, music blaring in his ears as he leans his head against the window in attempt to sleep. Yeah, well he should have stayed his ass awake. Li goes bat-shit crazy, stabs him in the neck and chest then proceeds to decapitate him. Once his head was severed from his body, Li picks it up and displays it to the other passengers. By now the bus has skidded to a stop and the passengers are trampling each other trying to get the hell out of the bus and away from this mad man!

The driver and two other men try to apprehend Li, but he kicks it into a whole other gear of crazy and starts slashing away at them. So they do the same as the other passengers and leave the crazy dude on the bus alone with McKlean’s corpse. Li locks himself in the bus and returns to the body, he begins severing limbs and cutting large slices of flesh from his torso and legs. You know what he does with them right? Oh yeah, the buffet is open!

So thank God the driver had disabled the bus before running for safety. Just before the Royal Mounties arrived Li did try to escape by driving away. But there he was, trapped inside the bus with tactical units posted all around him, just waiting for the right moment. Well what else was there to do but put on a show for them. Li paces back and forth through the bus, displaying McKlean’s severed head while ingesting other pieces that he had carved from his body.

So at 1:30 a.m. on July 31st, Li decides he’s going to escape by shattering a window and fleeing the scene, yeah, not so much. He was tazored twice, hand cuffed and crammed into the back seat of the nearest cruiser. Investigators immediately begin gathering parts of McKlean’s body, tagging and bagging what could be retrieved. Back at the station, some poor bastard has just finished frisking Li. McKlean’s ears, nose and tongue were found in his pockets. Never found were his eyeballs or heart, it’s assumable the Li ate those, right?

So what happened to this Lunatic. Well, he has his day in court where he claims to have been told by the voice of God to kill McKlean, who had been corrupted by the evil spirit of the Wendigo. He stated further that he continued to mutilate McKlean’s body because he feared that he could somehow revive himself. Li believed that he was saving people who would have become victims of the Wendigo.

And, now, this wacko is back on the streets, yep that’s right he was released in 2017. Yeah, The Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board ordered his discharge, saying Li, now known as Will Lee Baker, does not pose a significant safety threat.

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