Urban Legends of Louisiana – The Grunch

grunch4   Louisiana is a haven to legends and lore.  Vampires, Werewolves, Voodoo and Zombies, we have it all!  This little tale originates in the suburban areas just east of New Orleans.  There are varying accounts of exactly where Grunch road is located, some say Chalmette others swear Gentilly; we’ll leave the logistics to the pros, lets talk legend!


A long time ago, when the eastern suburbs of New Orleans were just beginning to develop, there was a push to “clean up” the areas.  It seems there was an overabundance of people that did not fit in with others in society.  Dwarfs and albinos, along with any others with unsightly malformations, were forced to live far off of the beaten path, at the end of Grunch road.

Imagine a narrow, tree canopied road that dwindles to nothing more than a beaten path ending in thickets of Water Oaks and Cypress trees.   Within those woods was a society unique within itself consisting of all of the oddities found within the human race.  Imagine further, generations of inner-breeding among them.  The results were monstrous.  Their predecessors, previously considered the devils’ creations, had managed to procreate, rearing creatures that truly resembled Satan’s spawn.  Years of mixing mutations and defects had resulted in offspring that no longer resembled a human.

Legends state that the community of misfits had nearly been forgotten, dismissed as an old wives tale by the suburbanites that had settled in the area, that is until folks began to disappear.

Truly a Sportsman’s Paradise, this area offered ample hunting grounds and access to waterways for fishing.  Tempted by the allure of sports, many disappeared while hunting or fishing in this area.  The only clues ever found were abandoned boats or vehicles, stained with the blood of the victims.

As rumors began to boil, the area became more popular.  Thrill seekers came in droves, searching for the mutant creatures that dwelt at the end of Grunch rd.  Beyond the daredevils of the area were those that did not believe in the tales at all, a prime example; teenagers (or others) looking for a private place to make out.  Many of those nay-sayers never found their way back.

Though there were few that encountered the “Grunch” and lived to tell the tale, locals began to steer clear of the area.  The creatures became desperate for prey and as necessity dictates, the Grunch devised a scheme.

Injured creatures would be placed near the main thoroughfare to bait passers by.  Kind hearted motorists would park their vehicle on the shoulder of the road, intent upon assisting the injured animal; it was then that they would meet their fate.  The Grunch would descend upon them from the surrounding woods leaving nothing but their abandoned vehicle. 

Reports endured up until the late 1980’s, it is thought that the remnants of the Grunch were eventually driven out by ongoing land development.  Grunch road exists to this day and is still avoided by locals.  Word of warning, if you travel through the area and see an injured animal near the main road, keep going lest you prove that the Grunch are still alive and well.


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2 Responses to Urban Legends of Louisiana – The Grunch

  1. Rebecca Ballex says:

    I grew up 2 blocks off of Brunch Rd. It was New Orleans East, off Haynes Blvd., Jancke road. Things would run on side the car, fast with red glowing eyes, in the weeds beside car. Scary, scary! They were half man, half goat!!!!!! Not mutated dwarfs and stuff! Trust me…….I been there. Lived there for 27 years

  2. Rebecca Ballex says:

    Whoops….Grunch Rd…. Not brunch…lol

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