Meet the Voodoo Roux Crew – Celebrities from every fandom

Voodoo Roux is an incredible collection of entertainers that I am lucky to call my friends, if not members of my “Con Family”!  The “Roux” began simmering as several of us became frustrated with our agent “representation” (or, lack thereof).  Today, the crew boasts, authors, actors, artists, wrestlers, musicians and a couple of bad ass top fuel race car drivers!

     In the spotlight this week is Josh “TKO” Turner, who is a well known wrestler, actor and stunt man as well as the heartbeat of several charity organizations.

“TKO” is commonly known for his professional wrestling career as well as his role as the “Tattooed Savior” in 11 episodes of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” series.  But, he’s also made appearances in several main-line films such as “The Last Movie Star”, “Dumb and Dumber Too”, “Banshee”, “The Indy Wrestler”, “Under the Dome”, “Twilight” and the “Vampire Diaries” TV series.

Josh makes countless appearances in the convention scene and many other venues and is always supporting his favorite charities; “POPS for Patients“, “Fighting for Autism” and “Waiting to Hear” are among the list.  The countless hours that he’s spent promoting these noble causes was recently thrown into the spotlight when Josh made an appearance at a local high school to raise awareness for “Waiting to Hear” by inviting the students to get involved by attending FarleyCon this weekend where he will be holding a “Not so Silent Auction” in order to raise funds for Camp H.E.A.R.

Josh’s selfless acts and hundreds of hours of dedication and support of “Waiting to Hear” has been spotlighted in every main stream print/internet media platform across the globe! He’s even trending on “The Walking Dead” Forums and Headlines.

Now, Josh is awesome, no doubt! But, behind every awesome man there’s an even more awesome woman, and in Josh’s case there’s two!  His rock, moral support and disciplinarian, Wanda Black, has been right beside him the entire time along with his daughter Kaylie!

     Kaylie Turner is well known for her work in supporting “Fighting for Autism”, “POPS for Patients” and “Waiting to Hear” as well.  But besides her motivation to help support these worthwhile charities, Kaylie is a well known actress who makes appearances at events all over the U.S.!

She’s known for her roles in “The Walking Dead”,  “Goosebumps 2”, “Stranger Things”, “Cry for Blood”, “The Indy Wrestler”, “The Last Movie Star” and “Term Life”.  Kaylie also co-stars along with her dad in “The Father Daughter Duo” comedy series.

Kaylie has set a personal goal of raising $5000. for Camp H.E.A.R. this weekend at Farley Con via the “Not so Silent Auction” so get out there and give them a hand in supporting this fantastic charitable cause!

     Chalet Brannan is another very busy member of the Voodoo Roux Crew!  Besides having just been nominated for a Oscar for her role in “Tinker” She’s just recently completed filming major roles in “Friday the 13th – Vengeance”, Bill Mosley’s “Crepitus” and “Harvest Moon”.

Chalet, after having survived stage 4 cancer at the age of 10, also has charities that she supports.  She is a “Beads of Courage Ambassador” and “WISH Ambassador” for the “Make a Wish Foundation” and also has her own Leukemia Foundation.

When she’s not making appearances at conventions or charity events, Chalet is busy acting!  She’s had roles in “Boomtown”, “The Sparrows”, “Star Trek – Captain Pike”, “Strange Nature”, “Junkie” and “Peter Pan – Land of Forever” as well as over two dozen major TV series roles!


     Scott Lane is of course, a well known professional wrestler, as well as and actor/stuntman.  Scott has appeared in “The Watchmen”, “The Indy Wrestler”, “Need for Speed”, “Spider Man”, Murder Comes to Town”, “Doctor Sleep” and is most widely recognized for his appearances in AMC’s “The Walking Dead”.

Scott is also heavily involved in several charities and makes numerous appearances in order to support “Fighting for Autism”, POPS for Patients”, “Waiting to Hear” and the “Julia Barbara Foundation”.


     Mike Christopher has had a cult following ever since having appeared in George Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead” as the Hare Krishna Zombie but, his career in acting did not stop there!  Mike has appeared in “Bikini Monsters”, “Indiscretions”, “Die, Die, Delta Pi”, “Alien Vengeance”, “Plan 9”, “Psychotic State”, “The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company” and “A Few Brains More”. Mike is currently filming “Night of the Living Dead – Genesis” as well as fine tuning his career as quality technician for videotape mastering and digitizing while also mastering electronic music composition.

       Mitch Hyman was best known as the creator of the “Bubba the Redneck Werewolf” Comic book series.  But these days he more well known as the writer and producer of the “Bubba the Redneck Werewolf” movie where he also plays the role of Satan! (Fitting role Mitch!)

Mitch is also the author of the “Vinnie and Mook” series.  “Hitmen in Paradise” was released in 2012 then followed by “Hook, Line and Sinker”, “Hitmen for Horror” and “Family and Friends”.  Hyman is currently working on a fifth installment to the series while being involved in several independent films.


     Christopher Heskey is an actor/stuntman most commonly recognized for his role in “Logan” but has appeared in many other main stream films such as: “Terminator – Genisys”, “Black Water”, “Carter and June”, “Consequences”, “Deepwater Horizon” and the recently released movie, “Out of the Fight”.

You may also recognize Chris from his roles in several popular TV series’ to include “Ravenswood”, “Starcrossed”, “Scream” and “A Deadly Affair”.  He is currently filming in multiple projects to be released later this year and in 2020.

     Preston Asevedo is the creator behind the “Rockabilly Roadtrip” Comic Series as well as having earned a well deserved position among some of the most highly noted horror/sci-fi artists of the day!

Preston makes appearances at conventions and festivals to meet his fans and often treats them to the opportunity of watching him sketch and paint his art in person.  When not appearing in public, Preston creates many commissioned pieces for both private and public clients while continuing his work on the next issues of the “Rockabilly Roadtrip” comic series.

      David Childers is the lead investigator for the Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute.  He’s made countless appearances with other professional ghost hunters from TV series such as “Ghost Adventures”, “Haunting Evidence”, “Paranormal Challenge”, “Deep South Paranormal”, “Ghost Asylum” and most recently aired The Travel Channel’s “Paranormal 9-1-1“.

David is also lead investigator in the “Para Chasers Investigations” Series.  David leads the team on site to investigate known haunted locations across the south!  He is also currently filming as a main character in a documentary series to be released later this year.

     Brian Held is a well know radio talk show host, voice actor, narrator and emcee across the gulf south states.  His voice has been heard for nearly a decade throughout the New Orleans area market on WRNO FM.  Brian’s show, “The Week in Geek” is rebroadcasted on several platforms, including “The Edge Radio US” and is being heard in over 100 countries!

Brian has also had several acting roles in television movies, commercials and both indy and mainline films.


     Larry Dixon is the NHRA three time, top fuel, world champion! Having had racing fuel racing through his veins since the early 1980’s, Dixon has earned top winning positions among the most well known names in the industry such as Don Prudhomme and “Big Daddy” Don Garlitz, just to name a couple.

Besides breaking and setting both speed and winning records, Dixon has also built the first two seat car where fans can get the real life experience of flying down the track!

     The Kilted Creature is a well known “fringe” artist that has been performing publicly since age 9.  “KC” is a high demand performer within the conventions scene due to his mind bending guitar licks and the masterfully intense melodies that he can produce with his electric bagpipes!

Inspired by Led Zeppelin, The Kilted Creature has  been “rocking out” in front of audiences at any type venue you could imagine and is always a crowd favorite!


     Seeking Seven is a Alternative hard rock band that has made appearances all across the U.S. for the past decade.  “7” has amassed fanbases in every city where they’ve performed, and that’s a lot of cities!

Very few bands have survived for over a decade much less thrived, but “7” is one of them.  The band is celebrating the recent release of their new album this weekend by performing on the second stage at the Amory Rail Road Festival!

    Killjay is well known for their head banging hard rock anthems.  The band has played at venues across the United States and has released several albums featuring their original tunes.

The band will be making an appearance this weekend on the second stage at the Amory Rail Road Festival!

     Big Johnny “Blender” is the builder/driver of the “Adrian’s Fury” Front Engine Nostalgia Dragster as well as the host of the “Whiskey, Cars and Cigars” podcast.

“Blender” makes appearances alongside the “Fury” dragster at conventions, grand openings, festivals, racing events and charity events all across the U.S.

When he’s not racing or showing “Fury” you may find him in the role of an emcee or in his “monster garage” creating other bad ass custom build vehicles!



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