The Jackie Hernandez Poltergeist

So between 1989 and 1990 this chick, Jackie Hernandez, became the victim of a sadistic and evil spirit. She was a young mother of two who had just recently ditched her old man and was trying to make a fresh start. She’d only been living in San Pedro for a few weeks, she was just beginning to settle in to a multiple job lifestyle, and she was struggling to take care of herself and her kids.

So there off the bat we’ve got emotional stress and trauma, the very fuel that feeds these evil little bastards right! Yeah, she’s working her ass off, she’s dealing with an asshole ex-husband and trying to take care of her kids. But, in the meanwhile she was making friends.

This one chick named Susan Castenada, who was her neighbor, offered to help her out by keeping the kids when she was able to snag extra shifts at work.

Well one night, Jackie comes home half dead from a double shift and goes to check on her kids. She opens the door slowly in hopes of not waking them up, when all of the sudden she has a “13 ghosts” kind of reality check. Sitting in the corner of the room across from her was this haggard and horrifying old man. He just sat there staring back at her with glowing and empty eyes.

So Jackie freaks the Hell out and hauls ass over to Susan’s house. Well, It took a while, but Susan finally manages to settle her down to where she can speak clearly enough to tell her what was going on. So, after Jackie manages to get the whole thing out, Susan figures either she’s delusional from working so many hours, or they’re dealing with some kind of restless spirit.

She suggested that Jackie reach out to a friend of hers, Dr. Barry Taff, and his team of paranormal investigators.

So, she did. But in the meanwhile the panic level is rising in this house, it’s like a pressure cooker. Jackie is terrified of whatever this spirit is that’s afflicting them and she’s also terrified that something could happen to her kids. The haggard old man has made several appearances by now, and there are of course, a barrage of other bizarre things happening. Well, Taff knew Jackie was desperate for help, so he gathered his team and they made her and her family a priority.

When Taff and his crew roll up to the house, he and two of his cameramen were met with a foul odor. The team spread out in search of the source but nothing was found. After a while, the stench vanished, just as quickly as it had appeared. So Taff and his team managed to settle in, And just a few minutes after they get their equipment set up, a loud series of banging starts up in the attic. So they’re all running around trying to figure out exactly where it was coming from, it was Jackie that found it was coming from the ceiling above her kitchen. This particular area had been a really active spot. Jackie informed Taff that she had seen the ghostly image of a severed head there before, at the same time she heard muffled disembodied voices.

So now that the hunt had apparently been spurred on by the spirit, Jackie figures it’s a good idea to start telling the investigators about some of the other crazy shit that’s going on there. She told them about her stuff that had been being thrown around by some unseen force, and then she starts telling them about this putrid goo that oozed from out of the walls on several occasions.

And with that, the team was off to start photographing the house.

Well folks, the shit starts hitting the fan right here. Two of the cameramen, Wheatcraft and Conrad, decide they’re going to go up to the attic to see if any one was home, right. They were only up there for a couple of minutes when Wheatcraft was attacked. Something snatched his camera from his hands and threw it across the room, and then whatever it was, shoved him down on his ass. After that, they decided to call it a night, but now, they were highly motivated to dive into this investigation and find out what little evil beastie was at the root of this mayhem!

So, on day two, this joint was rocking! This malicious spirit had come to the conclusion that Wheatcraft was gonna be his bitch. It nearly took him out too. Check this out: So, Wheatcraft and this other photographer named Gary Boehm, decide it was a good idea to go back up into the attic. Well, they get up there and Boehm looks over and sees Wheatcraft struggling, it looked like he was being strangled, and that’s because he was. This cord had somehow mysteriously managed to wrap itself around his neck. So, Boehm runs over and starts prying the cord rom off of his neck then helps him back downstairs. When he got to where he could talk again, he explained everything that happened to the rest of the team, then, Wheatcraft left the house, and never set foot inside it again.

So, in the meanwhile, Jackie’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown, She figures that all this madness wasn’t nearly as bad as living with the EX, so she goes back to the trailer park and moves back in with him. Now, keep this in mind, this is a good 300 miles north of San Pedro.

At first, everything seemed to have pretty much gone back to normal; Now, the paranormal investigation was still ongoing back at the house she’d been renting, she thought she’d left all that madness be behind her. She was wrong. It started up again, 300 miles away, in the trailer park!

So, this one afternoon Jackie was helping a neighbor store a TV in their shed, all of the sudden, the screen starts flickering and staring back at her from the tv was the image of the old man from the San Pedro house, and that was just the beginning. Then, loud bangs start coming from inside the shed, just like they had in the attic. Oh Joy! Right!?

So, a few days later, Taff, Wheatcraft, and Conrad head north for part 2 of their investigation. This time they start off with a séance which would allow Jackie to speak to her sadistic stalker. Taff and his team actually made contact! It identified itself as the ghost of a man that had been murdered in the San Pedro Harbor. It also informed them that several other spirits were haunting the area and Wheatcraft had been targeted, and attacked, because he looked like the man that had murdered him.

The ghost even admitted it had been using Jackie for her energy. And then immediately, Wheatcraft was attacked again by an unseen force, leaving him physically fine, but mentally traumatized. Let me just say this folks, if you’re a cupcake, don’t join a paranormal investigation team right!

So now Jackie’s thinking that she’s never going to get rid of this phantom ghost, so she starts talking her husband into moving. Yeah, that didn’t help, not even a little! This tormented entity had set root and was determined that he was going to be a part of their everyday life, no matter where they moved off to.

Jackie and her family moved several times over the next few years, and of course the paranormal activity moved with them but, things seemed to lessen with each new location. Eventually she settles back down in Los Angeles, now the madness did come with her but, it was nothing like what it had been before, and hell, by now this chick is used to it!

But, back at that little house in San Pedro, renters are moving in, and quickly moving right the hell back out. There are still ongoing reports of weird shit going on in that joint, most of it still seems to be coming from the attic.

So, at the end of this rather lengthy investigation, Dr. Barry Taff was convinced that the stalker ghost was the remnants of a man known as Herman Hendrickson, He was a 28-year-old man whose body was discovered floating face down in the harbor in March of 1930. His death had been ruled an accident by the Los Angeles Police Department, but if you recall, the spirit said he’d been murdered by a man that resembled Wheatcraft. So that explains his rage and unrest.

Taff also thought the ghost of the haggard old man may be that of John Damon who originally built the home and looks to still be hanging around there.

Many of Taff’s cases involved clients who have suffered emotional distress and recent mental trauma. This may be the most famous such story, but as we already know, this is a common occurrence with most poltergeist cases. Taff concluded that Jackie’s emotional distress, at that time in her life, helped contribute to the power of the hauntings.

Since the onset of the ghostly insanity, Jackie is feeling better about things. She’s gained an understanding of how these things work, so she’s struggled to maintain a sense of safety and calm, which in turn has forced her spiritual stalkers to weaken their hold on her. Jackie and her family say they have put the haunting behind them and moved on with their lives.

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