The demented mind of Richard Chase

And now, I have another Vampire to tell you about, they say vampire, I say sadistic freak, I’ll let you be the judge of that.  So, the “Vampire of Sacramento,” this dude named Richard Chase, killed six people during a 4 week span.  He didn’t stop there though, Chase cannibalized their remains, had sex with their corpses, and finished his binge off by drinking their blood.

From what I’ve read, The warning signs were there when he was a kid, but his mother chose to ignore the fact that her son was deranged.  Let me tell you a little bit about this sick bastard’s background.  Richard Chase was was brought up in a strict household.  He was physically abused by his father regularly,  in response he acted out by drinking at a young age, starting fires, and killing/mutilating animals.

Later on, as a teenager, Chase was pretty well known with the ladies, and he did have a few girlfriends, but he couldn’t maintain a relationship because of his E. D. issues.  Seems like all the most brutal serial killers have the same malfunction with their gear.  Anyway, Chase decided to see a shrink, during his consultation he admitted that his junk wouldn’t work when in romantic situations.  The shrink assumed correctly when he thought the cause was likely some sort of repressed rage or a mental illness.  Well, apparently Chase didn’t care for his diagnosis, so he never went back.   What did he need a Doctor for, he’d already figured out that he could cure his little issue through violence.  Seems he had a thing for mutilating animals and having sex with dead things.  Sick bastard!

So as time passes, Chase hadn’t become any less delusional, he actually some how got it in his head that his mother was trying to poison him.  Well, Mom had had about enough of all his crazy bullshit, so she drives his father into  putting her precious baby boy up in a apartment somewhere, ANYWHERE else, other than in their place.  So, they  move baby boy out.

Now, he’s living on his own, and could get into all kinds of madness without the watchful eyes of his parents constantly on him.  And so his crazy kicks into full gear.  Chase starts capturing, killing and disemboweling any stray animals he could get his hands on.   Once dissected, he’d run their entrails through a blender then he’d eat the disgusting critter smoothie, raw.  Foulness!  He actually thought that by doing this, he was preventing his heart from shrinking.  In his sick little mind, his heart was shrinking,  and when it became small enough it would disappear and he’d die.

Chase’s delusions grew more and more insane, In 1975 he actually injected rabbit’s blood into his veins, which caused blood poisoning.  The hospital referred him to a mental institution, and he was committed.  He managed to escape, and fled to hide out at his mother’s house, and that’s where he was captured.  This time, they sent his crazy ass to an institution for the criminally insane.  Of course he fit in there perfectly, after only being there a short while the staff nicknamed him “Dracula.”   That’s because he was covered in blood one afternoon.  Chase had managed to capture two birds through the bars of his window, he’d snapped their necks and sucked all of the blood from them.

During his stay at the institution he was prescribed a cocktail of meds, which of course, turned him into a walking zombie.  When he was so tranqued out he could hardly talk, they released him back into the custody of his parents.  Well Mom wasn’t real excited to see her son in such a state, she wanted her lively boy back, so this dumb bitch decides to wean him off the antischizophrenic meds, which were the only thing keeping him from doing all kinds of crazy shit.

Well, Before long Mama’s boy was back!  Yep, Chase was stone cold crazy again.  He immediately went back to killing, mutilating and eating stray animals.  But now he’s developed a rather unhealthy fascination with guns.  Some ass clown is actually selling this nut job guns!  And now he’s obsessed with practicing his shooting, fantastic!   Then the delusions start running rampant again.  Crazy was now convinced that the Nazi’s were storing poison under his soap dish in order to kill him,……. by turning his blood into powder… he also believed that the same thing was happening to another serial killer known as the Hillside Strangler.

Chase is now sinking further into insanity.  He completely abandoned personal hygiene of every kind, He did not bathe or brush his teeth.  He rarely ate, resulting in him losing a a lot of weight.   One day, right before the shit really hit the fan, he shows up at his mother’s doorstep.  When she opens the door he’s standing there with a cat in his hands.  As she’s standing there trying to figure out what the hell he’s doing, he bit into the stomach of the cat then smeared it’s blood all over his face.  His mother simply closed the door, this dumb bitch didn’t even report him.

Not long after that, Chase killed his first victim as a test run for his future plans.  On December 29, 1977, 51 year old Ambrose Griffin, an engineer and father of two, was helping his wife unpack the car, when Chase drove by and shot him, then fled the scene.

Two weeks later, Chase broke into a house that was owned by a young couple.  When he entered the house, Husband, David Wallin was at work, but his pregnant wife Teresa, was home alone.  Chase killed Teresa by shooting her three times, but he wasn’t finished.  He brutalized then raped Teresa’s corpse then desecrated it further by mutilating it, and then bathing in her blood.

Two weeks after that, Chase breaks in to the home of 38 year old Evelyn Miroth.  Once inside, he finds Evelyn’s neighbor Don Meredith, who he fatally shot at point blank range.  He stole Don’s wallet and keys, before coming across Evelyn’s 6 year old son Jason who had hid himself in her bedroom after hearing the gunshot.  While  Chase is running after him, he sees Evelyn’s 22 month old nephew who he then shot in the head.  When he caught up with Jason, he shot him at point blank range.

He then finds Evelyn in the bathroom, in the tub.  He shot her once in the head, killing her instantly.  Then dragged her body to the bed, sliced her open in various places in order to drink her blood, and sodomized her.
He did way more obscene things to these bodies, which I won’t go into, but trust me it got way worse.  Before he could finish, he was disturbed by a knock on the door.  Chase grabbed the body of the 22 month old baby and fled, the scene in Don’s stolen car.  He goes to his house, mutilated and then consumed the body of the baby, before dumping the remains at the grounds of a nearby church.

Five days into this horrendous murdering rampage, Chase was on the FBI’s radar.  The police went to his house, but he refused to open the door or speak with them.  They hid outside his apartment, and eventually he surfaced, and they arrested him.  When they searched him they found Dan Meredith’s wallet, as well as a box which contained bloody wallpaper and a gun covered in blood. When the police searched his apartment they found the entire place was soaked in blood, and they found the blender he used to make ‘smoothies’ out of the remains of people and animals, It was caked with coagulated blood and internal organs.  In the fridge they found some internal organs from Evelyn Miroth and Teresa Wallin,  the little boy David’s brains in a Tupperware container. He was busted beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Chase was found guilty of six counts of first degree murder, and sentenced to die in the gas chamber.  But due to his completely psychotic nature, even the hard-assed criminal population of the prison was terrified of him.  On December 26, 1980, a guard doing the rounds found Chase dead in his cell.  An autopsy found that he had overdosed himself on prison issued antidepressants – a much gentler death than he deserved.

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