Who was Lilith

   So, who was this chick Lilith? Was she really a Vampire?  I’ve heard that question more than once!  Let me give you the run down!

Lilith was said to have been the first mate to Adam.  It’s said that God created them both from the dust of the earth.  In her eyes, this meant that she and Adam were equals.  Needless to say, Adam didn’t see things the same way.  After an eternity of them both struggling to hold the “alpha” role in the marriage, Lilith one day decides that’s she’s fed up with being forced to be subservient to Adam’s every whim.  She packs her stuff and splits, leaving Adam alone in the Garden of Eden.

The story then says that Lilith wandered around for a while until she came to the sea shore.  She soon found out that she wasn’t the only one that liked hanging out on the beach all day!  She’d decided to settle in the same spot where several Fallen Angels had already homesteaded.  These were some of the 199 heavenly outcasts that God evicted for defying him by mating with human females.  The result of these unions are what we have come to know today as the Nephilim.

     The Nephilim have left in their wake a broad imprint in ancient documents, to include the modern day Bible.  Known to have been giants that possessed unnatural abilities and knowledge, the Nephilim would later be tagged as Kings, Warriors, Gods, and Monsters; such monsters had an insatiable thirst for human blood, so they say!

In the meanwhile, Adam began to realize that Lilith wasn’t coming back.  He starts whining to God, “What am I to do now, I have no mate!”  God looked down on Adam and had pity on him, everybody knows that men can’t function on their own, right?!  So at this point the legend begins.

God sent Gabriel with a handful of other Angels to retrieve Lilith from the Fallen and bring her back to Adam.  She refused to go.  She had been enjoying her time among the Fallen; they taught her many things that we as humans had never been intended to know.

So Gabriel offers an ultimatum.  In order to remain a free woman, Lilith would have to watch 100 of her children die every day.  Much to his surprise, she took that deal, then, she  added a few terms of her own.  For any male child born she would have dominion over him for 8 days, for every female, 20 days.

Gabriel accepted her terms upon consulting with God and left Lilith standing in the center of the sea.  God, again taking pity on Adam, caused him to fall into a deep sleep.  He then removed one of Adam’s ribs and created a more “fitting” mate; enter Eve.

Well, by this time, Lilith had certainly established herself as the mother of demons, as noted in both the Book of Enoch and the Alphabet of Ben Sirach.  Lilith, as a unique creation of God, possessed certain attributes that her descendants did not.  On top of that, after having mated with the Fallen, a unique creation, or hybrid breed was born.  These beings retained genes from their immortal Fathers along with other “unnatural” abilities, instincts and knowledge.  Lilith was certainly the Mother of a superior race of beings.

Inclinations of both Lilith and her offspring being known as blood drinkers exist in many ancient documents.  Lilith was said to feed on infants.  The Nephilim that she bore have also earned the reputations of being blood thirsty Gods.

Though the stories of Lilith and the Nephilim predate the Egyptian empire, many forms of documentation have been found in temple ruins where ancient Egypt once stood.  Amulets, statues, jewelry, text and paintings all depict Lilith as a bloodthirsty and vengeful God.   So, with all of this information in mind, does one form the opinion that Lilith could be the originator of the Vampire blood line.  I challenge you to ponder the legend.  The Book of Jubilees is a good place to begin your research, but it’s not the only place.  Don’t  form your final opinion before checking the other references mentioned above.  All of these legends have very valid roots, and many forms of documentation that remains until this day.


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