Revisiting the Amityville Horror with a little lagniappe!

This creepy looking old house sits at 108 Ocean Avenue, now some of you guys just went, no, that’s not right, it’s 112. Well yes, and no, Since all of the chaos the address was changed from 112 – 108 in an attempt of confusing enthusiasts like us. I can’t see how they thought that would help, enthusiasts like us are going to recognize the house, we don’t need an address right!? So anyway, the house was built in 1924, but the madness started way before that!

Before the area was officially settled, this particular spot was territory to a tribe of Shinicock Indians. And on it there was a structure where they kept their physically and mentally ill. Now let me set this up for you, this wasn’t some kind of hospital, this was a crude shack where the sick and the crazy were basically sent to die. And so it begins, the soil is tainted with suffering, and negative energies were basically stamped onto the area.

After that, this dude named John Ketchum moved onto the spot and built a small cottage where he practiced black magic. Now, it’s a little known fact that Walt Whitman was a descendant of Ketchum’s. The significance of that is that Whitman and Bram Stoker were besties and Stoker himself said that Whitman was a huge inspiration behind his famous novel, Bram Stokers Dracula. Just stumbled across that and thought it was interesting, I’m betting that Whitman retained some of Ketchums dark knowledge. any way, back to Ketchum.

Ketchum was said to have fled from Salem during the witch trials and hid behind the basement walls of the now famous home. The home at 108 Ocean Avenue wasn’t built until 1925, the cottage that stood on this spot was moved in order for the house to be built. However, the basement and red room of the cottage remained. John Ketcham was said to be an evil man who had torture chambers built in the basement of the home.

He would lock Indians in the red room and torture them. Legend states that Ketcham slit his own throat because he thought it would give him the ability to “live forever.” In the 2005 film version, Defeo hears voices saying “Catch em’, Kill em.” Later in the same Film the alphabet magnets on the refrigerator door have been arranged to say the same thing, well, that’s where the infamous line came from, Ketchum would actually Catch em and Kill em, the Indians that is. As if that wasn’t bad enough, this evil bastard requested that his remains be buried on the property, and as far as anyone knows, they remain there till this day.

So again, the blood of the suffering and tortured have seeped into the ground, compounded by Ketchum practicing the dark arts on the same spot, now we have the perfect cocktail for some wicked evil shit!

And then there’s the Defeo’s. So from what I’ve found, this family was in a lot of trouble to begin with. Ronald Sr., the Dad, was known to be both physically and verbally abusive to his wife and kids. With Butch and Dawn in their teenage years, there was even more turmoil, and to add to that, Dawn was using a lot of LSD and other goodies, and so was Butch. In fact, the Defeo residence had been under surveillance for quite a while by the DEA. He was suspected of smuggling drugs in his speedboat. He too admitted that he was using heroine heavily at the time. Now am I hinting that this was a drug induced mass murder? No, I’m not, what I am saying is that his drug problem only caused the negativity to fester.

When you are already in a negative environment and your adding to it by drinking, using drugs and fighting, you’re feeding any evil entity that is attached to the area you are in and at this point, we already know there was plenty of evil embedded here. Butch claimed that voices had been telling him to kill his family and on the night of November 13th, 1974, Defeo stated that he was handed a rifle by a dark entity in a black hooded robe., he then shot and killed all 6 members of his family execution style.

You bet your sweet ass there were a shit ton of investigations. Detectives were baffled by the fact that Defeo had shot his parents and siblings all while they slept. The house was huge and the murders took place on all 3 levels, how is it that no one was woke up by the sound of the gunshots going off? Each body was found face down in their beds with no apparant signs of a struggle. I’ll take it a step further, autopsies showed that not one member of the family, to include Dawn, had any drugs of any sort in their system. Butch Defeo was sentenced to 6 concurrent 25-year sentences, he is unlikely to ever be released.


On December 18, 1975, just 13 months after the DeFeo massacre, the Lutz family moved into the DeFeo home.
George and Kathleen Lutz thought the Dutch colonial home was fantastic and the price was a steal! In that neighborhood, it was unheard of for any property to sell at $80,000, the Lutz’s weren’t stupid, they knew something was up. Before purchasing, they asked the Realtor why that house was a third of the price of everything else in the neighborhood. The realtor did tell them about the murders, but they chose to buy the house anyway, never expecting they’d have to leave it, and everything else they owned, all behind just 28 days later.

From the very first night they moved in, every member of the family claimed they felt strange sensations. Everyone was on edge, not even comprehending the evil influences that they were under. Within days the family’s personality had drastically changed. Kathy and George were fighting and so were the kids, chaos was running rampant in the Lutz household and all the while, the evil entities that were embedded there began to build their forces by feeding from the negative environment.

George became plagued by a constant chill and was obsessed with feeding the fire place. During this time there was a noticeable change in his grooming habits, both his and Kathy’s health was declining drastically. Kathy, not knowing where else to turn reaches out to the church.

So, this catholic priest shows up to bless the house, There had been so much madness since they moved in that they were still in the process of unpacking. The priest is making his way through the home then starts upstairs to the second floor. When he gets to the bedroom where Marc and John DeFeo were shot, he starts sprinkling holy water all over the place. Suddenly a chill straightened his spine when a disembodied voice told the priest “Get out!” Which he did, quick fast and in a hurry!

For some reason, the Priest didn’t tell the Lutz’s about the voice, But he did warn them not to use the upstairs room as a bedroom, adding that no one should ever sleep in there.” The Lutz’s were confused by his odd warning but took his word for it and turned the room into a sewing room.

Not long after, the Lutz’s youngest daughter started spending all of her time in her room playing with a new imaginary friend. She described her friend as red eyed pig called Jodie, who could transform not only shape but size, sometimes Jodie could become larger than the house. Jodie also claimed she could not be seen by anyone unless she wanted them to..

And of course, as they do, things got worse. Besides the typical banging and disembodied voices, Mysterious foul odors would emanate from different locations of the house. George had discovered hoof prints outside in the snow all around the house and then Black stains appeared on the toilets and ceramic fixtures. Kathy was touched by an unseen force and a foul extoplasmic substance kept popping up all throughout the house. Hundreds of flies appeared in the sewing room despite it being the dead of winter. And then George started waking from a dead sleep every night at 3:15 a.m. the same time that the DeFeo murders were said to have been going down.

One night George woke up, he felt something looming in the darkness around them. He looks over at his wife just as her appearance transforms into that of a 90-year-old hag. The next night she began levitating off the bed. The Lutz family tried on numerous occasions to contact the Catholic priest again. But everytime they tried to call the phone lines would cut out whenever he answered.

After failing to get the priest to return they gave up and took matters into their own hands. Armed with a crucifix, they walked throughout the house reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Yeah well the evil spirits that had infested the house were pissed. They responded in a chorus of voices that were all demanding the Lutzes to stop.

The final night was the absolute worst. The banging and Knocking had become so violent that is sounded like a marching band was plowing it’s way though the house. Furniture was flying around, doors were opening and slamming, and the children being terrorized; being pushed and slapped by unseen hands.

After 28 days of this madness, the family couldn’t take it any more. They grabbed a few personal items and hauled ass outta there to go stay at Kathy’s mother’s home in a nearby town. 20 days later, Paranormal Investigators Ed & Lorraine Warren were called in by Marvin Scott a news reporter with channel 5 NY who had covered the Amityville story and worked on a prior investigation with the Warrens.

A team of reporters, investigators, and parapsychologist’s were assembled by Ed Warren and met at the home at 112 Ocean Avenue but it was just them because the Lutz family refused to re-enter the home, because, well damn that bullshit right!

Well as we already know, the madness didn’t just stop because the Lutz’s left. During the investigation Ed was physically pushed to the floor while using some religious provocation in the basement, Lorraine was also overwhelmed by the sense of a Demonic presence and was plagued by her psychic impressions of the Defeo Families bodies laying on the floor covered in white sheets. She was also physically attacked, pushed out of room after room by some unseen force.

The research team also captured the infamous image of spirit that appeared as a little boy peering from the second floor. Now I’ve seen some creepy shit in my day folks, but this one picture in particular gives me a serious case of the chills!

With the Shinicock Indians causing the torments and suffering of their ill there, and John Ketchum murdering other Indians on the ground coupled with his practicing the black arts here oh, and let’s not forget the Defeo murders, The Warrens believed that all of these horrific events had left the property with a very negative energy and dark history. No better breeding ground for a demonic infestation and poltergeist activities could be designed, even intentionally.

The Warrens believe these entities were directly responsible for the evil that plagued the lives of both the Defoe’s and the Lutz’s. The Warrens retrieved a handful of the Lutz’s earthly possessions and deed for the property. The Lutz’s sold the rest of their belongings and relocated to California in search of a more peaceful existance.

Ok, so most everything that I’ve just told you about, a lot of us horror enthusiast already knew. But now I’m throwing in even more madness! Thirty something years later Daniel Lutz has stepped from out of the shadows, I think we’re both gonna learn some very interesting details here folks. This Story was published in March of 2013 in the UK Daily news, I’m gonna read you the article ver betum.


First there were the flies, a plague of them that, even in December, swarmed inside the imposing clapboard house as George and Kathy Lutz were unpacking their belongings.

Then there were the cold spots in rooms and hallways, the odd smells of perfume or excrement and the jolting sounds at night.

George became increasingly volatile and would wake at the same time — 3.15am, a time that would later assume a sinister significance.

Other disturbances were far more terrifying: objects that flew across the room, walls oozing green slime, the crucifix that turned upside down on the wall, the hidden red room in the basement and — who can forget — the glowing eyes at night of some demonic, pig-like creature.

As for the Catholic priest who came to bless the house, the site of a mass murder only 13 months earlier, the Lutz’s only found out later he had heard a voice tell him to ‘Get out!’ as he sprinkled holy water in a bedroom — the one he told the couple that no one should sleep in.

By then, they had fled in terror with Mrs Lutz’s three young children from a previous marriage, taking little more than the clothes they were wearing. It was January 14, 1976. They had lasted just 28 days inside 112 Ocean Avenue, a rambling house in the Long Island town of Amityville, 30 miles from New York City. They never returned, but the Amityville Horror, as their story became known, has come back to haunt — or at the very least, intrigue — us with the decision by one of the children to break their 37-year silence about what happened.


Daniel Lutz, a ten-year-old boy at the time but now a spooky-looking, middle-aged man with deep-set, piercing blue eyes and an unsettling smile, insists he was menaced by spirits in the house and that his family’s stay there has ruined his life.

And he blames the evil presence on his stepfather George, a man whose occult dabblings, says Daniel, opened the gateway to dark forces he couldn’t control. Danny had a troubled relationship with his stepfather, George, who his mother, Kathy, ended up divorcing

The most haunted house in America fueled an entire industry of films, books and documentaries such as Amityville II: The Possession (1982) The six-bedroom house, with swimming pool and boathouse, was meant to be their dream home and was aptly named High Hopes. Instead, it turned into a nightmare.

Their experience in those four weeks was turned into a best-selling book, The Amityville Horror, and a 1979 hit movie of the same name. The notoriety of America’s ‘most haunted house’ has since spawned an entire industry of books and documentaries, not to mention 11 Hollywood sequels and remakes.

But what really happened inside that house has remained hotly contested for years as the Lutzes — both in their 30s at the time — became embroiled in legal battles that reinforced the notion they were just in it for the money.
Skeptics immediately cast doubt on the story, and it emerged Mr Lutz, a land surveyor, couldn’t really afford the house, even at its knockdown price of $80,000. Perhaps they had fled the property for reasons other than evil spirits.

The suspicions seemed confirmed when, just before the 1979 film came out, local lawyer William Weber claimed he had dreamt up the story with the Lutz’s ‘over many bottles of wine’. The lawyer had defended 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo, who had shot dead his parents and four younger siblings in the same house 13 months before the Lutz’s arrived. DeFeo, who was jailed for life, claimed he had heard them plotting to kill him. The murders were thought to have been committed at around 3.15am.

Weber — who had fallen out with the Lutz’s over money — claimed he had passed detailed information about the murders to the couple who then weaved it into their fantasy account — in which, for instance, the neighbor’s cat became a pig-like demon that left cloven hoof prints in the snow. But the couple always stuck to their story, even if they conceded that some details had been exaggerated or invented by the media.

Take the ‘red room’, for example — a small, red painted room, around 4ft-by-5ft, that George Lutz discovered behind shelving in the basement. The room was not mentioned in the building plans and the Lutz’s labrador cross breed, Harry, refused to go near it, cowering in fear. But previous tenants insisted it had simply been used for storage.

Nor did the Lutzes take what might have seemed obvious steps to verify their story. For example, they never took samples of the mysterious, gelatinous green slime that apparently oozed from the walls and through the keyhole of the playroom door in the attic. Yet, inconveniently for the cynics, George and Kathy both passed a lie detector test.

The couple later divorced, with Kathleen dying in 2004 and her ex-husband two years later. But the controversy has now been given new life by the re-emergence of Daniel Lutz.

A clearly troubled individual, he left home at 15, spending some time living homeless in America’s south-west.
Estranged from his wife and two grown-up children, he now lives in Queens, New York, where he works as a stonemason. His side of the story would probably have remained secret had a friend not contacted a young film-maker, Eric Walter, who had set up a website devoted to the Amityville saga.

He persuaded the reclusive Lutz to speak in a new documentary, My Amityville Horror. And given how much he says he loathed his late step-father, a domineering ex-marine who Daniel says would beat the children with a wooden spoon, one might expect him to want to rubbish George Lutz’s tale of demonic possession.

But instead he insists it was substantially true, even down to being levitated in his bed and seeing a demonic figure in his little sister’s bedroom.

‘I just wanted somebody to believe me. It has been in my dreams my whole life,’ he said, his expression looking tortured as tears welled in his eyes. But then, he is asking us to believe a lot. The father of the family George, played here by James Brolin, dabbled in the supernatural. He recalled seeing his step-father’s bookshelves lined with titles on Satanism and magic. And he even claimed he saw George Lutz move a spanner telekinetically in his garage — before the family ever moved to Amityville.

‘George’s beliefs and practices triggered what was going on in the house,’ he said, his voice shaking. ‘It was like a magic trick gone bad that you couldn’t shut off.’

Daniel Lutz, whose real father had died, said he started feeling uneasy about the Amityville house within two hours of moving in. Taking a box upstairs to their playroom he found it swarming with flies. He swatted a hundred but, after fetching his mother, discovered the dead flies had all gone. ‘That’s when my confusion started,’ he said.

He said he still dreams of the family dog ‘going ballistic’, almost throttling itself with its lead trying to jump out of its outdoor pen as the nearby garage door took on a life of its own.

‘The entire family was standing there, watching that garage door slam up and slam down, and slam up and slam down,’ he says.

He also recalled how he and his stepfather were returning from shutting the garage when they looked up at his five-year-old sister’s bedroom window and saw what Daniel described as a ‘cartoon character of an angry pig with wolf-like teeth and laser beam red eyes’.

He said he ran up to the room and discovered an empty rocking chair rocking back and forth.

On another occasion, as his mother was treating his injured hand after a window had mysteriously crashed down on it, Daniel described an invisible spirit entering the kitchen, knocking over a knife and sitting at the table, making an impression in the padded vinyl seat.

George Lutz recounted how, on the last night the family spent in the house, his wife’s face temporarily transformed into that of an ‘old crone’ and she later levitated off the bed.

Daniel, who shared a bedroom with his brother, Christopher, claimed that that night they also ‘shared a levitation experience’ in their beds — ‘we both woke up with our footboards smashing each other and banging off the ceiling’.

Pursued by the media as their story emerged, the family briefly went into hiding, but eventually moved to California. The documentary makers unearthed various reporters, psychic investigators and paranormal specialists who descended on the house for a seance after the story broke, and who are still buzzing with theories.

Some clearly sympathise with Daniel Lutz’s view of his stepfather as a man who dabbled in the occult and paid the price; some wonder whether his stories of supernatural torment hide a more conventional tale of domestic abuse.

For the Amityville sceptics, Lutz’s passion for the occult may be the solution they are looking for, one that even explains why the couple managed to pass a lie detector test.

For if the domineering head of the household already believed in telekinesis and the powers of darkness before they moved into a house that had just been the scene of a mass murder, it’s not a stretch to assume he and his family might be susceptible to supernatural explanations for mundane occurrences.

It’s what psychologists call the power of suggestion. Alternatively, Daniel Lutz could just be recalling exactly what happened.

Certainly Daniel — who declined all approaches for further interviews — has no plans to make any financial gain out of any of this.

Eric Walter, the new documentary’s director, is a skeptic but added that he doesn’t believe ‘a family would abandon everything and flee unless they were genuinely scared’.

He thinks something paranormal might well have happened to the family but, knowing they were in the house where a mass murder occurred, they ‘fed into it by scaring themselves?.?.?.?and of course, later they saw how popular their story was and became more open to making money from it’.

Down on Ocean Avenue, where Daniel Lutz’s old home changed hands for $950,000 a few years ago, the house has a different street number and its famously malevolent-looking quarter-moon windows, which gave it the appearance of a face, have been replaced to distract attention, especially on Halloween.

But the owners may as well ask the nearby Atlantic Ocean to recede than to expect the gawkers not to seek them out. True or outrageous hoax, the Amityville Horror is just too chilling a yarn to be allowed to slip from our imagination.


So, as if the story as we knew it wasn’t terrifying enough, now there are even more details to ponder. But the fact is Amityville is a bloody little piece of ground. Remember those Indians that we talked about? Well there’s actually more to the story, I’ll give you the readers digest version. A massive Indian massacre took place just a mile and a half from where the Amityville house sits. When the dutch moved in they didn’t have the troops or apparently the balls to take on the local tribe so they hired an Englishman named Captain John Underhill to do their dirty work. Well Underhill takes his men out and at the end of the day 120+ of the local tribe were slaughtered.

Underhill and his men collected the corpses of the Indians and threw them in a heap on the peak of the hill, and then sat down on the foot of the heap to eat. When this part of the county came to be settled, the highway across the neck passed directly over the spot where, it was said, the heap of Indians lay, and the earth in that spot was remarkably different from the ground around it, it was strongly tinged with a reddish cast, which the old people said was caused by the blood of the Indians.” To take it a step further, remaining heirs of the tribe saw that the body of their Chief, Takapausha, was buried standing up. The local legend said that because of the horrors inflicted on his people, Takapausha is out to seek revenge and possesses people to kill them.

Amityville also has a rather long history of witches, and of course witch trials. I don’t know which is worse, having had settlements based in the dark arts or having had the witch trials where some folks were allegedly burned at the stake only afterwards to find out that the accusers were lying. Neither scenario is good but here in Amityville, history suggests both went down. In fact there’s a lot of folks that have been touched by the evil that lurks in Amityville, ever hear that Al Capone was a local there at one time too? yeah, check out this shit:

It has been an old legend in Suffolk County, NY that Al Capone “sold his soul” to the devil while living in Amityville. Capone came to the Amityville waterfront to help set up the bootlegging operation. The southern coast of Long Island was called “Rum Row” and was the main entry point of illegal alcohol into America. Amityville was situated, on the south shore, and was a perfect location to set up shop, it became Capone’s main source of liquor.

Capone, while in Amityville went from being a 20 year old complete nobody, to becoming rich and famous overnight. He immediately, in some people’s words, “Owned Chicago” which was America’s 2nd largest city. Many people in Suffolk County thought his instant rise was strange, which was the source of the “Sold his soul” legend.

Al Capone committed massacres that put Ron DeFeo’s madness to shame. Bodies, blood, and guts filled the streets of Chicago after he arrived. He was known to say “Kill Them!” over and over. It wasn’t just killing though, Al was into torturing his victims. Many of the patrons and musicians who drank the liquor supplied by Capone suffered from side effects from the poisonous brews such as blindness, insanity, and even death in some instances.

It is well known that he started going crazy during the late 1920s. Most accounts blame it on Syphilis but Capone swore he was being tormented by demons. Folks ignored him because they thought he was insane. The Capone family never confirmed that Al had syphilis. Rumor stated that he supposedly contracted it when he was a young man, but how come his wife never got it?

Capone certainly believed that he was haunted during his final years on earth. “Jake ‘Greasy Thumb’ Guzik, who was running the mob in Capone’s absence, was asked by a reporter if Capone would take over control again after his release. ‘Al, ‘ said Guzik, ‘is nuttier than a fruitcake. He added that there were many times when Capone’s employees would hear him begging for the ghost to leave him in peace… and this was in his lucid pre-Alcatraz days.” Just like George Lutz, Al Capone claimed whatever was tormenting him followed him to California.

In 1931 he called for help from a then well known psychic Alice Britt to get rid of the ghost…. in 1931, years before the ravages of the disease would effect his mind?”

While in Alcatraz, Capone claimed he was tormented by voices at night… He could be heard begging for whatever the thing in his cell was to leave him alone. Al spent the last year of his sentence in the hospital section, until he was released in November of 1939. Other inmates claimed that they to were experiencing strange phenomenon as well. On one occasion, an inmate was locked in the hole for violating prison rules. Seconds after the door was closed, he began to scream in terror that someone was in the cell with him… someone with glowing red eyes. The guards thought it was a prank, and left the prisoner to endure whatever tortures awaited.

Al Capone’s story is classic Amityville. He arrives in Amityville, spends some time on Ocean Ave., becomes extremely violent, goes crazy insane, commits massacres, and claims he is being tormented by supernatural forces, and even that this supernatural force follows him out to California. There were also claims of glowing red eyes!

So, there’s been a shit ton of madness that either happened in Amityville or directly as a result of someone that stayed there in close proximity to the horror house itself. and from what I see, there is still some crazy shit going on over there, did you hear about this?

There was this woman who started acting like she was insane, she starts talking about demons, then stuck her children in boiling water and strangled them. This occurred in Amityville, just a short walk from the Amityville Cemetery.

Debra Robertson, a 31-year-old woman from the village of Amityville, was found by police making the sign of the cross over the bodies of her six-year-old daughter Delvin King and five-year-old son Melvin King, who lay dead on a couch. Her infant son slept unharmed in a bedroom. Robertson had scalded the children by immersing them in boiling water. They could have been suffocated or drowned, but the cause of death was to be determined by autopsy. She said she had snapped because the apartment was possessed by demons. Ironically, Robertson lived less than a mile away, from the Amityville horror house.


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