Urban Legend – The Melonheads

The origin of the legend goes back to the WWII era when all kinds of crazy and sadistic experiments were going down in the name of science and defense. Deep within this rural wooded area just outside of Kirtland, there’s was a rather large log cabin equipped with a mad scientist or Doctor, depending on which version of the legend you hear. And guess what’s going on in there, yep he’s performing gruesome and excruciatingly painful experiments on a bunch of orphans that he’d come into “possession of,” some say they were provided by our own government.  How the government may have got their hands on these children is anybody’s guess, but it’s been said that wards of the state sometimes do “just disappear” from one of the local mental health hospitals.

Anyway, this twisted doctor is injecting the heads of these poor, anonymous kids with various fluids, bringing them to a hideous state where they looked like someone that suffered with a disease called hydro-cephalus, that’s when fluid builds up inside your, skull which leads to brain swelling. One of the side-effects is that the brain starts to malfunction due to all of the pressure built up in and around the skull, that, folks, leads to some serious mental instability along with deformed heads. These innocent kids began to develop huge hairless, vein-webbed heads, all while in the process of losing their sanity.

After years of horrid treatment including these sadistic and worsening experiments, these kids were kept in cages in a basement. What were the experiments for? Who knows; history is filled with “dark projects” committed by the government for various reasons that we, the public, were never meant to know about. As a result of their continued abuse, the children grew tragically deformed and misshapen, their bodies stayed short and child-like, and their heads just kept growing. Their personalities grew dim and menacing. The only thing that kept these horrible and unfortunate children from busting out of their cages and going on a maddened rampage, was the Dr.s wife, who did show some compassion to these sad wrecks. But when she died, the Melonheads went ape shit.

The grotesque and barely-human band of freaks escaped from the basement, destroyed the laboratory and smashed all of the equipment ridding the world of all of the good doctors work. Then they located the source of their anguish, The evil doctor was ripped to shreds. The Melonheads set fire to the building and escaped out into the shadowy darkness of the deep woods, while the house of horrors, they called home, burned to the ground. The legend has been passed down that their descendants still dwell deep in the forests out by Wisner Road, which goes through a desolate and remote stretch of land outside of Kirtland. Occasionally, a Melonhead will wander out towards civilization where it is spotted by folks along side the road, but only for a brief glimpse before it scampers back into the underbrush to stay out of sight.


To this day, locals still dare each other to drive out on Wisner Road in the wee hours to see if they can catch a glimpse of one of these hideous offspring. Many swear that they have seen them staring from out of the underbrush on the side of the road, huge eyes glaring out in a mixture of fear, curiosity and even vicious hatred. Some have even sworn up and down that they have been chased, followed and attacked by the small, large-headed beings while out in the woods. There are all kinds of versions to the story depending on who you ask in Kirtland and the surrounding areas, and there are those old-timers who say that the actual Melonheads that are seen out of the corner of the eye as a person drives down the pitch-black road at night, are the ghosts of the original Melonheads, haunting the area where they knew so much torment and torture at the hands of the sadistic and cruel doctor.

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