How I spent October 2017

What’s up creepy kids?!  As you guys already know, October was a killer month for me, Big Johnny Blender and the “Adrian’s Fury” Dragster!  We were all over the place this year!  We kicked this Halloween season off in Harlan Kentucky at Harlan Hauntfest!

Earl McKinney was our host and event organizer and he did a fang-tastic job with this event!  To the left is a photo of myself and Earl that was taken on the last day of the event.  We were both exhausted but had had a awesome time.  The folks there in Harlan were really cool, all of them were freaking out over the dragster.

I met a lot of fans from the area, and made some new friends too!  We’re looking forward to a return appearance for 2018.  If you’re in the area or are just interested in finding out more about Harlan HauntFest, Check them out on FaceBook –

Now beside making lots of new friends, we had a blast hanging out with a bunch of our friends from other events.


The Twisted Southern Horror Queen with Josh TKO Turner

Big Johnny Blender and Ricky Morton of WWE Rock & Roll Express




Big Johnny Blender hanging with our friend Tim Shockey and the Green Goblin head from Maximum Overdrive



Big Johnny Blender and Josh TKO Turner further corrupting the Unicorn.  Note the expression on the little girl’s face in the background, priceless!



The Twisted Southern Horror Queen hanging with the Ghostbusters, Ecto 1 and the Stay puffed marshmallow dude!






And so as if Harlan HauntFest wasn’t enough, then came Gulf Coast Fan Fest in Biloxi Mississippi!  This event was organized by Rafe White of Southern Geekfest, Mike Ensley of Pensacon, along with organizers from Coast Con and Quest Con.  It was what I like to refer to as a grudge con that was put together in protest of a over commercialized Canadian con that had planned on crashing another local con’s annual event, the results were awesome!

These are just a few shots taken at the event.  We me up with some old friends, Rafe & Shannon White, Christopher Heskey from “Logan” and our good friend, artist Freddy Roseman of Kaz-Magik Art. who is currently working on a design for our new Adrian’s Fury Dragster Tee-shirts!  Besides all of the talent, staff, fans and organizers, the food was GREAT!!  A huge shout out to “The Shed” for hooking us up with some awesome BBQ!

Now, with every con, there’s always a “This the first time that’s ever happened” moment and at Gulf Coast Fan Fest we had the mother of all firsts!  This next photo still makes me smile, I want to be her when I grow up!

So, Ms. Olive walks up to the car and starts telling me about the engine, I was impressed, she knew her shit!  I asked her if she wanted to get in it, joking of course.  Well she responds with Hell yeah!  So, we got her in the car and she was like a kid in a candy store.  Just look at the smile on her face!

After Gulf Coast Fan Fest there was a week to rest and put a shine back on The Adrian’s Fury Dragster before the next event, Night Risers Con in Elizabethtown Kentucky!



From left to right: Bill Gibson, Big Johnny Blender & John Thompsett

This event was organized by John and Terri Thompsett, who I told just a day or so ago that it felt like being reunited with old friends when I met them!  John and Terri did a incredible job organizing, hosting and promoting this con!  The staff was awesome to work with and the folks in E-Town ROCK!  Everyone loved the dragster and my books!  We had a blast hanging out with a few of our old friends and made a bunch of new ones too.

John and Terri took all of the celebrities out to eat on our first night there.  Now, I have to admit, I was a little nervous at first.  We knew Sale Lizard and his wife as well as Tim Shockey but when Malcolm Danare sat next to me at the table, that was crazy!  I thought Dear God, here I am next to Mr. Hollywood himself, he’s gonna hate me.  Well, he didn’t.  In fact, Malcolm and I hit it off amazingly. Who would have thought he’d be as demented as I am!



Malcolm Danare & the Twisted Southern Horror Queen

Micko Hughes & The Twisted Southern Horror Queen

I also got to hang out with Micko Hughes a good bit too!  I adore Micko, nearly as much as Malcolm, however, he’s quite a bit more reserved.  I’m going to have to work on that, no one is exempt from me corrupting them!

For those of you that don’t know these two, Malcolm is from the movie “Christine” and Micko was from “Pet Sematary” both Steven King flicks!

I had the honor of sitting on the celebrity panel with these guys during the event, now that was a blast for sure!


From left to right – Tim Shockey, Travis Potts (MC) myself, Malcolm Danare, Micko Hughes and Bill Gibson.

Again, there were a lot of “first times” with this con.  For me, being on the celebrity panel was one of them.  Another first was my own panel in which I had the opportunity to take the floor in front of the entire event.  I’m still trying to track down photos because Big John was tied up with folks at the dragster, so, if you’re reading this and happen to have a couple of pictures, I’d love to have them!



Another first, you’re gonna love this, Clint Wallingford!  Clint was one of the security personnel for the event. He was a race car driver back in the day so as you can imagine, he spent a lot of time hanging out around the dragster.  On the last day of the event, Clint decided to climb in for a photo-op.  Everything was cool until he tried getting out of her!  To the left is a photo of Big Johnny Blender taking the skin off of the car to get Clint out.

Now, Big John was rather graceful with the entire happening, I, on the other hand, was not!  Big John saw how embarrassed Clint was and told him that it wasn’t the first time that someone had got stuck in the car, I’m standing behind him saying, “Yes it is” and laughing my ass off along side Clint’s wife.   As you can imagine, there was a crowd gathering to see what was going on and Clint’s head was getting redder by the second.  So, Big John gets Clint out of the car, the first thing that comes out of his mouth is; “Great! I’m going to tune in to your show and hear you talking about the dude that got stuck in the dragster.” John, again being uncharacteristically graceful, tells him “No, I wouldn’t do that.”  I looked Clint straight in the eyes and told him “I will!”  Clint is a cool guy, and I hate to pick on him, no not really, I’m picking on him because I like him!

Now this handsome gentleman to my left is the owner of Christine, Bill Gibson.  I adore him as well.  Bill and his entourage were fantastic and made us feel right at home!  Mike and Suzy Jones travel along with Bill and Christine at events all across the United States.  They were all so very gracious, John and I really like these folks, that says a lot!


And of course, and as usual, we love hanging out with Sal Lizard and his lovely wife Linda!  Sal is a hot mess and he keeps us all laughing our asses off at every event!  Kids love him and so do the adults, especially the female guests.  Sal’s policy – Flash me your boobs for 3 seconds and you get a free Tee-shirt.

Tim Shockey is a sweetheart.  He’s one of the more reserved celebrities that we have the honor of attending a lot of cons with.  I’m working on him, but so far he seems incorruptible.   Keep fighting Tim but it won’t do you much good, I’m committed on my quest of turning you into a deviant just like me!


This final photo was the gathering of the Night Risers 2017 celebrities.  Bottom row left to right: Myself, Bill Gibson, Suzzanne and Mike Jones.  Top row left to right: Sal Lizard and his wife Linda, Big Johnny Blender, Malcolm Danare, Micko Hughes and Tim Shockey!

All in all Night Risers Con was fantastic and we’re looking forward to a return appearance in 2018.


So who says Halloween is only on October 31st?  I consider the entire month of October Halloween, in fact, every day is Halloween when you’re the Twisted Southern Horror Queen!  Thanks to all of my old  and new friends for making this year’s Halloween Season so spectacular!




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