Urban Legend – The Witch’s Tunnel

There’s a pretty cool witch legend that originates in Wisconsin, let me tell you about it!
There’s this dense forest, that harbors a very dark secret; The Witches Tunnel, It’s probably not what you’re thinking. This is a cluster of trees that have intertwined over time, clasping hands with each other to form a dark passage. It is said that it leads deep within the forest where an old witch with eternal knowledge lives.

Walking through the passage during the day is unsettling enough, but a walk through this tunnel at midnight in the dead of winter, while the moon is full, is a totally different experience. The branches will twist and sway as if they’re trying to grab you and you’d swear they were alive. In the tunnel, there’s no sound other than the wind whispering in your ear, telling you to go back where you came from. What looks like a distance of a few feet will take you nearly an hour to travel, if you turn round, the entrance that you just came, from will be barely visible, like a dim light at the end of a long spanning tunnel. Turning back in the middle of the tunnel, would be a very bad idea; once you start through the passage, you must keep walking.

Eventually you will come out the other end, only this won’t be the same forest as it is in the day. The moon will be so big you could almost touch it and where its light manages to pierce through the dense foliage you’ll see the ground is alive with insects, one big crawling mass. Grotesque, mocking shadows will surround you in a thick blanket of fear.

As you continue, the path will split in two. Look for a crow in the the trees, she’s going to show you which path to take, and from there, she will serve as your guide. But be warned, If you ignore her and take the other path, you will be doomed to walk it for eternity as punishment for your insolence. The correct path leads to a break in the trees overlooking a small lake, covered in a thick fog. Here you must stand and wait until the fog clears, then you must walk to the shore. When you look into the deep black water, you hope see your reflection. If you do, you will appear many years older than you are at the time. If you see nothing, you have already failed and that’s a bad thing! But if you do see your reflection, you are allowed to ask your future self just one question and your reflection will answer truthfully. Ask wisely however, some things you are not supposed to know.

When you have your answer turn round and you will see the crow has reappeared. But she is no longer a crow. She has reappeared in her true form, a sunken-faced old hag propped up by a gnarled branch which she uses as a walking staff. As soon as you see her, She will turn and begin walking and you must follow her, but make sure to stay at least a few yards behind. Be careful not to lose sight of her though, because if you do, you’re gonna get lost and then you’ll be damned to walk in the forbidden woods forever.

Eventually, the witch will stop beneath the tallest tree in the forest and her bony finger will beckon you to her. At that point, you have no choice but to approach her, but do not look her in the face, because what you see behind those ageless eyes is said to drive folks insane. In return for letting you into her woods, she will ask a favor of you. This could be anything, from reading a certain book to committing a murder. Regardless, you are on the hook and have to promise her this favor before she will lead you out of the forest.

Upon leaving the forest, go straight home and go straight to bed. The next day, get out of bed at the ass crack of dawn because you have a favor to make good on. The clock is ticking. If you don’t make good within twenty-four hours, your going to have a visit from the witch, that night! Now, I’d say don’t worry because she’s not there to kill you, but bet your ass, you better be worried! The witch will whisper in your ear while you sleep, she’ll consume your dreams and fill your subconscious with dark suggestions. You will then create your own death, tearing yourself apart both mentally and literally, with this, the witch finds great amusement in claiming her vengeance for you having broken a promise to her. She is relentless and she will win, the witch will never forgive your debt.

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