“Wicked Truth” is here!

tweak     I am so very proud to present to you, my 5th novel “Wicked Truth!”

“Wicked Truth” is so very different from any of my past works.  Though still within the horror/fiction genre, there were countless hours of research invested in ancient religious texts and legends; I found that in many cases, they were one in the same.

There is so much that has been hidden from us, the truth is sometimes more horrifying than fiction.  The Bible, which we have established our religions and societies upon, has been corrupted by man since the first transcription.

Within scrolls found too controversial or containing knowledge unbefitting slaves or common folk, lies a dark and terrifying history.  These accounts are collaborated by other ancient religious texts, archeological excavation sites and the Bible itself.  There were monsters among us and evil reigned freely, poisoning the minds and souls of mankind.  It was here then, it is here now.

Mankind has been under the influence of the Fallen for centuries and today we are just as oblivious to the power they have over us.  Possession is becoming more and more common, the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and the end of days is upon us.  What if all of the signs that we have been taught to watch for are incorrect or more likely incomplete?

“Wicked Truth” paints a vivid depiction of the ongoing battle between good and evil.   Demons are among us, they possess and afflict us at their leisure, but there are worse things than demons.  The horrors of Hell are real and will soon spill out upon the earth to consume us all.  In the end, there will be those of us left here to fight against the Fallen.


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